Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome Global Spiritual Revolution Radio’s Bishop Larry Gaiters to discuss the Boule Black Society, Black Wall Street and Kobe Bryant. Strap yourself and get ready to have your mind blown because the Bishop drops some serious truth bombs this episode.

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  • The events that have been kept from the education of all people is disturbing. I live in Colorado, and never heard of the Ludlow massacre. A few years ago, I researched this event. The Rockefeller name was mentioned in this event. Why would we not be taught this?
    Thank you for the information your show provides.

  • Remember, Trail of Tears and slave ships happened and were enforced under the United States flag, and not the Confederate flag.

  • I love this show, one of my top podcast “gotos”. I was floored at some of the bombs that were dropped in this episode, but did some research and found that the bulk of said bombs were not true. Another listener even commented about the gap band “you dropped a bomb on me”, true- not about black Wall Street.
    Love that this show prompted me to do my own research and learn some new things. Not saying that we aren’t being lied to and manipulated, but even the woke information should be looked into or we are just another kind of sheeple.
    Thank you Sam and team for a fabulous podcast. Keep up the great work.

  • Uzzz bein a punk ass within the first little bit. Haha Tripoli. You are one of the best comedians. X.G. you are pushin’ Rogan-Jamie status. Keep real.

  • This episode was full of “wow” moments. I for one really appreciate that you pushed the issue of both sides/parties bring corrupt, Sam. It is absolutely imperative that we break free from this hegelian dialectic.

  • This guy obviously has no clue about political realignment. The Democrats were the right wing party back then.

  • This dude lost me when he tried to say The Gap Bands “You Dropped A Bomb On Me” song is about black wall street. The song is about being young and having sex with and older woman. Anyone who actually listens to the lyrics knows this. Charlie Wilson was even asked this and he almost laughed in the interviewers face before correcting him. Also the song came out in the 80’s not the 70’s. I’m white and I know this. How does an older black man not know this? He needs to stop getting his info from internet memes and repeating them without research just because they cater to his beliefs. There are others things he said which isn’t true but something as simple as the GAP Band accusation is enough for me to know this guy doesn’t do his own research.

    • I wish the Swarm was as inquisitive as you. I love TFH but some people just gobble up anything these days. How can we find the truth when people don’t even appear credible with information that is public smh.

  • Sam let him talk Man. You ask him a questions then u almost answer your own question to him. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    Come on lol

  • Sorry Brother Sam but Asians werent allowed jack shit in this country either. Difference is we didnt stay and depend on welfare and as u mentioned, our families stayed together.
    We worked hard and hustled and our parents beat the shit outta us to make us go to college and become doctors and scientists and techies.
    The Chinese built the railroads and werent allowed shit and were thought of as the same as dogs.
    The Japanese, who i have no sympathy for because what they did to my ppl the Koreans is ten times worse then what Hitler did to Jews, but they too were put in interment camps and had everything taken away from them.
    It was impossible for Asians to get any real jobs because they couldnt speak English, white ppl hired black ppl cuz they could speak English with no problems.
    Again, saying some ignorant shit like asians didnt go thru anything is just fucking ridiculous, we were in the same poverty stricken neighborhoods as any other race, yet we made it out cuz we worked the hardest. PERIOD.
    Dont hate on the work ethic Brother Sam.

    • Right..if anyone should have a gripe, its the Native Americans. Yes black ppl suffered but they also have the most rights and opportunities out of all the minorities.

      The Native Americans helped the white man survive, thats the whole origin of Thanksgiving. And what’d they get outta it? EVERYTHING taken away, and as a reward some casinos, lmfao.

  • I watched this one(well technically I just listened while playing some Vidya games) twice back to back because this guest was so good. I really really hope you have him back on again soon Brother Sam.

  • i wonder what other kind of topics will be talked about this month and next month on tin foil hat podcast hopefully some new and returning guests come back for a enlightening discussion.

  • Damn, I can’t remember an episode with so many mind blows………yeah that didn’t come out right but you know what I mean. A+ show, you need to have Bishop Larry as a monthly or bi-monthly guest!

  • This selection menu setup needs work dude! Comments from.the vimeo player and the site shiuldn other appear regardless if I watch on sit or on the player.

    I have ASKED 20X WHERE TONWATCH SO THEY MAKE $, NONANSWER SO I GO WITH CONVENIENT MOSTLY! AND THISNSITE constantly.minimizong ur window restarting progress.and the menu literally had nothing available for days!


  • When you actually have someone good on your show who is 100x more knowledgeable than you, you should just stfu and let them talk about their work Sam. You interrupt this man in the middle of a truth bomb so you could virtue signal.

    • Someone should take all your videos and make an Oh My Gawd! Compilation.

      It will be titled

      Oh Your God! Pt. 3 – The Dark Kumite.
      Starring Sam Tripoli as Sam + Xavier Guererro as XG.
      Featuring John Barbour as The Mad Barber