Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome Director Lance Mungia to discuss his news movie The Phenomenon (2020) and proof of Aliens encounters. Thank you so much for your support.

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  • I in addition to my friends appeared to be following the best recommendations located on your website while suddenly got an awful suspicion I never thanked you for those techniques. My people had been consequently thrilled to read all of them and have now simply been having fun with them. We appreciate you simply being considerably thoughtful and also for pick out variety of incredibly good ideas millions of individuals are really desirous to understand about. My personal sincere regret for not expressing gratitude to earlier.

  • Do any episode on the standard hotel and it’s link to pizza gate ! Possibly discuss what you saw there while working at the hotel and if there is any truth of this is how you got a break into comedy

    And thank you for being a shill for Satan

  • Yo Sam. Come ON!!! We all look forward to these episodes and ones like this are such a let down. You’re a super smart dude. You know Trump is our only chance. Please vet these people better! If you’re desperate for guests or content, I have probably 30 people in my small town of 6000 people that would make for a much better episode.

    We love you Sam! Please no Bernie shills. Wtf. This guy has no idea what he’s talking about. Free energy, not solar. Jesus dude. No amount of money in any Socialist or Democrat hands will fix ANYTHING regarding the fake danger of our climate.

  • This is the worst! How can you vote for Bernie over trump rn, are you kidding me. How about have Alex Jones and this guy together talking about the 2020 election. You need to get Alex Jones back on!!!!!!!

  • hmm i wonder what other kind of guests will be coming on tin foil hat this coming week and what kind of guests will be coming in march April may June July august September October and in December.

  • 18:20 yup.. life always throws something at ya when everything is going well..

    I’ve had that same conversation with a friend or two before about how I feel about my life. All the best, Sam and XG.. loyal to the foil!

  • Too poor. Been 4 years, what a sad life I have. Can’t afford a tfh shirt, let alone tickets to California from Newfoundland, Canada.. then hotels, shows, food, transportation..

    It’ll never work out for me. Always will be a dream though. Ffs. Had such a bright future as a child too. Fucking crazy ex. Ruined my life. Now I’m a failing gaming streamer.

  • He started off cool with UFOs but then went full blown eco-socialist and talking about how Bernie is the savior of humanity. What an idiot. Bernie as an individual is a weak leader, he has repeatedly lost control of the stage to some jokers who amount to basically political hecklers. He’s had a heart attack in the last year. He has been in office as either a US Representative or a Senator for nearly 30 years. He campaigned more for Hillary than she did in many mid western states. His supporters(more than one, several) have been caught on camera saying they will throw people like me into gulags if he’s elected. He honeymooned in the Soviet Union and said Breadlines are a good thing(which is why I coined the Nickname “Breadline Bernie”).

    Bernie Sanders is part of the NWO make no mistake about it. He is not anti establishment. He supports the Military Industrial Complex and his “Green New Deal” would be a disaster for the US if it went through. It has virtually nothing to do with ecology or the environment–I have actually read a large portion of it unlike your guest who is quite frankly, shilling for Bernie. Its real purpose is to repeal the current system of government and replace it with full blown marxist Socialism. It would be a huge disaster.

    I promise you, if you want a civil war in the US vote for Bernie because people like me can’t and WON’T be reeducated so they’ll have to shoot us on the spot.

    PIC RELATED. it’s SOCIALISM working for the people.

    Oh, and don’t come at me with that BS argument that roads and bridges are socialist concepts. Roads and infrastructure have always been the purview of local and central governments
    In 1806(a decade before Karl Marx was even born) US President Thomas Jefferson signed into law a bill that would fund and construct the Cumberland highway which stretched into multiple states and was a distance of 600 miles. Thousands of years before that, the Roman empire(whom much of our civic government was designed based on) constructed paved roads which spanned dozens of their provinces and in that era they were considered to be the finest of all engineering projects. These both occurred before Marx was even born let alone the Communist Manifesto ever written.

    A few essential services provided by the Government is NOT socialism. That’s a kindergarten level idea and proves this guy, while he may be a film maker, is no serious intellectual of any sort.

    Now, Sam, you are right about corporate welfare and a sort of corporate socialism. We have to put an end to that. But it’s possible to enact the laws as written in the constitution, add some new ones, and hold them to account for the laws they have broken and the theft they have participated in WITHOUT going full blown socialism.

    We know from MUCH smarter people than this guy the climate thing is mostly a hoax, we need to deal with pollution sure but the USA is NOT the problem. The problem is China and India, even Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai said almost exactly that and he’s the smartest guest you’ve ever had on.

    Back in 2016 I ignorantly supported Bernie for a while in the primary because I HATED Hillary Clinton. Then I started researching the insane things he supports and realized Bernie would have been basically just as destructive as HRC and I voted Trump. I’m like XG, I’m 28 years old so i just didn’t know, our education system in America totally lied to us about socialism. But from millennial to a whole bunch of others potentially reading this:

    DON’T BELIEVE THE LIES ABOUT SOCIALISM, WHEN THEY GET POWER THEY WILL MURDER OR IMPRISON ALL OPPOSITION! You’ll lose your First Amendment, Second, 4th, 5th, 6th etc! They will destroy this country, and as you can see by how gleefully this guy cheers for Bernies breadline utopia, they really believe it. They’re useful idiots. As Yuri Bezmenov said, we’ve been ideologically subverted by the communists. We must fight back against their subversion anywhere it rears its ugly head and today it reared its head on Tin Foil Hat(which I love).

    Keep it up Sam. The crowd has spoken.

    FYI I really enjoyed the last few guests, Santos Bonacci gave me a lot to think about as did Matthew LaCroix and Jeff Wilson, and of course An0maly. But I ain’t down with socialism. Only good thing that ever came out of a socialist country is the AK47 rifle and I’ve already got one of those so I don’t need to elect Breadline Bernie to get another.


  • Don’t believe the Climate-Hoax Hype. You wan’t digital Communism controlled by the Dark Superrich? Vote for Bernie. Ufo Coverup is about hiding Free Energy Tech, the Dude is talking about Solarpanels. What?

  • This guest uncloaked himself!!!! Climate hooplah while ignoring elites wanting to consolidate power and control. NEXT!!!!!

  • This guy must be on a payroll or something. The Earth is gonna be shit for our grand-kids? Climate change? GTFOH!!! I had to turn it off 40 mins in.

  • I wouldn’t watch this guys film ons ETs. It seems rather focused on CLIMATE. Which i could appreciate, as a part of it, but it’s just a small part of the ET story. As soon as that Zimbabwe incident popped up the quality of the podcast switched to political ideology.

    Bernie Sanders has zero chance to win a presidency. Bloomberg prop up by media and his own money pumped into media campaigns are going to topple Sanders.

    Center left are choosing Bloomberg as their running man. I’d screenshot this is wanted to prove you right, but that’s not what i’m into. Im just telling you facts you should see. But guest is too much inside his own echo chamber.

    Would have appreciated a bit more push back from Sam regarding some political stuff. (a 13 Trilion dollar Sanders climate plan?? Really ?)

  • This dude is a dreamer…. I don’t think homeboy has clue. SAVE THE PLANET BERNIE!!! Our socialist savior captain planet. lolololol so many bigger problems then pollution. This guest is a fruit. Oil is not our problem, the people running this ship are. Bernie is one of these puppets and its sad people buy into this crap.
    Trump is the good. He’s in position to slow the powers that be. TrumpS cant just do everything in one shot, it’s going to take time. When you’re going against the devil in this world you have to be smart. During Trumps time in office MORE information has been exposed on the evil’s going on then ever before in our history. Give credit where credit is due. But you know how these snow flakes are when it comes to trump.
    LAST THING about the e.t’s showing up and warning kids that they have to save the planet has got to be thee dumbest shit everrrr. Think about it. Im not saying the kids are lying, its more or less they were an experiment. IF these beings are so smart and want the best for us why tell kids? It goes deeper then buddys mind can comprehend.

  • Fucking GREAT EPISODE…

    It’s so cool when the history amd the wisdom was preserved by these elders and ancients (they may have been kookie or insane but it was preserved for us in various forms unknown to alot of us including me, still learning) amd the world we live in starts to really make more and more sense… the synchronized destruction of various “holy/unholy’ sites I mean if things dont change soon they WILL TRY TO END HUMANITY AS WE KNOW IT!

    That’s the end goal. My concerns are did ALOT of ppl see this in the past as prediction and get it ALL WRONG and we should just shut up amd listen…

    wrong. I’ve broken the indoctrination itself amd planted the seed in my oldest (14 years old ) head, he needs to start being aware…
    THATS THE TIPPING POINT Imo, I mean the definition of insanity says it all…

    Woulda left this on vimeo player but I wamma rewatch there also idt the comments are linking or something…

  • hmm i wonder what other kind of guests will be on this podcast for this week and next week and the next month of march hopefully some good new ones and returning old ones as well.

  • This was one of my favorite shows and apparently there is something from somewhere else trying to connect with us and get a message across that is real to us. I was sucked into this for sure the whole time and this was one of the shorter shows!

  • Again I love you Sam, love the show! The Earth has been here for thousands of years, and it is going to stay here until its Creator says time shall be no more. Stop it with the global warming climate change, that the chemtrails and weather manipulation is causing, not carbon from humans, so in that sense they are manipulating climate to control human population. this 12 years and the world ends, cmon. stop letting the deception of evil lie to you. find the truth. YHVH!!!!

  • Well that was a wasted hour of a vote Bernie, climate change crap commercial. I love you Sam I’ve watched for years, and will continue, I think you are actually searching, as I was, for truth. the last few guests have been left leaning non-Biblical guests, try some center true Bible, NOT religious guests, the Bible has all the answers including the UFO, other realm dimentions, what we live on (in),creation, good, evil everything! but unfortunately most think of that as just a religious book, and it is not. check out Michael Heiser, L A Marzulli, Rob Skiba, Dean Odel, Justen Faull (The Faull Brothers) many more like them.