Thank you for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome intergalactic explorer and rock n roller Freeman Fly to the show to talk about his life and his experience with UFOs, Satanism and Bigfoot.

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Loosing Sleep by Molecular

No More Haunts

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  • With havin so much content do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright violation? My blog has a lot of completely unique content I’ve either authored myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my permission. Do you know any techniques to help protect against content from being ripped off? I’d really appreciate it.

  • A person necessarily assist to make seriously articles I’d state. This is the very first time I frequented your website page and up to now? I amazed with the research you made to make this actual put up amazing. Wonderful process!

  • Q, Is it Embers (AI) algorithm why still in code, to distract. says wonts great awakening, seem group think, got us playing fuckin Pokémon go then Q platform psyope, on its own dumpster fire if was full of fuckin satanic, pedos .

  • I saw Jordan Maxwell doing corporate logo and freemason symbols videos long before this guy (early 90’s). I don’t think Freeman was the first and a lot of his stories seem questionable. He may be first on YouTube but he repeats a lot of others works and takes claim for them. Also great show in OKC tonight fellas!

  • I wonder if Sam can get Christopher bollyn on his podcast he is very good with solving 911 and knows a lot of what happened before 911 thank you.

  • hmm prince Charles the lizard prince so to be emperor of the new world order visited Israel recently prince Charles is descended from Dracula or count Vlad of Romania so creepy and ominous he even met Greta Goldberg or what ever that young Jewish environmental activist girl is sorry if i say that.

  • another solution for peace in the mid east is returning control of the west bank to Jordan and the control of the Gaza strip to Egypt this would give Israel a completely legal amount of land to own and not a acre mile yard or whatever can achieve mid east peace hmm this could make a great presidential or legislative parliamentary congressional senatorial campaign goal why i am not allowed to speak at one these elite lizard people meetings and discussions i am not a lizard person so maybe this could be why world peace is not really talked about.

  • does Sam Tripoli want to do a podcast on the corona virus or something else conspiracy related depending on what the headlines might be for this week or month coming up something weird might be going on at the world economic forum in Switzerland also this month is when the holocaust in Germany began or finished there is a world holocaust forum where the rich elite lizard people met in Israel as well there is a proposal by president trump or Jared the Cashier his son in law the creepy looking one for a mid east peace summit or conference for a two state solution my preference is to return Palestine to its indigenous people the Palestinians and send the Israelis to Africa maybe Nigeria or the Congo river area but that is a pipe or cigar or cigarette or drunken dream or when drugs are used have fun messing with gorillas and chimpanzees in the jungles there.

  • Sam i bought your tshirts and got hit with £19 import tax making 2 tshirts cost me £69 most expensive tshirts i own! Love ya buddy keep up the good work

  • hmm i wonder when Sam Tripoli will do a show on the ark of the covenant it is a ancient lost relic or treasure that kept the original commandments given to Moses for the people of Israel by god there is also Aaron’s rod another ancient relic lost for centuries the stone of Jacob or the stone of scone the staff of Moses is another old lost relic or treasure the holy grail is another lost treasure or relic it was used by Jesus during his last supper the spear of destiny is another ancient relic this one is a dagger used to stab Jesus while he was on the cross there might be other lost ancient treasure troves full of jewels or ancient technology all around the world.

  • hmm looks like a new virus is patented by the defense department yet again like Ebola HIV and aids along with other biological chemical weapons hmm pentagram is acting like mad scientists like Frankenstein. dang bill gates is a lizard person the nerds and geeks run amok like our new religion or something narrow minded pharisees and hypocrites.

  • Great episode Sam / XG Freenan – your an amazing dude Freeman great stories – thanks for all the years you put into this 🤜🤛

  • Freeman is the first, best magician. If you don`t get this man, i don`t know what the hell went wrong there. No 1 space shaman, from the dark side of Neptun. With hyperdimensinal dmt lasers (at least) … best man no debate

  • FreeMan is full of shit! I’m a Freemason and even us lowly guys in the blue lodges cannot take books from the Grand Lodge libraries. And there’s no way she would have given him anything if he was not a Freemason. You have to be a Freemason with an identification card of your Lodge to even go into the libraries at the Grand lodges. You can visit The lodges but you have to be a member to get into the libraries. So full of shit.

  • Unrelated to my original comment perhaps, but I was overcome by the insesent need to correct Sam.

    Century of SELF…
    Sigmund Freud

  • Either this episode was recorded the same day as ”Black arts in wrestling” or y’all seriously need to change your clothes…🥴.

    But seriously I am so glad I found you guys! Over the past few months I have become such a big fan!

    Keep speading these TRUTHS and AWAKENING the masses!

  • Laggy as hell. Can barely watch, we need a download option for audio only. Constantly loading. Was able to get barely 10 minutes in twice before loosing interest.

  • The reason he won’t tell you certain stories is because he doesn’t remember what webs he’s spun up about them in previous episodes.

    Remember what they say about lies. You gotta remember those too!

  • I don’t enjoy when a guest says they can’t talk about something. Asks about illuminati origins and tells us its a long boring story

  • I can understand why (ignorant) people in the comments don’t believe Freeman and says he’s “Full of shit”
    This is the first reaction I had 10 yrs ago when I discovered him because I was like you, ignorant.
    But if you dig deeper into his research, you’ll get that he’s the real shit.
    Reality is not what you think wake up sheeple 🙂

  • Really digging your show for the about the past 6 months. Now I found you here and it’s cool to see you, and everything going on in the studio. Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of this Freeman guy. Before seeing what he looked like he reminded me of the group of pretentious hippies that were in my town. Like they were the cool hippies and wouldnt hang with you cuz you didnt have the dankest nugs! Lol. Snobs. Anyway. I’m just joking. Freeman wasn’t that bad. But anyway. Great show. Love you guys

  • This guy spews shit out of his mouth. Can’t believe theres people who actually believe his dumb fuck stories.

    • I feel the same. Everytime I wanna give him a chance he starts talking so much half truths I go nuts. He experienced almost every conspiracy theory in his own life it seems like, sure. Maybe he did all those things. But he pretty much talks 80% about how cool he was and gets to no real point. I feel empty watching him talk.

      • Agreed. It’s discrediting to the factual material he sometimes presents. It’s bizarre. Even on Austin Public Access TV, producers has been discussing all these subjects regularly YEARS before he arrived on the scene. He was tardy in that realm and acted even then as if he was the first explorer. It just makes no sense to take credit for the things he does. Bands following him on the road? Created all these concepts like hieroglyphics and coded language? First to put the info out publicly? Pryor? So many it’s difficult to keep up. Why? It’s wild. He seems to otherwise be a nice guy // perplexing. Quite a few researchers act like this.

        • “First to put the info out publicly? Pryor? So many it’s difficult to keep up. Why?” Lol exactly. And he just throws them into the conversation for no reason.

          If you wanna listen to a master freemason throwing wisdom left and right, I suggest Manly P. Hall

  • Icarus had wax wings that flew too close to the sun, (Thank you Iron Maiden)
    Promethious stole fire and gave to Humans along with other things. IJS

  • Need a video on Virginia and the rally. It’s looking like they might be going deep homeboy. 2A isn’t to be fucked with. Buckle up mfs.

    • thought it was a great show. maybe you have the answers. or better yet play devil’s advocate and prove him wrong. he is just sharing his first hand knowledge of where his journey has taken him. you have to take what you want and leave the rest. he was very entertaining if anything. we wouldn’t be questioning things if we had hard trust worthy proof. the show is not trying to tell us what to believe but is laying out pieces of the puzzle, ultimately up you or truth community to solve puzzle. Or help best get truth to you logic. open your mind if not to what they are offering, then to your own path.

  • Just a thought, that (twinkly or craft) in the atmosphere. Could that be the real looking glass project? I feel the future telling device is misinformation. I think Looking Glass the 24 hr. 135 spy plane from cold war area has just been upgraded. Perhaps Q is the military, not foreseeing the future, but using such a craft on persons they deem a threat. Don’t now anything other then another amazing episode, damn got my mind wondering. Thank you all. Keep up the great work.

    • ok bare with me. top secret project looking glass starts 1961. perhaps JFK was killed for wanting to exposé gov agencies acting as secret societies abusing top secret cold war command/spy plane. this could potential ripple through so many other events. Snowden, fisa court abuse aint shit, there has been a fucking fleet continuously in air since day one. looking glass is now space force as of trump signing dec 18 2018. giving new branch the control over looking glass. believe trump gain control of this project when he declare drug crisis granted through command and control of department of defense 1/3 branches at time in charge in charge of project. no wonder Hillary was so sure win, tap phone, not if you got kill list

  • This guy is a name dropper, little full of himself and a good plugger of his stuff. With that said I could listen to him for hours. Join the famous freeman cult the night time is the right time 😂

  • Enjoyed it but man I just dnt know if hes had alot of fucked up stuff happen 2 him or if hes for real or full of shit…

    I know from my own research these orders do systematically tie together and branch off into sects etc…

    Looks @ religion Christians, Islam, Judaism ALL HAVE SECTS… I think it’s another layer unravelling in their matrix

  • love this sam but bad questions. who are the freemasons? come on dude. much love though but give us some credit . please go deep homeboy not skimming the edges

    • He was asking guest his opinion, of what he believes organization truly is or about. Can only give there answers and theory’s, from experience and research. All looking for the truth. Without a head of one secret society exposing everything. The only thing we can do is keep digging and piece clues together to find what we believe to be the truth. If he did more then speak his truth from research hes done. Would be calling him a shill . The guy been playing game longer then most, Sam knows don’t have lead him, wouldn’t just give basic answer but what he knows.

  • i also want you to do a podcast on the sea serpent monsters in Scotland and other strange creatures a episode on the mystery of the ship called Mary Celeste this ship was built in 1861 and sailed for until November 7 1872 on its first voyage this old ship made its last voyage on December 5 1872 the ship suffered a mysterious accident and the crew and the ships only lifeboat as went missing. another episode to do is one on the Bermuda triangle the legend of the Kraken a giant squid or octopus and the Nazca lines, megalithic stone monuments and other ancient mysterious structures found around the world. there is also the legend of king Arthur and how it relates to the lizard people.

  • hmm i wonder what other kind of new and returning guests will show up for your next podcasts for this month and next month i wonder if you can get Ryan Dawson or Scott Horton back on your podcast about the crisis with Iran or maybe what is going down in Virginia i think Virginia was one of those original 13 colonies back in the 1700’s or maybe even 1600’s i cannot remember there is also the legend of the lost colony of Roanoke that disappeared from the map another legend or conspiracy is the story of the holy grail or the ark of the covenant or the spear of destiny which are ancient biblical artifacts including the shroud of Turin for a discussion on that.

  • Freeman Fly is the best, been listening to this man for years

    Also I like how this episode is about synchronicity because I was talking a lot about the dark arts of the WWE with a friend a few days before that episode dropped( which has happened a bunch of times with other episodes too), and I thought that was funny, and then the next episode is about synchronicity lol

  • Sam you the fuckin man!
    When you gonna be in Utah again, your a fuckin treasure bro. Keep going hard. Hey Chiefs or Titans?