Thank you for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome back TFH OG, Eddie Bravo, and the Universal Truth Scholar, Santos Bonacci, to discuss how it’s all Atum Syncretism Synchronizing and how we live one of the 7 Realms! Thank you so much for your support.

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  • Sam, in the interview, he started talking about looking up how much we are each worth at corporate assets to the country by never mentioned the site URL. Can you please find that out and disseminate it? Thanks Sam, great interview!


  • Hi

    So many obvious clues that Sam and his buddy Eddie are Satanist. First look at what they are wearing , just mocking you listeners. Isn’t it clever how eddie is throwing up the horn sign and 666 sign while talking his bs during the interview. To top it all off Eddie than shillling for Freemasons . So sad there are so many shills in the truth community. Wolves in sheep’s clothing indeed !

    Maybe in the next episode you can discuss the Standard Hotel and your involvement in this pedo ring Sam ?

  • This podcast was awesome but the hard drive, RAM, how computers work/no one knows part is major projection (and as a computer scientist is very annoying to hear. Eddie, I love you, but dude you are out of your element when you talk about your iPhone/computers). There is no conspiracy on how cell phones, laptops, etc work. For example… hard drives are mapped with all 0’s when they’re brand new… and then get encoded with data via binary data (0s and 1s). The 0s just flip to 1… it already weighs what it needs to weigh. Using the analogy that it doesn’t weigh more when it’s at capacity is just… pointless. Doesn’t make any sense. To say “no one knows how that shit works” is even sillier. You can dissect a computer or build your own to prove how all the components work together. Love the podcast but this part of the podcast was major cringe.

  • This was an amazing and enlightening episode. One of my fav guests so far. So much hidden truth! Please, more astrology based episodes, there is so much knowledge within astrology that makes sense of this crazy world. Keep up the good work guys. My fav podcast X

  • i wonder what other kind of people will be invited on the tin foil hat podcast this week and next week along with next month what will be going on maybe some great new and returning guests.

  • hmm Samuel Tripoli let me see who would be psychopathic enough to start a one world government one world armed forces one world economy and one world religion finally a one world dictator a master of public speaking and practicing dark arts hmm i wonder.

  • hey Mr Sam Tripoli talk is cheap how about we violently murder rape and enslave the international bankers the billionaires and millionaires on the planet the Kazakhstan yeah i said Kazakhs mafia that runs our lives and anyone stupid moron fool idiot imbecile and all the people on earth with a intelligence quotient below one hundred that will solve many problems.

  • another true truther is Joseph i m Brian o or Fullerton informer and Chris Dorsey from Virginia he hosts militia intelligence report no more kikes and yids damn synagogue of Satan.

  • well if you want serious truthers not cunts like Alex Jones/ William hicks goldsmith kike yid Jewish lizard reptilian face or Joe brogans or Joseph James Goldsmith Jewish kike yid reptilian face whatever that idiot is how about Adam green and others from the gentile defense league.

  • It gets me really excited to see that Sam and XG are diving head first into flat earth. Brothers, if you do the research, you will easily find out that we have been lied to all our lives, and the earth is really a flat plane with a firmament above us. This was easily one of the best shows you guys have done. Thanks Mr. Bonacci! Cheers

  • It’s funny at the end of the podcast Sam was saying this is a paradigm shifting podcast. And I have to agree lol halfway through the show I was thinking to myself if Knowledge was an attribute in a video game, I just leveled up. I use to watch Santos on Youtube many years ago. But know I look forward to Eddie Bravo information dumps. I think Eddie is QAnon. I seem to get these weird Tinnitus/Ringing in the ear bouts when I hear these huge info dumps. I don’t know if it’s my frequency changing or what, but I wonder if this happens to anyone else? I noticed the same thing when I did DMT, after I ripped a huge hit, and released the smoke, I got this intense ringing in the ears, then it multiplied my like a million and it literally ripped me out of body. So I wonder if that’s why people use Mantra’s when meditating. They are changing their frequency by humming and it vibrates the third eye. I read the book The Emerald Tablet of Thoth the Atlantean a few years back and in it it said something very similar. That to get out of body you have to hum with all your power, literally vibrating you into the astral plane. Anyways, loved the show, I watch everything Eddie does, I just wish he was on more! Can’t get enough of the JRE/TFH shows with Eddie. Not as fun anymore on JRE, because Joe doesn’t want to talk about it. Not sure if it’s him just covering his ass, or he sold out. But glad Eddie can unleash here. Thanks for the entertainment. I was zoned in on this one.

    • Happens to me ALot, I used to think it was just my ears ringing, now I know I’m getting downloads…I am definitely feeling more knowledgeable and content about certain things… I welcome it now!

  • LOL. Off topic. I had a dream I was doing Coke with Sam Tripoli. ON topic regarding the last few minutes. Oil subsidies keep gas cheap for us. I personally like cheap gas prices. I do not want to pay 8 bucks for a gallon of gas.

  • Wow, at first I thought this guy was just talking shit but then,

    Well, I have to get a bit personal to explain how I know there is some truth to what he is saying. A few years ago I had an issue with prescription pain killers. It got really bad. On the day I finally decided to get some help and go to detox before I went I had fallen on my knees and prayed for help. Before that day, I had basically been an atheist. Well, after I prayed my heart out like never before I felt this urge to just stare at the sun. I had never felt anything like that before and didn’t ever stare at the Sun before that. So, well, I gave into the urge and stared at it for a good 10 minutes. It did burn my eyes a bit but they healed in a couple of weeks. I really felt an energy from it and it helped me get through detox. Ever since that day I am a totally changed man.

    I know this probably sounds like nonsense and frankly I don’t give a damn if anyone believes me because this is true. I even have the medical records from telling the doctor in detox my eyes were bothering me–I didn’t say that I had been staring at the sun because I didn’t want to sound like a retard but yeah, I did. And it helped. Probably would help to work your way up to it like this guy says but that day it was basically an emergency. Although, the doctor looked in my eyes and so did a couple of other doctors and they all said they seemed fine, there was no damage, but for a couple of weeks I saw a spot. Eventually it went away.

    This guy is interesting, I don’t know about everything he’s talking about but the stuff I do know about he’s absolutely telling the truth.

  • i think professor James Henry Fetters Russ Baker George Robert Blake y g Edward Griffin Robert j Rodent David Lift on Asimov Mazurka Joseph MC bride Barr McClellan Micheal Shrimp ton or A J Weber man Cyril West or Barrie Z Wicker Mathias Brock er s and Andrea Blow should be on this podcast soon Edward Abner Catherine Austin Fit ts Richard Weinberg Cynthia McKinney and Dr Ron Paul or Rand Paul should be on this podcast Mark Crisp in miller is also a great guest Steven Earl Jones is another one there is Richard Fa l k another serious 911 truther David Ray Griffin is a another good guest i also want to see Bart Sibelius some of these people are truly serious thinkers in my opinion from memory.

  • thats some “incredible” nonsense! it was quite entertaining, but please don’t bring him again!

    P.S.: RAM (pronounced ramm) is an acronym for random access memory

    • Santos is a big fan of etymology and the subconscious impact these “sounds” play out mentally; both in it’s intended usage as well as parallel interpretations.


      Does this word count as onomatopoeia?
      Asking for a friend.

  • thank you Dave i was just talking about the same thing the devil like to tickle itching ears he can imitate the brightest light and make the night look just like day his job keeps getting easier as time keeps slipping away he puts some truth in every lie he draws people just like flies they like what they hear he Lucifer Beelzebub Saturn Cronus Prometheus Osiris Seth the guy with a quadrillion names stupid humans are falling by the score it is getting so very simple now heaven is just a state of mind his books read on your shelves have you heard god Yahweh and Jesus Christ or Joshua of Nazareth the messiah is dead he made that lie up himself stupid humans dabble in magic spells and get their fortunes red or read stupid humans heard the truth the old testament and new testament and turned away and follow the evil one instead he the evil one used have to sneak around now we humans just open up the door no one on earth is paying attention to his tricks everyone likes a winner with the evil ones help you are guaranteed to or too win hey stupid human you got the truth within and when your life slips by and you die that you did it on your own the evil ones will be there to help you share their dark eternal home in the lake of brimstone sulfur lava magma and fire the magazines the newspapers print every word the evil ones say this world is just like a spinning top it is just like when children play the great evil one and the lesser evil ones dream that it will never stop they know it is not that way still their work goes on and on always stronger than before the great evil one the devil and his children are going to make it dark before the dawn since no one believes in the great evil one the devil and his children which are demons or fallen angels anymore how about that new age retarded hippies shit is still shit hey try new voodoo still same as the old religious voodoo.

  • Dude, this is a watershed podcast. Thank you! Santos joined a lot of loose ends for me, and the conversation and questions were awesome! The most important podcast I’ve heard in my journey of trying to understand what this is all about.

  • Love your show Sam, Eddie is awesome, I been watching for years, I’m with ya on all things conspiracy until guests misrepresent the Bible and who the most high is. The frustrating thing about what some people say, is they use their view of what Christianity or judeo-christianity, I really don’t even like that term. Catholicism, most denominations, jehovahs witness, Mormons etc. That is not the truth of the Bible Christianity, and most of the folks talk about the kabbalistic teachings, which is not the biblical Israel. When one understands that, then get those “religious” things out of the way and one can get to truth. Again I’m a huge fan and love the show, nothin but love, you are on a search for truth and I think you will find it.

  • i wonder what other kind of new guests will be coming on tin foil hat to talk maybe even some old returning guests hopefully we can see Adam green from know more news on this show soon or something.

  • All he is doing is giving you his Hindu beliefs. The truth is YHVH, the Hebrew God is the Creator, The Bible is the word of truth, Yeshua HaMashiach is the only begotten son and Savior. The old testament God was not an evil God because he said kill certain groups of people, the fallen angels came down and corrupted mankind’s DNA so we would be in the likeness of Lucifer or Heylel (Hebrew) so those tribes were the races of the nephalim, Giants. So that’s the reason, not because God just felt like killing, Jesus Christ does exist he is alive and Everytime he spoke, the first thing he said was do not be deceived! The elohim, small g gods gave humans knowledge we should not have, so humans worshipped them. The flood was because all flesh, including hybrid animals were corrupted with fallen DNA. The tower destruction, dispersement of people and languages, humans because of sin and corruption lost our connection and heavenly language, so because now this world is controlled by evil, the narrative they control so without understanding YHVHs language we do not understand the Bible, and will believe anything that makes sense. We must be born again of water and spirit to enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus sent back the holy spirit so when we are born again, we have language restored and now can understand through the revelation of the Spirit, the Bible. There is so much more, I know this is long but it’s important. We live in an enclosed system covered by the domed FIRMAMENT, the wandering stars, sun and moon move in it, most important, the Creators throne is right above us.

    • I assume you are not a low I.Q individual but this might be hard for you, but there is no god and there is no jesus. When you realize this you will be a much more free and happy person. Dont be a slave to bullshit bro

  • hey Sam where you think you got your name from i think the original version of yourself or past life is judge Samuel way back in the old testament he was one of the best judges in ancient Israel or Judah also known as Phoenicia Canaan or Palestine well E L is Elohim if you look in the first book god is Elohim which translates into the gods or extraterrestrials created humanity not the one singular god of the Jews Christians and Muslims well Jesus to the Hebrews or Israelite tribes his name is rabbi Joshua Ben David Ben Joseph of Nazareth in Galilee.