2 Dumb Babies talk about the SpaceX Crew Demo-2 Launch.

We’re Willie Simon and Eric Freedman, two stand up comedians who make the animated podcast you’re hopefully about to watch. We have longer, audio-only versions of episodes available on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, and wherever else you listen to podcasts.

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THIS EPISODE ► 2 Dumb Babies talk about the SpaceX Crew Demo-2 launch with NASA astronauts. The first time a private company has launched people into space and the first time America has gone to space on American rockets from American soil in almost a decade.

2 DUMB BABIES is an animated current events podcast from two comedians who only read headlines. Let us be your sherpas to the apocalypse.

Hosted by: Willie Simon and Eric Freedman

Art by: Tony Celano

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