Thank you so much for tuning in for a special Christmas edition of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode welcome Those Conspiracies Guys’ Gordo Rochford to discuss the true history of Christmas. Thank you so much for all of your support. Have a great Holiday.

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  • Hitler, like K. Marx was a Sabbatian-Frankist, not a Jew but maybe a Rothschild. Sabbatian-Frankists like for example the Rothschilds are the worst Enemys of Judaism and whole mankind, but act as Crypto-“Jews”.

  • Dude you go deep home boi. Forever a fan and for ever more a fan after this one. So illuminating. I am going to start listening to Gordon now too

  • yeah Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus in my bible it is Saturnalia also the winter solstice celebrated among different cultures from around the world it has do to with Baal and Moloch worship like bohemian grove but given a cleaner spin off or replication this is the day of nimrod a ancient king of Babylon his wife Semiramis and his son known in ancient times as Tammuz Adonis Apollo Helios where we get heliocentric another name for Tammuz was sol victory or Mithra Tammuz was the prince and reincarnation of nimrod Easter also has nothing to do with with Jesus or Joshua son of Miriam and Joseph of Nazareth ancestor being king David the word ancestor mean a lots of great great great great great great great great grandparent like a grandmother or grandfather one of the names for Semiramis is ISIS another is Venus Astarte Nike/ Victoria Artemis/ Diana and many many more. there is also midsummer and summer solstice and Beltane along with may day celebrations going back to ancient pagan occult belief systems there is Halloween or all hallows eve or day of the dead this is where human sacrifices and bonfires were done and brewing witches brew making drugs to sell them back in ancient and medieval times all these pagan holidays were used to kill people when nobody would pay attention and go illegal activities and get away with it there are true high holy days which are in the bible and not silly man made traditions of pharisees and Sadducee along with the zealots also known as the dagger people the order followers the polices the armed forces and other government workers that was the name of the black nobility back centuries and millennia ago the one percent of the one percent the elites that run the planet the lizard people the Illuminati the Freemasons the Jesuits and other secret societies. truly worth time and money days are known as Purim, Passover, Tisha BA v or ninth of av sometime between July and august, Hanukkah the festival of lights, festival of weeks or Pentecost, Rose Hannah the head of the year festival, tom kipper or day of atonement, eighth day of assembly, feast of Tabernacles, and the sabbath not Sunday sunrise services damn idiots sheep slaves cattle livestock imbeciles fools retards useless eaters gentiles infidels.

  • Hitler was a roman catholic, & if any group knows how to kill MILLIONS of people, it’s the roman catholic cult of the dead woman.

  • Hate this guy but this is spot on.

    “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

    ― Bill Gates

  • Sam, both you and Eddie are the best things that I’ve gotten out of JRE. I don’t listen to Rogan anymore but, Tin foil has taken my top podcast spot. I really appreciate what you’re doing here. Your “on the record” is one of my new favorite things. Please keep that going. That alone could be huge. Anyways, Happy New year to all the Ronin out there.

  • Well what can Trump do when democrats keep blocking everything like the wall? The republicans needs to take the house and the senate to actually change anything…

  • Sam. I’m starting my podcast on my next day off. You just gave me my last sign. It’s time. I let myself be defeated and suppressed because of our culture. I realize how deep I am into the conspiracy world. I see everything through discernment now. You guys have helped me change my life. I’m excited to get myself going. I appreciate your grind and the example you’ve set.

  • There is a pretty good theory that Hitler may have fled off to Indonesia with his wife. while the rest of higher ranking Nazi’s went to Argentina. There is a book about this called The Rat Line.

  • idk what i would do without sam and the tfh fam. i have to figure out how i can help the truth movement and make changes in life. thank u guys for all your work

    • Yeppp I agree. The Big Fella was dropping knowledge and respect to Johnny if this was his idea. Amazing how good the show is when the producer is interested& involved

      • Johnny was yapping too much this time, I don’t give a fuck that Johnny likes the guests’ logo, STFU and just let Sam talk to the guest.

  • It’s pretty funny that this guy thinks that everyone joins the military in order to get a good job. True purity test for his inability to understand what pride in country actually is

    • That’s why i enlisted in the Air Force. Same as almost everyone i talked to. Most of the people who enlisted right after 9/11 have separated or are prepping for retirement. The bulk of members now enlisted for college, healthcare and a career.

  • thanks for doing it Sam. Great name also. Sam. God Bless and I wish you a great new year, thanks man. Samuel.

  • Sam you’re great and I love the show, but please don’t let Johnny and XG talk too much. This episode was ruined bc it was more of shooting the shit with them who aren’t as well spoken, informed, or interesting.

    • Sam:: Johnny comes close to filling Ryan’s shoes IMO. He is smart and asks good Qs. Disagree with this comment. good chemistry there with you 4 like someone else said.