Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we go deep with the man, the myth and the legend Nick Hinton! We discuss the simulation, AI, simulation theory and Randonauts!

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  • Ok 1 more…I think lol.
    This one is long, but interesting…😉

    There is a metaphysical theory that we live on a prison planet and that after death the white light that we see is a soul trap. That an advanced AI system will run through our memories and provide the vision of a guide in the form of a family member,religious figure etc. They will lead you into the light which will reincarnate you back here to be a slave all over again. (Could the light be the birth canal?…🤔) It is also said that few can break free but that it is possible. One must first realize that they are running through a program and not actually talking to your long lost loved one or Jesus or whomever. They say if you tell yourself every night before sleep that you will not enter the light but instead say that you wish to go back to source or to your star family that you can train your subconscious to remember.
    And ofcourse some say (mostly the religious) that the ACTUAL trap is in making you believe that there is a trap so that you don’t enter the light leading to the kingdom of heaven or whatever.
    Personally, unless the hologram of Jesus gives me a sandal to the ass sending me flailing into the tunnel of light I ain’t coming back lol!
    More of this info can be found from SIMON PARKES. It would be really awesome to see him here on TIN FOUL HAT one day! He has TONS of information on this sort of stuff.

  • From what I know, the “mock” sacrifice at Cern was in celebration of the new facility opening and was put on by the ppl who run it. They called it ART! These people are SICK!

  • Jesus h Christ the recording levels are off the fucking meter!!! Damnit man… Level that shit out in post playa!! Seriously blaring my speaker tf out even AFTER turnin down.

  • Imagine fire. Watch ghost adventures. Ghost just dance. Imagine fire on speaker – dude.

    Gravity is a belief – dude….

  • Colonists typically go after the wisest and oldest people of the natives i.e. the shamans, the teachers, etc. and destroy their culture from the top down. Its like castrating the next generation of native Americans of their ancestral knowledge.

  • This website & video is so much better than YT! This website is gonna be awesome & I hope TFH keeps it free & keeps posting here. And sucha cool name… brokensimulation 👍

  • Hey bro I wanna tell u that u can put vids on the iPhone podcast app, praying medic does it. Just a FYI. FUCKING LOVE THE FOIl!!! Get it gutter gurl!!!

  • Now that your on Brokem Simulation … Will someone Address the Ginormus Cock Dangeling from Michelle Obamas Ballsack??? Please Please!!!and did Michelle Obama kill Jone River???

  • Sam Tripoli your not only a comic genius but you have woken up me and all my friends. I love tin foil hat and YouTube is so fucked up. I watch every show as Soon as I see it’s out. so stupid.

  • Still trying to.get an answer if u get paid if I open thru vimeo or have to watch on my phone thru broken SIMULATION?

    The phone has an app.(comments arent on both pages and shit the likes.carry over but comments dont so I don’t wanna watch there if ur not making shit! I wish I could donate but im.poor so

  • Thanks for posting the links on YouTube. Don’t know why I’m there still. Thanks for doing what you guys do the world needs you guys.

  • Sam Tripoli….Whats happening. Say what up to the homie cholo 😂…X to the G. Much Love my Soldiers of Truth.🙏