Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome Abby Martin to the show to discuss her lawsuit against the state of Georgia for violating her 1st Amendment rights. Thank you so much for all of your support!

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  • What a brave hearted Women. Deep Respect for her. Free Speech is like Air to breath. Never Surrender.

  • yo sam, nice show but arguing about the constitution is pointless because it has been suspended since the civil war. all we have now is the emergency corporate gov put in place since congressmen from the southern states walked out of congress and seceded. thats why we got executive orders bypassing congress, all starting with lincoln. jordan maxwell knows all this , ask him but please get another guest to shed light on this situation. thanks brother, good luck and congrats on the new rugrats, lol

  • Love the show and don’t care if I disagree about Bernie, I’d love to see you sit down and talk to Ryan Dawson about Bernie though, his woodshed of him was very telling

    Bernie stands for many good things and his supporters are good people, but Bernie is just a imperialist disguised as a socialist

  • Hey Sam it’s ya boi beardly01 from Twitter(and I leave tons of comments here on as well cuz I love the show).

    I have a suggestion to help the show. You should open up an email account where some of us more research oriented fans of the show can send you things.

    I’d recommend a protonmail account like what redpill78 uses. They don’t spy as much as the other email companies. I have tried to send you Intel before via the contact section on your other website but for all I know those emails go to a web master or to your agent or something.

    I think this would be a great idea and it wouldn’t cost you a dime. I also recommend setting up something where listeners can call into the show if you ever go to live streams but for now I will stick to advocating for a tinfoilhat email address that fans can contact to send you stuff that might be interesting to discuss on the show.

    Anyway, hope you like this idea. Some of us who are loyal to the foil are great researchers. One of the other commenters on this video suggested that you set up a discord and honestly that’s a fantastic idea. If you’re interested I could set up a discord server for you no problem.

  • i wonder if Sam Tripoli ever heard of Platonism and sophist philosophy along with stoic philosophy and peripatetic philosophy look into this ideas from centuries or millennia ago.

  • Sam thank you for making this website. I would just encourage you to try doing some live streaming on dlive. And open a feed on discord.

  • another smart guest to get on this podcast is Micheal czar ion he is a very good researcher on conspiracies Dr David Jacobs is a very good source as well for some truth Catherine Austin Fit ts is a very good guest to have on i like Gerald Celente he is a economist and a libertarian or anarchist of sorts he started trends research and a peace movement called occupy peace i like John Perkins from confessions of a economic hit man i also like to see Dr Cynthia McKinney on this podcast soon as well another person i admire is Dr Ron Paul so bring him on the podcast as well g Edward Griffin is another guest i like to see soon on your podcast on many guests to think about that are both new and returning favorites.

  • i wonder if Mr Samuel Tripoli is interested in interviewing James Perl off he is a very smart old school conspiracy theorist i also enjoy Dr Henry Makow he is a another conspiracy theorist he from Canada he is a anti Zionist anti masonic Jew i think maybe even brother Nathaniel he is a anti Zionist conspiracy theorist and Jewish he converted into orthodox Christianity like jay Dyer there is also Dr e Micheal Jones from culture wars author of many books there is Dr Kevin Barrett he is a Muslim american conspiracy theorist and a expert on false flags there is professor James Fetzer the guy who is getting sued for sandy hook and 911 conspiracy theories among other ones like JFK and more.

  • hmm i wonder if Sam Tripoli is interested in getting zen Garcia he is a flat earth a conspiracy theorist and a christian minister check this guy out i also would suggest Gary Wayne author of genesis six conspiracy Dr joy Pugh is a great guest to bring on there is Steven and Jana Ben DE noon they are great anti Zionist anti new world order peace activists and conspiracy theorists they are from Florida they are a Jewish couple who converted into Christianity they also run Israeli news live a alternative news program along with a bible study course i also would like to see Rob ski Ba he is a flat earth conspiracy theorist very nice and smart guy i think the swarm would like Steve Quayle Russ Dinar Carl Christie Dr Micheal Lake la Amaryllis Robert Gris wold Daniel Holdings Derek Gilbert sorry if i spell some names wrong ha ha.

  • Fuck all you guys hating on me! Watch the show or don’t! I’m Bernie all the way. Fuck Trump’s criminal ass too! This is the real me. I am a liberal. Q is all bullshit. I do it to appease you guys but you’re still never happy. Peace homeboy

    • Do a show on why you became a shill and joined your buddies eddie and joe in the Luciferian occult !

      Maybe you and you stint at the standard hotel and it’s role it pizza gate 👁

      • You do realize Bernie is big government? You said in this episode you dont want the government in your business. Bernie wants government in everything and raising taxes to pay for it. Free government ran college, free government ran healthcare, free government ran illegal immigrant healthcare and probably welfare and food stamps for them too! The ones in this country with jobs will pay for all of it. Love your show love you I totally agree with you about Trump. I didn’t vote for him and prolly won’t 2020 but theres literally no candidate that I can say would be good to vote for . I just think Trump is the lesser of the evils…I’m not bashing on you just trying to get you to think about the Bernie thing canada has alot of free stuff I’ve got in laws that’s live up there and there amazing free healthcare my wife’s aunt had to wait six months to get a mammogram for lumps in her breast, my wife’s sister had chest pains had to wait five days to be seen by a DR. Her son has been sick with flu like symptoms for weeks the hospital keeps pushing them out the door instead of diagnosing him with anything. There friends up there are all going through the same thing. Not to mention all the immigrants they’ve taken in and the government raises taxes on hard working people in canada to pay for all of it. Got nothing for love for you I ain’t hating on you at all.. Be you…stop trying to appease us I’ll watch whatever you put on.

        • Very well spoken,hope Sam reads it. I used to be an ex-pat, I’ve had healthcare, hospital stays and Dr visits in Germany, UAE-Dubai, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, UK and France. I had to come back here to get my issue truly resolved, everybody else was just patching the issue b/c they couldn’t figure it out, which could of turned deadly. The doctors in most of these countries were supposedly the best as they were the ones the US embassies staff were recommended to use. Our system can be improved but it doesn’t need to be like other broken countries or thrown out completely as people who are voting for Warren/Bernie think but have barely ever left the US or have any clue how the rest of the world works! Look at all the people who dropped their healthcare once it wasn’t required anymore or else pay a tax penalty. Not everybody wants it. Yes healthcare has gone drastically up in the last 50 years but do some research on how much has been cured and treated over that time.

          • I’d like to see healthcare like my gdamn car insurance, you drive good stay accident free you pay less…. you eat McDonalds everyday smoke, drink, bang hookers, while shooting heroin in your dick veins …..sorry but you’ll pay more. We shouldn’t have to pay more for other people’s addictions or bad health repertoire. If we incentivized healthy lifestyles by paying less and punished poor health I’m sure there be alot less people slamming down chipotle with a tub of lard.. just sick of this mentality of forcing the ones with jobs to cover and pay for everyone else. If we want to donate or help people it should be our choice not by the governments forced hand.

    • Why so serious? On a “serious” note though you should take a course on economics or talk to an economist before getting your hopes up about Bernie! I am available as well as have been in economics and finance for 14 years.

    • If everybody is really this mad with him or don’t thin knee genuine thats what iTunes, Spotify etc reviews are for. That is the best way to have your voice heard!

    • Preach on homie!!! We don’t need any politician’s, we just need us, we the people!!! Let’s take back our freedom! TRUE FREEDOM! Thanks for all your hard work homeboy!! I appreciate you!!!

    • So what now we cant have a fucking voice??? So were supposed to watch the show and shut the fuck up??? even if i disagree to my core, I have to just swallow it or the host of the show might get his panties in a bunch. Fuck Off. This is america and i have the right to my free speech, just as much as you assholes on the screen. Your speech does not supersede any of ours. If you cant take criticism from the comment section then your clearly in the wrong line of business.

  • So does the “banking kabal” now stand for “jews” or only when we have leftists on??? wtf man. I thought you of all people got the point that its not just one group of “jews” that run the world… its clearly a bunch of rich people of all different races and religions that all conspire together… its not “race wars” its “class wars”

    • Have you ever listened to any other episodes?

      “I thought you of all people…”

      Clutching your pearls much bud? He constantly addresses your horseshit accusation. Do a better job of listening and listen to a couple more episodes. Shut the fuck up until you get up to speed.

      • Go suck his dick some more faggot. Hes wishy washy on most things just like joe rogan. every episode he changes views to appease his guests. thats called being a spineless deceptive piece of shit. I said what i meant i dont need a dick riding fan to attack me because your but hurt your shilled out conspiracy tool bag isnt legit. why is Sam back on youtube??? plenty of people have been kicked off and are still kicked off how did he get back on…???

    • Jews the people who rejected Jesus Christ and preferred to kill him over a murder – and you are surprised they are at the head of the of this evil word and doing evil things !?

      Do a show on links between Jewish kabbalaha + occult + Lucifer. Aka the synagogue of Satan

  • I don’t think you even read these comments. Sam like I’ve said many times, I love the show, been faithfully supporting but your last several episodes, have been one sided, not showing the middle or common ground to look into a “conspiracy” seems you’ve been leaning left probably because you got tired of some saying you are a right wing or conservative, that is my opinion, maybe overcompensating? Get back to doing what got you here in the first place . Still love ya just not been digging it lately, it is your show so you have that right to choose content, just don’t forget about those of us that love the show that may hold a different viewpoint than your guests that helped get you here.

      • Abby Martin , gotta love this woman wether it’s her hard hitting reports , her passion or , how easy on the eyes she is. This journalist is the fire. Thanks Abby, Sam,XG, and the gang. Rock on !!

      • So you do read lol. I said lately, last few shows, it’s also difficult to understand the comments how I am saying it, no anger at all, joke (Makin a dig) Still a fan and friend Bro. I know you have different people on with different views then let us decide. It is difficult because we all hold beliefs that shape our worldview, we disagree but that’s ok, Wish I had the ability to say in person, because I am a fan and can not wait until that notification dings, especially Eddie B. Anyway I’m not a jerk just shared opinion.