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  • hey Sam Tripoli should we do a episode on the black nobility like the differences between the white pope Francis the black pope Arturo Sosa and the grey pope i think his name is Camille Hildebrand or Francisco Barbering or Scipio Virginia Flavor Giacometti Antonio Maria or Italiano xi or Giovanni Angelo Theodolite Bras chi or Mario Chili or Federico Colonnade or Marta Barbering Colonnade or Dominic Napoleon Rossini or Frances Tripoli the Zipper family there are also the princes of Ottoman or Italiano which today has one guy named Giuliani DE DI Medici Ottoman i am pretty sure on of these guys would be the biblical or religious definition of false prophet or the Antichrist the beast of the sea the little horn the great deceiver one of these guys talks with Satan or Saturn or Cronus or Baal or Moloch or Pindar directly whoever the leader of the lizard people really is like a lizard king or emperor warlord dictator.