Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome the World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson to discuss his travels around the world, lost civilizations and technocrat censorship! Thank you so much for listening.

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  • I’m from British Columbia, Canada. I have been told similar stories from two different people I know about Queen Elithabeth visiting Schools in Canada unannounced.

    One person, who is my age, and went to the same school I did once asked me if “if I remember the day Queen Elithabeth visited out old school?”, and I thought he was fucking with me. But then, my younger nephew told me that he knows a person in the next town over, who said the same thing. But it happened in the 00’s and not the 90’s.

    Then there are the stories of Queen Elizabeth and her “husband” kidnapping aboriginal people in the 1960s in the Kamloops BC area.

  • When woman expect tax dollars to go to the murder of children that’s when people can say something. The baby isn’t their body. They made the choice when they opened their legs. Especially when you know what all those murdered children are used for. In NY They will even keep them alive until they use them!

  • Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your content seem to be running off the screen in Internet explorer. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know. The layout look great though! Hope you get the issue resolved soon. Many thanks

  • i wonder what kind of topics will be discussed the next coming month of march then to April may June July august September November and December to finish the year off better than last year and what kind of guests will be coming on tin foil hat podcast.

  • XG got that mexican Lloyd Christmas hairline going on. Dog, there’s no need to shave that peak man. You can see the shadow lololol. You look good the way god made you!

  • Hey Sam very good name. Hey my mom brought up something interesting that I haven’t thought of. What if China released the coronavirus on its own people to stop the people from protesting? And then it got out of control. Thought I would share if you haven’t thought of that. Keep it up dude

    • My friend and I used to look at on Web TV. Old school. Must have been 20 years ago. Hearing that took me back to a special place. Tupac autopsies, aliens in jars, and ridiculously overgrown bushes. We clearly didn’t have back then.

  • Sam the fact you fuck up peoples names is what makes you appealing and real! People get tired of these prim and proper fake news and late night sell outs leading the populace astray. Josh here was one of your best guest if you ask me. This show is one of my favorites! These type of shows are really appealing to me, not that the others ain’t. I taken interest in these topics but been loving the others and am surprised at what come up. Nobody can’t expect you to please everyone and I respect you for telling it like it is and giving those a voice who deserve the attention. I’ll say that I am proud of myself for coming to Broken Simulation!

  • whats up Sam and XG you guys are killing it and great show, give it time more people will come over here from youtube if they are down for the foil !! you should have Eric duaby and eddie bravo on and break the internet !!!!!

  • Hey Sam love your show long time viewer. how can I get my hands on one of those “the unabomber was right” t shirts?? Dieing to get one

    • shoutout XG & Sam for what y’all do wish yall nothin but positive energy especially u sam with ur new borns

  • hey did Mr Sam Tripoli looked up queen Elizabeth’s military service uniform she used to be quite sexy for a lizard person back in 1945 look at the auxiliary territorial service pictures on Wikipedia.

  • has Sam Tripoli ever done anything new about C E R N the giant particle accelerator in Switzerland yet maybe get in Anthony patch for this discussion maybe Joshua Sigurd son from world alternative media or press for truth can purchase tickets to travel to Switzerland to take a look at some odd stuff over there including the tunnel where that freaky satanic or masonic ceremony took place maybe even a trip to mothers of darkness castle in i think Belgium and Jeffrey Epstein’s islands in the Caribbean other places to look is Pompeii where a volcanic event took place.

  • Thanks guys, from Canada!

    Winnipeg had the highest city crime rate in Canada a while ago, I can remember hearing it years ago.

    From Newfoundland, very white for the most part besides St. John’s (the city, mainly they herd there for schooling, or to go downtown to the bars on George street to find white women) (just kidding but not really)

    Yours truly,


  • i wonder what kind of guests will come on tin foil hat podcast this week and next month and the other months going all the way to the December of this year if there is not a false flag leading to war a economic collapse a new super virus like corona or a natural disaster like a earthquake a volcano a tsunami a hurricane or something else terrible that we did not see coming.

  • Remain stoic through the trying times Brother Sam. An aspect of the “Ronin” archetype seldom discussed is the persecution encountered throughout the journey by way of villagers loyal to the Empire. If everybody has two cents, collect your coins and keep the swords sharp.

  • All our data is stored in the cloud or in electronic devices and all our buildings are made from easily degradable material. It’s like we’re setting ourselves up to have the greatest fall in all of unrecorded history.

  • Sam

    Up is not down ! This is the doctrine of satanism where they like to invert the truth. Just because you, eddie and joe joined the club doesn’t make it right.

    The Catholic Church is an artifact of the pagan Roman state infiltrating the Christian religion. As you said before , the romans were into Saturn worship , mithra worship, sun worship ( sol invictus) etc. However, that doesn’t mean Jesus didn’t exist as there is historical records of him existing from records written by Tacitus( Roman ) and Josephus (Jew).

    Let me connect a few dots here that you seem to either purposely or negligently fail to make:

    1. The Bible mentioned the flood . It also mentioned that Lucifer rebelled against God and became the lord of this world. This was the spiritual war that took place in another dimension.

    2 Jesus was tempted by Lucifer ( the snake) in the Bible – Jesus was told if he worshipped him that he would give Jesus the kingdoms of the world. Jesus said he belonged to another kingdom . This is pretty clear the snake is evil and not a good guy

    3. The occult and these people in the dark arts believe the snake was the good guy – he is known as the light bearer because he brings knowledge ie enlightenment. Jesus said in bible he was the false light ! If you didn’t notice all this knowledge isn’t that awesome – it’s actually a trap. A trap Satan has set to enslave humanity. Surveillance state etc

    4.. Jesus and the Bible predicted the religion would be infiltrated by “ wolves wearing sheep skin”. The Bible predicted the Roman Catholic Church as the “whore of Babylon”. This makes alot of sense now

    5.. Notice the evil people are into seeking knowledge to either control, manipulate or profit off people. It all about pride and ego. Same spirit as Satan. That’s why all these evil power hungry people are into the occult. Just like all your Hollywood friends Sam.
    Contrast that spirit with Jesus who is all about love peace , helping others, and being content.

    I pray that you see the true light and the truth

    • Have you only listened to one episode? I think you might be missing the big picture. All of this shit is designed to control you.

    • Shill Buster’s, this is something I have been trying to convey to Sam on other shows, he is so close to seeing this truth but doesn’t know it yet. Unfortunately it comes across as religious, because people have been propagated by their religions, but it’s Truth of Jesus that’s the real answer, not the “religious” Jesus, yet most all of his shows come back to the Biblical truths that one can see and explain having this wisdom and knowledge of scriptures. I also pray that they see the true light, truth.

  • Why cant anyone pronounce anything well. Cabal, obelisk, ricot, ibis. Come on man. It hurts your credibility. Nailed gobekli tepe though kudos on that.