Thank you so much for tuning in for another special episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome legendary NFL running back Larry Johnson to discuss the dark arts in sports, music and black culture. Thank you so much for your support.

Please check out Larry Johnson’s awesome Twitter.

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  • Nice read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch as I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!

  • Too short! Make your episodes long enough to talk about the whole subject man! As soon as you get going you end it, that’s why Rogan is so successful, he just lets the conversation go as long as it needs to.

  • Yo Sam and the TFH podcast you are fucking shadow banned kid . I don’t see your shit on my YouTube timeline even tho I’m subscribed . Much love brother be safe

  • How can you be so informed on symbolism, and still put on a shirt with an upside down cross and then broadcast it out for the world to see…?

  • Wasn’t too bad making the switch…getting used to post yt life… liked his gematria shout out.. trying to get people to the free to find truth .com website… need to get some traffic. Like ol larry… I stopped watching sports long ago, would watch if they actually played & it wasn’t scripted or rigged. Follow his Twitter, try to correct him on some things but dk if he sees or bothers to look up what I refrence… would love to chaf n pick his brain…since I cant this is next best thing

  • I’m not trying to be a douchebag. But Larry J should get sound proofing foam “tiles” on his walls, just so his audio improves. Merry Christmas!

  • i suggest Sam bring onto the show Adam green to talk about Zionism also you should bring on Christopher john Bjerknes he is a very well known researcher in the truth movement along with dean Henderson another great researcher there is also Jordan Maxwell real name is Russel pine find this guy for a chat another guest is Dr Ted Broer or Dr Austin Broer from health masters a business located in Florida they are alternative healing and health experts there is also Dave Hodges from Arizona he host the common sense show there is also Brandon Sibley or Richie from Boston from canary mission a organization that is anti war and pro Palestinian freedom.

  • here are some truth bombs about the Babylonian Talmud and elite protocols of learned elders of Zion/ Illuminati to them Jerusalem in Israel will serve as the international world government economic and religious center capital or capitol city this might have if Washington dc the city of London and Vatican city get destroyed according to their own twisted plans it suggests right is might we are despots we all end all human liberties we will brainwash society with communism socialism fascism totalitarian and evolution along with fake scientific theories that cannot be proven poverty shall be their main weapon Jews the servants of the black nobility will be safe from all forms of criticism and all forms of direct bodily harm we the Illuminati shall destroy god and all other existing religions on the earth masses will be led by lies we the Illuminati will monopolize capital and all economies we will enslave gentiles gentiles means to Illuminati non believers in their agenda there will be universal wars there will be a Jewish superstate that means a greater Israel project a worldwide satanic fascist communist socialist technocratic theocratic empire christian youth will be destroyed the number one goal of Illuminati will be world power and conquest the poison of liberalism we will name and select political world leaders we the Illuminati elites will destroy we are wolves we the Illuminati will control the press the free press will be destroyed we will only print our lies we the Illuminati will deceive workers we the Illuminati will forbid Christ that is either referring to universal consciousness or Jesus in the bible we the Illuminati will form secret societies gentiles meaning slaves workers landless peasants are very stupid they are cattle and livestock we the Illuminati will demand submission we the Illuminati shall be cruel we the Illuminati will change history we the Illuminati will destroy the clergy we the Illuminati will use government by fear we the Illuminati will destroy capital and economies we shall cause depressions gentile slave cattle states will become bankrupt we will use tyranny of usury we the Illuminati will have a world king a Messianic dictator rule the earth.

    • And his name is Prince George. Just wait till they traips out that fake genealogy chart thst traces Diana back to the House of David which would fulfill the prophecy of Christ’s return thru the lineage of Solomon (the Root of David.) Don’t buy it, its fake as a nyc street vendor Rolex!!! British Israelism/Christian Identity, its all a pack of lies. The TRUE Lion of Judah hath already come & gone “like a thief in the night” despite being known worldwide and being Time magazine’s Man of the Year back in 1930, the year of His coronation and entitlement ceremony that named Him the Lion of Judah, Lord of lords, King of kings all in accordance with scripture!!!

  • hmm burning a ancient church is not good at all the Jews in Israel are Lucifer’s/ Beelzebub/ Saturn/ Pindar/ Satan/ nimrod/ Cain/ Judas Iscariot definitely not related to the real god the great spirit the universal manifestation of goodness, love and order these are not my brothers and sisters or relatives of heavenly father Yahweh Elohim and his one and only son Emmanuel Jesus Christ/ Joshua son of Miriam/ Mary stepfather Joseph Davidson of Nazareth Galilee the lamb of god the prince of peace king of kings the light of the world wonderful counselor.

    • All hail the Lord of Lords, tge King of kings, the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, elect of Himself, Christ in His Kingly Character, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I!! JAH RASTAFARI!!!!

  • WOW sam.. great episode.. BUT how can you throw a bet dsi promo in the middle of this show when you have larry Johnson on. Shame on you sam. I’ve been with you from day one but I’m slowly realizing what your all about. I remember when you said you didn’t care about being monetized on YouTube because you have all these sponsors and the second you get a strike BOOM your out. Love the show but dam trips… I worry about your soul brother

    • Seriously dude? Bet DSI doesn’t endorse what Larry is talking about. Rent ain’t free and Sam’s gotta make some money, like we all do. He isn’t breaching any morals by doing that.

    • Yeah im not sure who owns him but he’s full of shit cuz i came to him and told him about how i discovered the Holy Grail bloodline here in America and he showed zero interest. Scott Wolter was astonished by my findings and aligned his theories to match up with what i figured out. The Templars brought the Last Scion to modern day North Carolina and entrusted Her to the care of the Cherokee peoples they encountered soon after arriving from their escape from Europe and the pope who hunted them down like animals. Did Sam care? Not one tiny bit!!! The biggest truth bomb of our lifetimes and ol boy just blew me off like im just some kook making shit up. The History Channel’s expert on all things Templar/Grail related , was blown away by what i taught him so its legit. Tripoli is John Birch Society, controlled opposition just like alex jones who was literally funded and promoted by the jbs. The Koch brothers were the heads of that org last i heard. Stoked one of em finally had the decency to fucking die already!!!!

  • Damm Sam Fucking Great Show again brother.
    Love what you do man i listen to you all day everyday listen to episodes over and over.
    Don’t let the truth be stopped brother.

  • 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨someone get this to Sam 🚨🚨🚨🚨LARRY GAITERS, a black researcher about black secret societies, the Boule’s, Lebron has their symbol tattooed huge on his chest … Sam Look Into It Homeboy !!!!!

  • You guys should do an episode on The Wing. An actual Coven in D.C. which doubles as a “women’s workplace”. Their instagram is filled with satanic imagery and every single politician who seeme remotely fishy has either given speeches there or been associated in some way. Weird Shit man

  • Love your show! I follow the fuck outta you. Lol. On the record……. In the 1920’s the richest people in the world were members of the Osage Nation in Oklahoma (where I’m from). After oil was discovered beneath their land, they rode in chauffeured cars and lived in mansions. Then one by one, the Osage began to be killed. Mollie Burkhart watched as her family became a prime target. Her relatives were shot and poisoned. Other Osage were dying under mysterious circumstances, and many of those who investigated the crimes were themselves murdered. As the death toll rose, the case was taking up by a young man named J. Edgar Hoover. Struggling to crack the mystery, Hoover turned to a former Texas ranger named….Tom White, who put together an undercover team. This was the birth of the FBI and with a Native American Agent. They infiltrated the last remnant of the Wild West and together with the Osage began to expose one of the most chilling conspiracies in American History.

  • Thank you sam for continuing this show here! I think your crazy as shit but I love and respect your perspective. I followed you on youtube faithfully and when they cut you i was pissed. Happy holidays and glad your still going strong!!

  • The interview was great! It was very interesting. The only thing that threw me off was Sam asking about the dark arts and satanic influence, while wearing a Ghost t-shirt (a satanic group).

  • What’s better for you guys sam if we watch off this page or open vimeo? Do they count the same? Comments seem to stay separate like if they’re here they’re here not over in the player and Visa versa, if I comment in vimeo player they dnt seem to show up here..

    Again tho which helps u more off brokensimulation page itself.or thru the vimeo player… (reason I ask it’s more convenient on mlm mobile device to use vimeo vs websites) thanks HOMEBOYS rules of the RONIN DAWG WE GO DEEP!

    PLEASE answer this! Someone any1…. preferable only if u know for sure…

  • Thanks boss! I like LJ hes become a really good person. Knowledgeable and has principles. We need more people like him speaking out and exposing all the elites smoke and mirrors and twisted agendas.

  • I’ve been following this guy on twitter for a while. This was a super good episode. At first I considered the smears, I mean the guy did play football, maybe he does have CTE(this is what I thought) but after seeing this I can’t even tell this guy played football. He seems totally sane.

    I already believed the things he was saying but now yeah, he’s not brain damaged and they lied about him. Not really surprising. You should definitely have him back on.

    Thanks for the rapid fire uploads Sammy boi keep up the good work and btw the new site is pretty slick.

    -Ya boy beardly.

  • I’m to obsessed with the intro song , it’s so fricking catchy 💙💙💙
    Turned 32 on 18th these casts are my present 👍👍👍