Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome back the Randonauts’ Nick Hinton to discuss the peculiar of Jeffery Lash who may or may not have been an Alien Hybrid gun runner, Kobe Bryant and the Black Cube! Thank you so much for your support.

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  • Talking of Movies and significant number like 26 well In Doctor Who series 5 we learn 26-06-2010 is the base code of the Universe, and its also the date of the finale, 513 The Big Bang.
    Interesting they plucked 26 from somewhere eh? PS 26/06 was my dads birthday! MONKAHMM! MONKAS!

  • This show was great! I really do enjoy when you guys go off and talk about these subjects also currently or recently going on. I was like whooaaa when Nick mentioned we are in the black cube too and like John’s view of a shadow group higher up beyond the powers we know in control that could be the Saturnist you speak of Sam or lets just say lizard people. Lol. You guys rock every single time and each show brings its special moments. You make me think hard and laugh hard! It’s what I love about it and you can count on me to stay loyal to the foil. Nobody has to believe it all, but why not acknowledge it?

  • Thanks Sam another great show much love from Germany
    Theres no podcast like this in Germany only a very few poeple
    talk about the dark arts thing that is definitley also going on in
    Germany. The poeple outhere don’t get it. It’s sad but most of the
    Germans are very blind and brain washed out.
    I wish there will be more awake poeple like you and your crew in my country.
    Fuck Merkel!

  • I would like to know where I can be heard. I DMd as u younglings call it to Sam 3 years ago Jordan MAxwell. NOW ITS REALITY> TY SAM . Every guest since nov 2019 has changed my life. yes i need to sober up mb. TFH

  • oops made a mistake they are girls so maybe Ruth Tripoli and Esther Tripoli anyway happy birthday today to your new daughters.

  • well i guess i should say happy birthday ghost and ninja Tripoli i would prefer the names be changed one from Adam Tripoli and Evangelina Tripoli.

  • Just really want to see the video to go along. And also, where is this new show? If you need some guests, help whatever, please reach out loyal to the foil for about 3 years and at least 3 co guests… Lol…

  • hmm Mr Sam Tripoli one of the original false flag tactics was done in a ancient city called Troy in turkey a country in the middle east turkey at this time was controlled by Greece some soldiers built a giant wooden horse like statue made it mobile by putting wheels and many entrances in it and hid themselves in it this happened during what is known as the Trojan war the soldiers kidnapped a queen or princess to rape and molest named Helen look this one up in a basic old history book for thirty minutes at least.

  • Loyal to the Foil for life!
    You guys should get Walter Bosley on to talk about the Sonora Aero Club and the Delshau mystery….Jay Dyer should be able to help connect y’all with him!

  • Loyal to the foil! Sam have Zachary Hubbard back on ASAP! He is doing great work taking this information to the people on the streets!

  • yeah so Julius Caesar a wise ancient king or emperor after death changed roles into Jesus Christ similar initials to Julius Caesar J. C to Jesus the Christ the messiah of Christianity and maybe Judaism and Islam also in facts not fiction the last emperor of the Byzantine was named Constantine the eleventh or xi he ruled Constantinople or Byzantium now called Istanbul turkey then centuries later the eastern part of roman empire was known as the Ottoman Islamic empire and the west was controlled by the holy Catholic roman empire with all its antics nowadays in turkey that countries president wants to revive and bring unity the Islamic side of the roman empire but Islam was a creation of the roman catholic empire to trick the Arabs into doing stupid things in there own countries so both the eastern world and the western world will have a sinister apocalyptic doomsday nuclear arms chemical biological race and a war to kill billions of humans for global depopulation and worldwide conquest look up protocols of learned elders of Zion or priory of Sion you will be floored with your jaw dropping and urinating your pants or making fresh feces in your pants buy clean underwear food water medicine and maybe some guns and other supplies like a flashlight matches and candles some the store or look up the letters of Albert pike or Nostradamus this guy Nostradamus was very smart he lived in Europe centuries ago and was a very influential adviser to many rich people kings queens and other important people centuries ago he was the original conspiracy theorist very shocking what he said centuries ago coming true today.

  • there is also another historical character that could be the real Jesus look up the names of the children of Cleopatra and mark Anthony or Julius Caesar according to history Julius Caesar was killed by Brutus become Judas Iscariot in Christianity one of his closest friends who betrayed him hand him over to a angry mob to be assassinated or lynched even roman emperors or a roman senator or congressman or chairperson were not under protection for much longer. Julius Caesar did not want to rule by force or conquest even though he served his country with great honor and courage as a military veteran or hero just like the original john Kennedy or Abraham Lincoln Julius Caesar had a son or relative we called Augustus called himself where we get august from Julius Caesar after death by assassination was called gods son king of kings light of the world the risen savior.

  • here is something else back in the colonial times we had king George well George could mean farmer looks like we have a baby prince in England named George and a state called Georgia also there is a Williams Burg in Virginia we have a prince soon to be king or emperor of the new world order William princess Diana wanted the baby William to be named Arthur Arthur also translates in bear the animal symbol after king Arthur who was a druid priestly ruler or king back in the ancient times of Europe there was William the conqueror back in the history book we in the united states have states we call Virginia it means virgin or young teenage girl also Maryland the virgin Mary or Virgo or Semiramis a ancient queen of Babylonia yet again Jesus well there was no such person known in history as Jesus if there was someone like the closest person is Joshua or Josh Emmanuel Davidson or Druid son yet again Jesus is called gods son the light of the world which means the sun god of Egypt or Amen Ra i am right or wrong. also we have a state called Pennsylvania that was named after William Penn a wealthy landlord working on the behalf of England we have states called new York the original York is in England we have a state called new Hampshire Hampshire the original one is a place in England also we have new jersey the original jersey is a island in Europe also belonging to England or near that country we have new Orleans the original Orleans is in France over in Canada we have new Brunswick the original Brunswick is in Germany there is a province called Alberta named after a king or queen in Europe where is called British Columbia British and Columbus like the district of Columbia or Columbus who might have been Jewish as well and a member of the knights Templar going deep into real history he is Italian and Ashkenazim Jewish origins in his genetics working on behalf of Spain or Europe back in the days i am probably going to get killed painfully for just writing these things down.

  • hey Mr Samuel Tripoli here is a masonic symbol coming in several cultures on the earth look for a dragon in the City of London along with the phoenix on the economist magazine from back in the 1980’s the american eagle could in reality be a phoenix bird a dragon that burns itself dies and gets reborn from it ashes there is also a lion somewhere on ancient flags dating back centuries the lion is a sign of the zodiac the Leo there is Virgo the virgin in the sky Virgo is who Christians call the virgin Mary the oldest version of the bible says the Elohim or the gods or goddesses or the ancient extraterrestrials/ aliens/ angels/ demons created humanity as we know it today there is Aquarius the water carrier which is today known as john the baptist or something else there is Libra the scales of justice in the zodiac zodiac is where we get the word zoo from the kingdom of heaven could be referencing the animal kingdom i think i heard this from Jordan Maxwell on the Richie Allen show info wars or one of the other alternative media shows and networks.

  • well look you did a great podcast with Jordan Maxwell recently that was epic i wonder what other kind of new guests will be on this podcast maybe some old returning favorites have not heard anything interesting yet from Scott Horton or Ryan Dawson yet either back on this podcast in a while.

  • i wonder if Sam Tripoli can find Christopher Boleyn on his podcast he is a original 911 truth movement leader and anti war activist his book solving 911 is very good at naming names of the actual terrorists and it is not Muslims or Arabs.

  • I am really loving the banter you guys have developed. It’s nice tension breaking on those rough subjects when you guys shit talk eachother. And it’s also hilarious

  • i wonder what Sam Tripoli has next in his sleeves if he wears sleeves what is going to be on tin foil hat podcast for this month in February need more new guests and returning guests to spit out truth bombs and laugh at the elites to scorn them or making fun of fools and imbeciles and idiots or retards once in a while being a conspiracy theorist means to me we truthers are allergic to lies mass murder rape slavery and other crimes against humanity and just plain old fashioned nonsense and idiocy.

  • First thing is first there was a problem with the audio, at the beginning of the episode there was a lot of echo mainly with Sam’s mic. As the show went on it got better, especially when you started the Skype call.
    This was a good one. When XG was talking about the baby born to the lady with Corona virus (Kung Flu) and Sam blurted out “and the baby had big saber tooth tiger fangs and was trying to bite everyone!?”
    I fuckin busted out laughing. This was probably the funniest episode of TFH I’ve seen so far and I’ve seen most of em.

    Cya around fellas.