Thank you so much for tuning in for another amazing episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome back paradigm mind shifters Matt LaCroix of the Mastermind Discussions Podcast and the Conspiracy Farm’s Jeffery Wilson to discuss purposeful diabolical destruction of the knowledge of mankind’s true origins!

Please check out Matthew LaCroix’s:
Podcast: The Mastermind Discussions with Matthew LaCroix…cussions-podcast/

Book: The Stage of Time: Secrets of the Past, the Nature of Reality, and the Ancient Gods of History…ook/dp/B07TK1JFZ5

Jeffery Wilson’s Podcast:
Podcast: The Conspiracy Farm with Pat Miletich and Jeffery Wilson


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  • I’ve been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this web site. Thank you, I will try and check back more often. How frequently you update your web site?

  • Hi there very nice site!! Man .. Beautiful .. Superb .. I will bookmark your website and take the feeds additionally…I’m satisfied to find a lot of helpful info right here in the publish, we’d like develop extra techniques on this regard, thank you for sharing.

  • Where do the comments go why cant i see them on here what the fuck mr tripoli and xg in the place to be the fuck wasupwitthatshitfoo

  • So glad this guy was not a “we wuz kangs” afrocentric retard. Also blacks were never kings like they believe Egyptians are and were Arab…….

    • Mansa Musa was from Mali. In his day, he was the wealthiest person on the planet…
      There are countless other literal KINGS that existed in various civilizations, now vanished.

  • i wonder what other kind of guests both new and old returning ones will be on tin foil hat podcast or broken simulation or Mr tin foil hat hopefully some old school truthers come on this program to talk as well and new truthers or whistle blowers be brought here the resistance is rising we must resist the empire like in star wars or hunger games expose things like the matrix the Truman show they live and other great science fiction content is coming true in our times.

  • well accuse me the supreme chancellor lord Alexander Astor Rockefeller Rothschild the 113th says all Resistance to the world order one nation earth the international confederation of nations the global peace initiative the global community is futile and resisters will be executed soon.

  • i got a message from supreme chancellor of the new world order lord Augustinian all Resistance leaders will be rounded up and sent to reeducation camps or gulags or concentration or labor camps or prisoner of war camps after the nuclear holocaust and a biological and chemical weapons war in the middle eastern quarter of the ten nation alliance and be put to death that is all.

  • some other good guests for interviews is John Torell Dr William Schnoebelen a former free masonry or Illuminati defector Terry Cook is another one pastor Billy Crone is another decent nice guest Dan Goodwin is a another one Bob Cornuke is another one there is rabbi Jonathan Chan pastor Caspar MC cloud is a another one Brent Miller is a another one Alex Newman is a another credible researcher and conspiracy theorist Brannon Howse is a another one or Brad lee dean from sons of liberty Trey smith is a another deep researcher Dr William Warner is the expert on political Islam Liz Crokin is a another good guest Constance Cumbey is a another old school researcher before i was born and maybe before you were born Mr Sam Tripoli sir Cheryl chumley is a another good guest Greg Hammond is a another one there is Dr Carol Rosin to find Debbie Bacigalupi is a another good one in i think pastor Rick Wiles from v e r o beach Florida host of true news and pastor of flowing streams church or Steven Anderson i still kind of like him also has similar views kind of to your own and i also like Dr Catherine Albrecht to be on this podcast as well maybe even George Noory from coast to coast can be on this program soon time for 2020 to be the year of perfect vision and awakening to truth.

  • hmm i wonder if Sam Tripoli’s crew or posse is interested in getting Dr Brooks Agnew on the program what a smart guy Dr Ken Johnston is another great mind so is Jay Weidner Randy Cramer is another one Dan Burisch is another one Robert o dean is another smart person George green is another one he is insider who defected from the Illuminati Mark Richards is another guy to talk with another one legend is Brad Olsen Tim Rifat is another great guy to talk with there is Matt Landman Tony Gosling is another great guest Dr Nick Begich is another smart guy Dr Joseph Farrell is another smart decent guy Dr bill Deagle another original conspiracy theorist from way back Brian young from high impact flicks or blogs another great guy Robert Kudla from trade genius academy is another great guest to have on for a discussion there is Sibel Edmonds from news bud and Dr Kevin Barrett he is a Muslim or Islamic american conspiracy theorist he hosts false flag weekly news on YouTube and truth jihad radio Dan winter is another smart or wise guy Jim Rogers is another great guest his specializes in economics Andrew Bartzis is another one Leuren Moret is another great guest Dr David m Jacobs is a great guest as well he talks about alien abductions and extraterrestrial human hybrids Daniel Estulin is another great guest Dr Bryce Payne is another great guest there is also Steve Richards another great one Mike Adams from natural news is another great guest to have soon Edwin Black is another great mind to talk with there is Sean David Morton another decent guest William Enghadl is another great one there is Wayne Madsen he used to be on info wars with Alex Jones many years ago Alfred Webre is another great one how about Jesse Venture a or James George Jan OS John Anthony west is another great guest Scott Bennett is another decent guest for a talk i like to see Syrian girl on this podcast as well soon Robert Sullivan is another great one John banks is another great one Patrick Henningsen is another great one along with Ian Crane Peter Dale Scott another great guest Hugh Gilbert is another good one with tons of info on the knights Templar Dane Wigington is another great guest still wanting Thomas Lacovara as well from resurrect the republic truth media Robert Kiviat is another one there is Peter moon another one Juval Aviv is another great guest Sarah Cochran should be on the podcast i think maybe Marianne Williamson should also come to the podcast as well along with Tulsi Gabbard Dr Ron Paul and Dr Rand Paul as well there is Timothy Hogan another smart researcher i want to see John Perkins the economic hit man on this podcast he is a living legend there is g Edward Griffin author of creature from Jekyll island Oliver stone is another good one or Roger Stone there is Chris Hedges another one Matthew Millan is another great one to find Douglas Dietrich is another great guest Jeremy Scahill is still a decent left wing reporter i guess to bring on there is Steve Qualye along with Dr La Marzulli i still give credit to Dr Thomas horn is another great guest but he may be a evangelical or christian Zionist or a free mason that dude is wacky i can say that there is James True another great guest Carl Tiechrib is another great one Troy Anderson or Paul McGuire are other great researchers Timothy Alberino is another good one Justen Faull is another great researcher from a Christian worldview Steven Bancarz is another great one to find there is Micheal Heiser another good one Dr Micheal lake is another good one another one is Josh Tolley another good one along with Lisa haven to this podcast maybe pastor Paul Begley or rabbi zev porat can come on your show or rabbi dooovid Bill Salus in another one i also like Benjamin Baruch is another one Mark Sutherland is another great one there is also Bill Rand Les John Haller is another one James Musker is another one to find DE Anne Loper is another great guest to bring on this podcast Lynne Leah z is another one Joanie Stahl is another one Doug Riggs is another great researcher Dana Ashley is another great guest for a talk Tim Cohen is another good researcher Doug Woodward or Doug Ham p are other great guests Alexander Lawrence is another good one Joel Richardson is an great guest to talk with as well Laura Maxwell is another person to find wondering if she is related to Jordan Maxwell maybe Nathan Leal is another one Micheal Synder is another good one he is a economist and a lawyer i think pastor Benjamin fair cloth is another good guest David a Rivera is another good one Alex Thomson is another great researcher Terry Board man is a good one as well Anthony Hilder is a good one Dr Lenard Horowitz is another one David Halpin is another one there is Andy Thomas another one Dr Rima Liabow is another good one.

  • Thanks Sam, XG.. been a long time watcher/listener. Love what you do.

    I’d buy shit but it’s been a rough go for me these passed years.. I had a crazy ex that screwed my life up and caused me to fall into a deep hole. It’s been 4 or so years since we broke up and I moved home with my parents, it’s been 6-7 years since I’ve felt okay about my life, and then, it was only for a short amount of time as I was bullied all throughout school and my small hometown is fucked.

    Your podcasts get me through the days, along with others of course, but yours is always one where I can get lost in mystery while getting a laugh at the same time. Keep up the great work. I wish there was something I could do.

    • We all go through shit brother, hang in there, a year ago I was aimless and goal less and in depression because i had failed to make it in life, Tin Foil Hat used to make me feel godd it still does, for thee past few months I’ve joined an institution which is mostly a waste of my time and a huge waste of money with no forseaable ROI I’m going further down the rabbit hole, now I’m back watching Tin foil hat again, it’s get’s me through the days, remember to find your IKIGAI brother, your purpose for existence, for even if the present is gloomy as long as you have a long term goal you can pursue or work towards it’s ok, one step at a time. Even I can’t buy Sam’s stuff due to finances and location, but one day I will, and so will you my friend hang in there and stay strong. I hope you read this. Take care of yourself and let me know how you’re doing whenever you see this.

  • Thanks. glad to see new content uploaded. . The newest stuff is on Google podcast. You got this one up the same day. You’re on The Ball Brother. [when I say brother I hear it like Hulk Hogan]

    Now I get to listen to your show again on broken simulation. Great!

    This guest is perhaps my favorite. I remember the first trilogy and he just amazing guest and both guest works well explain the stories in the history.

  • See this is why truther/Conspiracy theorists get shit on, we fail to be united. XG over here working on the podcast helping get the word out, going on TFH comedy tours and probably helps out alot behind the scenes which help pump out good content for us, and what do you do, shit talk him on the comment section. Congrats on being scum bags, Hillary would be so proud.

  • The only reason XG is on the show is because he’s friend’s with that comedian George who connected him with Sam. XG is proof it doesn’t matter what you know but who you know.

    • XG is the homie! We like him. We dont like you.
      Thanks for letting us know that it’s not what you know its who you know. None of us would have figured that out

      • XG literally has down syndrome. Idiot can barely talk and when he does its hit and miss (mostly miss) . But hes cool and chill and can somehow work a laptop to google shit despite his disability.

      • XG is horrible, I do not know how he brings anything to the show. He can not complete a sentence without saying “like or you know what I mean” and has no original thoughts. Out of touch and out of place, get him out of here.

  • This all works with my Christian beliefs as crazy as that may sound.
    Fallen angels, halfbread offspring , the idea of salvation.
    Hell is a dimension
    Gods in a different dimension

    Return of Annunaki/ Arrival of Antichrist
    The ultimate destruction of our society and civilization

    Our perceptions corrupt the true information we do have access to.

    • My mind did break free. Don’t wait for Ayahuasca. Do it at home. Changed my life forever. Its a tea with acacia confusa rootbark taken after ground up syrian rue seeds. Also, this all matches with Christianity. Don’t get it twisted.

  • Congratulations on the babies, SAM!! So happy for you & your lady!! Welcome to parenthood; your lives are forever changed!! Thanks for creating the trend as well, bc we all know YouTube SUCKS!! I just wish I could stream this while I was at work. But coming on here is much better!

  • Fascinating! This was some real interesting shit. I am all caught up now guys and from now on I will stay on it never missing a new episode! I made that an objective of mine. Ever since the post slowed down on YouTube and I learned of Broken Simulation I just been coming here now. I really have grown to love these shows. These shows really feeds the mind!

  • Sam for the love of god do not let jeffreys back on . He is a downright horrible guest. When you have real talent like Matthew on let him shine. AGAIN DO NOT LET THIS BONOBO BACK ON LITERALLY UNWATCHABLE.

  • Why is this black guy even on the show. Adds zero to matthews work and just want to give his dumbass 2 cents on the matter. Dont invite this bonobo back on. 0 personality 0 insight

  • When are we getting that in depth Coronavirus video?
    If you watch videos on Youtube the Chinese government is literally welding apartment building entrances shut trapping people inside.

  • I wanna say thank you to Broken Simulation. Its been great watching the TFH crew on this site. Lots of love and well wishes to Sam, Ghost , Ninja, XG, and Johnny.

  • I’m so glad you do this Sam. You help me keep my sanity coz all these sheep around me are so sleep so to speak.

  • there is Mark Pass i o a very great researcher there is Doug Casey he lives in Argentina he is a excellent anarchist libertarian and economist i like Dr Cynthia McKinney to be invited for a talk along with Dr Ron Paul for a discussion i like Lark en rose to come on sometime in the future there is Del big tree Mark Windows is another great guest to find i like Leo Zagami pastor Chuck Baldwin is another truth teller he ran for president back in 2008 under the Constitution party there is pastor Carl Gallup s there is Dr Joel Skousen another smart guy another truth teller is brother Nathaniel he is from the Russian or eastern orthodox church there is Dean Henderson a peace activist and researcher into conspiracy theories there is Dr Timothy ball he disproves climate change with very scientific data no one else has there is Dr Paul Craig Roberts he used to work for the Reagan administration he somehow is a anti war activist so lets give this guy a benefit of a doubt i like Stefan Verstappen there is piers Corbyn i think he might be Jeremy from the labor party’s older brother from the united kingdom but dislikes his own brother he might be a doctor or scientist as well specializing in weather forecasting i like Gilad Atzmon as well and Miko Peled they are Jewish truth tellers not matter what there is Catherine Austin Fit ts and Charlotte Isoberty i would like to see John Perkins come on the podcast along with g Edward Griffith for a talk let us go deep into truth and even open our eyes our hearts and minds a bit more.

  • here is some excellent truth tellers in the truth community to bring on the next podcast for this month or next month what about Adam green from know more news Christopher Boleyn the man who solved 911 Christopher Jon Bjerknes a excellent author and researcher Dr Stephen Pigeon of ET h cipher publishing Gary Wayne from genesis six conspiracy Dr Joy Pugh author of several books on controversial topics Steven and Jana Ben DE noon from Israeli news live Robert Ski BA award wining documentary and book author he is a flat earth follower like Eddie bravo but more smarter Russ Dizdar is another good one along with on point preparedness hosted by Mike pastor and exorcist William Bean there is Eric GA jew ski from trad cat knight Gerald Celente a excellent economist and a libertarian Dr Henry Makow is another great guest along with James Perloff a excellent source of knowledge i think Anthony patch is the expert on C E R N and AI among other subjects judge Anna V on Reitz or Kris Anne Hall is a very good legal expert specializing in constitutional law there is a former nun working for the catholic church she is a whistle blower her name is Keri Burn or there is Ralph E p person he has been researching giving lectures and writing books like Jordan Maxwell for many years i like John b wells as well there is Sean from SGT report and Doug Hag Mann a private investigator host of a radio show there is Dave Hodges from common sense show i really want to see Dr Kent Ho vi n d come on your podcast very smart creationist scientist La Mar z u l Li is another great guest he is a archaeologist and like a modern day real life Indiana Jones he got amazing info there is Dr Stanley Day o another great researcher very trusted source there is Joseph I m Brian o the 5 g expert otherwise known as the Fullerton informer i love Nicholson 1968 to come very informed person there is destiny lab very great musician and conspiracy theorist and odd reality time to go deep down the rabbit hole and blow some minds also bring in Robert David Steele former CIA agent now whistle blower and maybe John Kirkaou i also like Patrick wood i would like to see Wayne Jet t on the podcast and Sarah West all as well some day and i like Dr Ted Bro er or Dr Austin Bro er or Sharon bro er they run a family run online health store called health masters they go deep on the new world order and connections with big pharma and are anti vaccination activists and there is Dr Lorraine Jeanette day from San Francisco general hospital she specialized in orthopedic trauma surgery and she was chief of orthopedic surgery as well she is retired sort of she writes many books on alternative health and knows tons of stuff on the new world order she is also a cancer survivor.