Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome Occult Experts Issac Weishaupt and Cory Daniels to the show to discuss the life and last days of Issac Kappy. We live in strange times my friends. Thank you for your support.

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  • Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in fact was once a leisure account it. Glance complicated to far added agreeable from you! However, how could we keep in touch?

  • Guys this was another one of your most explosive interviews! I was told by this old security guard who I connected with from where I work who was into following Q about Issac earlier last year. His name was Paul and he just passed away last month. Now here you have a seriously mind blowing discussion Issac guys. Paul would be proud! I actually told him about Tin Foil Hat soon after the episode with Alex too as we talked conspiracies. He was a believer in the plan as its called and had faith in Trump that I don’t entrust 100% but try to remain optimistic about regardless of his actions. This shit is all so crazy! There’s a lot of reasons to raise eye brows high here.

  • Bavaria 1776
    Adam Weishaupt
    Creature of the infamous Illuminati
    —Illuminati watcher just happens to
    Have same birth name as The feature Creature…wow / self confessed OCCULTIST…U CANT COME BACK ONCE U SOLD UR GIFT AT BIRTH NICE TRY .,..

  • #psycho #schizophrenic this guy was delusional and the guests spinning a good yarn Snake Oil Peddlers Alive and Well in 2020

  • i wonder what other kind of new and returning guests will be on the tin foil hat podcast or broken simulation shows hey look wait one second David KO res h dies at age 33 Muhammad one of the 911 so called terrorists dies at age 33 and Timothy McVeigh dies at age 33 what the hell is going on divide 33 and 3 we get 11 divide 11 and we get one one dollar bill could the future world government be called one nation earth after the next worldwide nuclear biological chemical apocalypse the masons will get that one started soon like in the Georgia guide stones Denver airport murals and other creepy symbolic rituals and rites lead up to that one single goal.

    • Has anyone considered that Isaac Kappy was simply addicted to meth? A few of his videos showed that his eyes were POPPED. All of this guy’s behavior has mirrored people who go into a sleep-deprived psychosis from being on meth for too long. Yes he wanted to expose pedophiles but he was clearly mentally disturbed.

  • Yaaaaaaaazzzzzzssssss Sammy the AR–menian American Warrior
    keep up exposing the de-humanizers and GO HARD unto them !!!!
    give em hell !!!!

    • I’m not surprised he never speaks, whenever he tries to contribute Sam shuts him down straight away. I like XG but not sure why Sam has him on the show as he belittles him whenever he speaks 🙁

  • Sam – wtf, you are looking like your nodding and pissing yourself at the same time. Never seen you so tired. Hope you are taking care of yourself.

  • Awesome show. That bit about the homeless guy was pretty wild and it seemed like you guys just kinda glossed over it. I had never heard about that before and I would have liked to hear more about it. I’m definitely going to have to check out Cory’s stuff. Thanks!

  • Just straight up child p*rn whats wrong with you it was full screen cause XG was watching it. Mexican drake coming for you with his hair line

  • Wow good job showing that child p*rn at the 1 hour 10 min mark. Your production never fails to amaze sam

    • That wasnt child porn, it was a video Kappy uploaded before he died, his dead mans switch. It’s just girls in wierd clothes in a fancy bathroom, probably a famous person’s house

  • Love Cory Daniel ever since I first saw him on THC. Please keep him in the circuit of guests that you have on. You’re killin it Sam.

  • Whoa…I just realized I knew Isaac Kappy. He used to work at Flying Star restaurant in Albuquerque like 12 years ago. He almost talked me into being a stand-in actor for movies, after seeing him get the part as the prostitute under the bridge, in Beer Fest.
    That’s a trip. I can’t believe that’s the same guy you’re taking about. RIP

  • Sam you gotta put vids on the podcast app. You have the audio but it would be bad ass to see the vids on there too. Most people don’t have the vids but praying medic puts vids on there so you should be able to. Love your shit bro!! Also get that ass over to Pittsburgh please!!! And bring that dirty gurl Theo Von!!!

  • Sam, your back and I love this dude! Your engaged again. Cool pod bro for sure. Ritual business. These 2 were great guests, respect to everyone ,well…. xg feel free to jump in ffs,r are you shopping for new threads, scrolling through insta booty? Ryan we miss you

  • First off let me just say I love your show and the truths your putting out there . So as I’m listening to your show on Isaac kappy I decided to look his name up on google and I had this message pop up

    I’m not sure if it means anything but I’ve never searched his name before and it seems very strange I’m always searching conspiracy and have never had this happen before. Anyhow love the show keep up the great work