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Thank you for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli! This episode we welcome the Crowhouse’s Max Igan to discuss what is really going on with the fires in Australia! I apologize for messing Max’s name up 3 or 4 times in this episode. I am truly sorry. Thank you so much for all of your support.

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  • You are my aspiration, I own few blogs and rarely run out from brand :). “No opera plot can be sensible, for people do not sing when they are feeling sensible.” by W. H. Auden.

  • I don’t even know the way I stopped up right here, but
    I believed this submit was once good. I don’t realize who
    you might be however definitely you’re going to a famous blogger when you aren’t
    already. Cheers!

  • poor Max .
    he was attacked by the lizards with voice to skull tekMnology
    and it did assure him that the Earth was flat and that it was the end of the World
    MAX I HAVE LIVED THRU 6 HURRICANES starting with Charlie in Florida i was on the 9th floor when a 4.2 EARTHKee shook up the building .
    all im saying is MAX is a old man and loving Attention . just sad to see that he doesnt get anything for it but money from suckaz that have been WOKE for less than a year
    but do your thing Maxx

  • @Sam Tripoli – im glad you finally realized Trump was the same as the rest: dont worry – only 3 years ago i didn’t know Obama was as well: but hey we need to keep spreading the message:And your ending was strong: is we let that Aussie prick walk away after letting his nation burn AFTER INTERNATIONAL help was refused: after his treason: we are the guilty ones- dont be afraid to rally- cuz if your doing it in the name of the Earth- of the holly Spirit- you have nothing to fear from those cowards.

    its better to die on your feat then live on your knees in a cage and watch your people raped and feed to companies : ask the native Americans- help ask a chicken.

    Either Read 1984 or just jump into the lake of fire now. THIS GUEST WAS ON POINT SAM- BROKEN SIM HAS SEEN A NEW CHAPTER FOR YOU! THANKS FOR THE X- MAS END OF episode message i needed to hear that.

    Love and respect. and thanks for this show,
    Dah WootMan (100%CanadianMapleStir-Up! on youtube)

  • I’m no Bible basher or religious but it seems the veil is being lifted and all the evil is being exposed and I’m hoping the good prevail

  • This notion that just because solemani fought ISIS he’s a good guy is nonsense, was Stalin a good guy because he fought the nazis? Solemani just recently executed 1500 Iranian protestors for protesting. Every Iranian I’ve seen talk about his death was in a positive way they hated that guy and his funeral was so big because it was mandatory.

  • thecrowhouse.com/home.html is really Amazing. I love to listen to Max on YT even at that shitty platform. The guy is an Oldskool Burning Anarchist. Never mind butchering his Name, he’s an Anarchist.

  • You fuck people’s name up because your used to a comedy club atmosphere where that game is played to put people in their place. The fact neither of you knew who Max was is more proof you dont really watch or read esoteric/ conspiracy content. Dude, I love your show and im not usually a complainer but you’ve been doing it too long to still know so little. You’ve discussed the Nephilum, Archon several times but whenever it’s brought back up your clueless. At least make X.G’s worthless ass watch old ancient aliens (pre-school) or get someone on the show who gives a fuck (Ryan). Just call the show a conspiracy/comedy show cuz thats what its been since that first live stream. P.S. still loyal


    MY WIFE IS SO MAD I FOUND NEW CONTENT !! I had hit a plateau in truthers content and you have given me a new binge!


  • fuckin best part when sams in nyc…. you guys are gold. you know hes illuminai when hes beatin his dick knuckles up lmfao…….
    stay truth seeking fuck the facade
    only people who fought to be americans deserve to live in it.

  • Nonsense “this is the rainy season” #lookintoit it’s the bloody summer season not the winter and so- called agenda 21 season is Bullshit they are NOT going to burn the entire country out in order to force people into cities last winter Australia got a pretty good idea amount of rain which means good growth of grass and underbrush and improper fire burns for decades just like in USA it’s just a matter of time before you get right conditions for large fires like this, not to mention you have plant’s and trees unique to the climate such as droughts and withstand forest fires as long as they are not major fires like this. I’t like saying the desert in Arizona is a coverup and there’s plenty of water there so the fires are part of agenda 21 not natural or some meth head dropping the torch . As for so called chem trails and geo seeding if this bullshit were real then they would have done this sooner to cause rain to put out the fires, Firefighters were calling for help since beginning of November because of everything drying out and and government ignored their pleas Why don’t you talk to some anthropologists and archaeologists working with the Aborigines as well as interview some yourself and they will tell you they helped prevent major fires for over 50,000 years with control burns and knowing when you burn after all in 1918 North Eastern Minnesota had a major fire because conditions were ripe especially since you had a lot of undergrowth and dead material from the logging that took place in the 1800’s or was this from a time traveler trying to implement agenda 21 way back in 1918? Sorry Sam but this guy is taking strands of truth and dumping his bullshit #fakenews on the tragedy taking place in Australia to line his pockets

  • you need to get Randall Carlson on! he’s going to be on Joe Rogan sometime in Feb so call joe and try to get connected for a podcast!

  • some of these names could be spelled incorrectly so forgiven me i wonder what kind of other new and returning guests could be invited to talk with on various subjects.

  • even more decent books on several subjects include necessary illusions thought control in democratic societies by Norman Chomsky new pearl harbor disturbing questions about the bush administration and 911 by David ray griffin new political religions or analysis of modern terrorism by Barry Cooper Obama’s wars by Bob Woodward Oxford history of modern war by Charles Townsend the rise and fall of the great powers by Paul Kennedy rogue state a guide to the worlds only superpower by William Blu m the secret teachings of all ages by Manly hall secrets of the federal reserve by E Mullins the taking of america 123 by Richard Prague and unfinished business united states overseas military presence in the 21st century by Micheal o Han Lon the united states and Vietnam 1787 to 1941 by Robert Hopkins miller.

  • some other decent books on conspiracy facts not theories is bounding the global war on terror by Jeffrey record checking Iran’s Nuclear ambitions by Henry Polski and Patrick claw son Christianity and Islam 756 to 1031 by CR Ha in es civil democratic Islam partners resources and strategies by Cheryl Bernard confessions of a economic hit man by John Perkins conspirators hierarchy the committee of 300 by john Coleman crossing the Rubicon by Micheal Rupert fortifying Pakistan the role of united states internal security assistance by c Christine fair and Peter chalk guerrilla air defense anti aircraft and techniques for guerrilla forces by James crab tree handbook of international law by Anthony Austin hegemony or survival by Norman Chomsky imperial hubris by Micheal Schemer in pursuit of Allah’s pleasure by As i m Abdul Madrid Sesame u d Dee n and Dr Hannah Brahmanisms international relations theory and the Asia pacific by john Berrylike and Micheal Nonstandard and killing hope united states military and central intelligence agency interventions since world war two by William Blu m military intelligence blunders by john Hughes Wilson.

  • well i give you stupid humans another chance for i am divine read a few books at the bookstore or local library damn it damn q retards trump cult members and damn Hillary Clinton bots damn Bernie sanders bros these are some conspiracy fact not random nonsense books read 2030 spike by Colin Mason a brief guide to understand Islam by i a Abraham america s strategic blunders by Willard Matthias america s war on terrorism by Michel Tchaikovsky Al Qaeda online media strategies from Ab u Reuters to Inhabit 007 by Hanna R o GA n the best democracy money can buy by Greg Pa last the best enemy money can buy by Anthony Sutton black box voting ballot tampering by Beverly Harris and bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Spring Meyer.

  • i hate stupid people being hate humanity maybe we deserve to go the way of the dinosaurs than letter a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 89 0 apes damn humans i think i am part martian or a alien or a robot or clone or something like a demon or a angel or a giant or a titan or a god.

  • Maan fuck that guy hes an asshole. Says Q is fake and blasts the fact of no arrests yet?! He clearly has no clue how arrests that big happen and how the DOJ works! They have finite personnel and must have all deals done and talkers done talking before arrests happen duhhh! Do you know what it takes to get a sealed indictment?! Basically it takes a whole secret mock court case! Q take pics from inside marine 1! If one thinks that’s fake your a fool plain and simple that’s easy to confirm. Q proofs are many! Time will prove Q people are on the right side of history.

  • Salami had a history of going rogue with his army! Salami had dangerous control over Irans military Iran leadership did not have control Salami did and that was bad! Salami was doing rogue missions with the military the military was loyal to Salami not Iran!

  • The revolution will be podcasted! Great episode and love the show Sam. Let’s all hope the truth we seek isn’t as terribly evil as it seems… the truth is out there, keep rockin’ homeboy.

  • STOP IT! general Salami was the king of the road side bombs that have killed many Americans! Just before we Trump killed him 4 Americans service members were wounded and 1 American civilian killed by a missile Salami shot. Salami has been on USA sanctioned kill list since Bush was president! Salami was the man who sent the road side bombs to Afghanistan! Trump did a masterful job and for once we had a leader act quickly calculated and effective!

  • So glad you got Max on here, I just found him recently on YouTube and have watching his videos, he has some pretty awesome research. Probably one of the best people you could have got on this topic. Thanks for the awesome video!

  • hmm still the march to nuclear war continues a plane accident happened and idiots are blaming Iran for doing it this has nothing to do with the international banking cartel and the crown corporation of the united states of north america the queen and the pope are laughing behind our backs this has nothing do to with the greater Israel project agenda 2021 or agenda 2030 or the new world order and a marching on more slavery and tyranny this has nothing to do with NATO the united nations the world bank the bank of international settlements the Bavarian Illuminati the 13 bloodlines the committee of 300 the Rothschild and Rockefeller families and others this has nothing to with child slavery and rape or abuse or torture by pedophile gate this has nothing to do with chemical trails big pharma and many other conspiracy theories i call coincidence that a small hand full of millionaires and billionaires and nobility run the planet. everything is awesome everything is fine sarcasm ha ha ha.

  • i would like you to bring on Henry Makow he is a very good researcher on the elites there is also James Perloff he wrote a book called truth is a lonely warrior the shadows of power 13 pieces of the jigsaw tornado in the junkyard and the case against Darwin there is also Adam green from know more news for a debate. i also like Richie Allen from the united kingdom or great Britain he is a very good host of the Richie Allen show.

  • and, five years from now, we will find out how many drugs, guns, and kids have been smuggled into the US while we’ve been occupied with another entertaining dog n pony show………………..Wake The Fuck Up!!! …….before it’s every dark sci-fi movie every single day…….many love much props