Thank you for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome the real Soldier Of Truth, An0maly, to discuss our reality that we live in and the war on our perception.

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  • An impressive share, I just given this onto a colleague who was doing a little analysis on this. And he in fact bought me breakfast because I found it for him.. smile. So let me reword that: Thnx for the treat! But yeah Thnkx for spending the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love reading more on this topic. If possible, as you become expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more details? It is highly helpful for me. Big thumb up for this blog post!

  • Imagine your daughter gets molested or raped, only to discover later that she now has Hepatitis because she was never vaccinated against it…

  • I greatly enjoyed this discussion! Thank you for being brave enough to ask some questions about vaccines and just start a civil conversation! Thanks Sam, XG and An0moly!

  • This was a cool laid back show. I really enjoy shows more like this thinking about what we can do to push the world in a better direction guys. All though we have to except what we may not change as we get a idea of what we’re dealing with more and could be up against. Love will save the day in the end! Congrats Sam on becoming a father! Raise your children well. You give me hope.

  • i wonder what other kind of guests might be coming onto tin foil hat podcast this month or week and next month and some other months hopefully some great new and returning guests discussing different topics not heard in the mainstream media or anything.

  • hey everyone here are some thoughts you will agree with america is run by the international bankers all wars are bankers wars the federal reserve is causing inflation by making digital cash global warming and climate change is bullshit Jeffrey Epstein might be in Jerusalem Israel and not really dead Israel did the September 11th terrorist attacks of 2001 not the Muslim world vaccines may cause autism and death 5 g will fry our asses.

  • hey Mr Sam Tripoli every heard of the posse comitatus act of 1878 look that one for something interesting we have ignored this one for quiet a while and should be enforced legally.

  • get Michael Tellinger , he will tell you where the Anunnaki created us to dig up gold for them
    check em out , he started the UBUNTU movement that makes all sense

  • there is something called the patricians and the plebeians along with the consul the equestrian order the praetorian guards the tribune the triumph the sibyl the gladiators the triumvirate back in Rome before the Romans there was the Etruscan civilization and the Sabine civilization back centuries ago along the barbarian tribes called the Goths the Huns and the vandals there are the Jute s the angles the Saxons the Franks and Slavs to go deep there is the Aegean civilization Thrace Thessaly Parnassus the oracles Macedonia Messiaen civilizations Boeotia civilization the Arcadia civilization Salamis Thermopylae Troy the Ionian civilization the Dorian civilization the Eolian civilization the Achaean civilization Sparta the Mycenae civilization and the Minoan civilization even white people from Europe are forgetting their history and their origins what a amazing story of humanity there are the Celts the Normans there are the Scythian civilization the Samaritans the Bactria civilization the Median civilization the Kush or Cush Civilization the Nubian civilization and the Hyksos the Punic civilization the Carthaginians the Amorite civilization the Gutium civilization the Tocharian civilization the Mannaeans the Ammon civilization the Hittites the Luwians Arzawa civilization the Carchemish civilization the Carian civilization the Kizzuwatna civilization the Diauehi the Corinthian civilization the Syracusian civilization the Issaic civilization the Corcyra civilization the Isaurian civilization the Lycaonia civilization the Lydian civilization the Phrygian civilization the Pisdia civilization the Urartu civilization the Adnanite civilization the Nabataean civilization the Mudar civilization the Rabi AH civilization the Qay civilization the Qudaa civilization the AZ d civilization the Ghassanid civilization the Moors the Assyrians the Aramean civilization the Jebusite civilization the Rephaite civilization the Phoenician civilization the Ebla civilization the Ed o m civilization the Habiru civilization the Anshan civilization the Kassites the Midian civilization the Casluhim civilization the Kenite civilization the Mo ab civilization the Philistine civilization the Sheba civilization the Hurrian civilization the Mitanni civilization the Carchemish civilization the Hattian civilization the Zalpuwa civilization the Alan civilization the Pict civilization the Dacian civilization the Getae civilization the Gepid civilization the Pannonian civilization the Lusitania civilization not the boat false flag OK cover that Lusitania shipwreck sometime soon the Gauls are another ancient civilization the Iberian civilization is also interesting look for that one the Rus civilization is another one the Varangian civilization another one the Saka civilization the Xiongnu civilization is another starter for a discussion the Falisci civilization the Elymian civilization another ancient civilization the Denyen civilization is another one the Danaid civilization is another one there is the Geat civilization some centuries ago.

  • another word is use to describe these evil scumbags is the invaders from planets moron and imbecile along with idiot and lunatic feeble minded hysteria maniac insanity dolt dullard fool risky and crazy i also use the word occupiers and colonialists there is patriots and the loyalists back in the the days of the first american revolution.

  • another whistle blower is Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt and Catherine Austin Fit ts sometime on your podcast this month or next month there is Nicholson 1968 destiny lab and odd reality for great music about the truth movement another great guy is Brandon Si b Le y many fish a great YouTube truther i guess there is Anthony patch a truther on C E R N there is stranger than fiction news to look up on YouTube and BP earth watch also on YouTube and Mike Morales also on YouTube is on point preparedness and round Saturn’s eye or rise there is call for an uprising on YouTube a great truther there is Russian videos or v i d s there is Richard k all Berg and Sean Car on a great radio host and John B Wells i really trust these guys there is crow 777 to bring on for a podcast time for a landless peasants and beggars revolt against our conquerors i call them.

  • another great guest is Doug Hag Mann from Hag Mann report and Dave Hodges from common sense show they are libertarians or old school anti war conservatives and Sean from Sgt report there is Johnny Circucci along with Dr Ted Bro er from health masters he would make a excellent sponsor there is former sister or nun of the catholic church named Keri burn or along with Steffan Verstappen there is Gerald Celente a excellent economist from trends research he supported Ron Paul for president a few times he also launched a movement called occupy peace there is Robert David Steele a former CIA whistle blower and supports a movement called hashtag UN rig there is Kenneth o O’Keeffe a human rights activist and libertarian sort of a former marine he is also a conspiracy theorist with solutions to world problems he calls it the world citizen movement or something like that there is mark Pass i o a legend in the truth movement excellent source of knowledge there is Vincent Eastwood from New Zealand to bring on this podcast.

  • some other intellectuals in the truth movement is Dr E Micheal Jones a Catholic conservative or sort of libertarian i guess guy and Dr Kevin Barrett from truth jihad radio a Muslim american researcher living in Wisconsin there is also Louis Farrakhan from the nation of Islam he did a interview or debate with Alex Jones on info wars some years ago. another one is Dean Henderson he is a expert on the city of London and black nobility along with some other controversial topics. another guy to bring on for a Christian viewpoint is Gary Wayne author of genesis six conspiracy and Eric Ga w jew ski a traditional catholic guy from trad cat knight.

  • i am still waiting for the chat will with know more news hosted by Adam green this one is going to be good i guess maybe add in Christopher Jon Bjerknes a great author and researcher or Christopher Boleyn on this epic podcast Mr Christopher Boleyn was one of the original 911 truthers in my opinion there is also professor James Fe t z er along with Dr Lorraine Jeanette day a former orthopedic trauma surgeon and chief of orthopedic surgery at San Francisco general hospital she is also kind of like Dr Shiva the Indian american inventor of email she now does research into the elites and what they are doing to the united states feel free to disagree with Dr Day at anytime or prove her wrong but she knows what she is talking about.

  • Holy shit I knew that name sounded familiar, this guy was like one of the first people I met my freshman year at WVU staying in the honors dorm over on Sunnyside. This dude let me come over and blaze with him and his roommates. This was about 10 years ago and he looks completely different but it’s cool that he kept the same moniker after all this time

  • of these bloodline defectors told his own bodyguard Christopher Blake that the secret society called disciples of Lucifer runs the planet or the sons and daughters of the fallen ones run the world expect for a few nations or countries this secret society has the story that Lucifer/ Satan is the good guy the light bringer they believe someone on the earth is today is destined to be the next world king ruling the earth from Jerusalem in Israel rebuild the temple of Solomon this new world order king will be the new messiah a dictator with cunning skills very young tall handsome but deception and warfare will be used these guys believe the god of the Jews Christians and Muslims the monotheists are evil they believe Satan or Lucifer or Saturn or Cronus is the good guy and helping the world reach a new golden age this cult or secret society stole the spear of destiny a ancient weapon that killed Jesus Christ while he was on the cross this ancient knife or dagger will be used to murder and assassinate the world king this world orders king will rise from the dead and become the new god to rule humanity for a thousand years of darkness like no one has seen before.

  • one of the most interesting talks was the episode on the spear of destiny which is season two episode five of Brad m’s show on the history channel this retired bodyguard for the Illuminati elite factions is named Christopher Blake he should come on your podcast and spill the beans or something privately.

  • i wonder if Sam Tripoli has every seen Brad’s decoded series on the history channel the one group that is really behind the scenes ruling the world is a society known as sons and daughters of the fallen ones a former bodyguard for one of elite bloodlines said some crazy stuff and he or she is most like dead or hiding on some far away third or second world country.

  • hmm i wonder what kind of new and old returning guests will come into tin foil hat podcast or broken simulation i hope we have some very good ones to discuss different topics.