Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome from the James Altucher show, James “Al” Altucher to discuss the coronavirus, the elites and power of psyops! Thank you so much for your support.

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  • FINALLY SOME TRUTH ON THE CERVASA Pandemic Panic BS- im in Canada- out fucking health minister is straight outta commie china, accent and all, + we couldn’t rush people from the infection zone fast enough…China heavily investing here – there taking over slowly- BUT WITH THE LESSONS IVE LEARNED FROM SENSAI TRIPOLLI- ILL WILL FIGHT THE INFO WARS JUST LIKE HIM, Jimmy Dore and Good Olè Jessie Ventura, the governor OG #ShowMyLittleChannelLove #100%CanadianMapleStir-Up (Ytube)
    #IfYourLeftOrRightYouveLostTheFight #RespectToTheDonOfFoil #ThankYouTripoli #Dr.Trippz&TheX-ManHaveAPlan2UniteTheMutants

  • Here is a theory, the powers that be are spreading fear with the coronavirus so the economy will tank which could open the door for Trump to lose the next election to Biden. You know who Biden could pick as a running mate, Billary. Then once they are in office, the powers that be enact Article 25 of the Constitution to remove Biden from office and place their champion in the Presidential seat. If Biden does choses Hillary then just you wait.

  • Ever notice how nice XG is to Sam? How much he likes to come to Sam’s defense and aid? Sam literally treats him like a stupid dog in the beginning of each episode. He doesn’t even bark back at least Jonny the intern throws Sam’s jokes back at him.

    Why is he like this?

    Cause he knows he has literally nothing to add to the show. Everytime he opens his mouth I feel stupider for watching. I can’t even recommend this show to my friends. Like how does a guy like that end up on a podcast? Where people are valued for what they have to SAY?

    • I think because he knows XG isnt compromised, These other two on the other hand are UNKNOWN. Who knows who they are loyal to, you never know?

    • you know not- the value of a good side kick- most people like XG more then OG ryan- CUZ HES a team player & Still Speaks His Mexican Mind in opposition to Sam occasionally- shure sound like you miss wacking it to fresh vids with OG ryans Beautiful Lyon Mane-that or your a Trump-Thumper whos actually a loyal little pack mentallity pooch- the same varity of that your saying XG the Mexican Drake- is.

      BITCH ARE YOU FOR REAL? STOP HIDING BEHIND COMMENT BOARDS AND MAKE VIDS ABOUT HOW ON THE SPECTRUM YOU ARE- You should be mad at the vaccine companies, not the mexicans #DoYouEvenYouTube? #SmallDickBigBark #JustAnotherBetaBitch #ImSorryDear:IdontSpeakCunt #BlueBallsBrownHaterSlingsMud #LoudMouthParaPlegic=AllTalkNoWalkTinyCock

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  • co·ro·na1
    Learn to pronounce
    the rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars. The sun’s corona is normally visible only during a total solar eclipse, when it is seen as an irregularly shaped pearly glow surrounding the darkened disk of the moon.
    a part of the body resembling or likened to a crown.


    Given the whole “from darkness to light” of the Q movement and the way in which certain politicians…. Mike Bloomberg… are using the Corona virus as a platform for their presidential campaign… and they way in which these groups love their symbolism…

    It is wayyyy beyond looking fishy.

    • lol were did you get this definition? its like a grade 3 Child learned a bunch of new words- but not how to use em? lmao hope you relize that flat earth is a psiopp to make yall stupid- read gorege orwells 1984: its all detailed in there pal- i hope your eyes are opened and you get a few more action points to use on your IQ #LifeSimRPG?=UdumAI #ItsAJokeHomieSorryButYouNeedToughLove2Learn

      • Hi, my name is Robert and I am a Round-Earther. The definition is from Google, btw; take it for what it is worth.

        As for the insults, good job. Maybe next time though, don’t assume you know the ideology of the person you are attacking.


  • I’m glad that you tackled this subject now Sam. It is time. Great guest. Great job guys! I am extra proud that I came over to Broken Simulation. I came for the name alone! Lol.

    • AGREED THIS SITE HAS SEEN MORE HONEST EDGY VIDZ THAT MATTER- im also glad Tripz Started To Relize Trumps Just As Comprimised As The REst lol Psi opps like Q are so simple to see it hurts to know our people are tricked by Obamas,Trudeas,Trumps&Clintons

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that flu kills between 250,000 and 500,000 people around the world every year. So death is death! This new virus is no more dangerous to those that already ma6y die from winter flu already. How do we know that this is just what would happen anyway. Those that were on that boat mostly retired people spending their pensions and more vulnerable! I had a winter flu jab as did many of my neighbours and gues what for the first time in 15 years we all got bad flu! I think this is a massive hoax!

  • i think the swarm or the tin foil hatters would enjoy looking into Gary Wayne’s book called the genesis six conspiracy or Robert ski Ba this guy is a flat earth conspiracy theorist also look up Dr Lorraine Jeanette day a former doctor and orthopedic trauma surgeon at San Francisco general hospital she is a old school conspiracy theorist from the art bell days she is a cancer survivor and a vegan lets here her story and some of her worldviews on the tin foil hat podcast.

  • hey sam love the show. Love you and the boys. But plz tell XG that googling random pics about stuff during the show doesn’t help anybody.

    I mean that with all love bc I actuallt think you could be more respectful to the boys.

  • The romans technically killed Jesus but it was the Jews who brought him to court trying to convince the Romans to kill him ! Moreover, when Pontius Pilate Gabe the Jews the option of Killing Jesus or a murder named Barabbas the Jews chose to kill Jesus !

    I knew you don’t want to make the Jews look bad Sam because thy control the industry you work in but you are being a shill. Technically a Jew shill

    • Nahh man the secret societies and bankers/elites got a bunch of jews in position but NOT ALL JEWS are in on this conspiracy dude. Most jews are not zionist elitest!

    • they story of JZ is you pay with you life to fight the Power- the man, the bankers and the Military: but you do it anyway, not cuz your gunna win, cuz its the right thing- THE ONLY THING FOR HUMANS WITH A SPINE TO DO- spit out that Commie cum- give him back the amazon gift card he gave you to troll for anit semits 2 make people fight with you- and get your self a katana- #HuriKuriIsYourOnlyHonorableOption #SpitOutTheSpearmYouWerePaidToSwallow #YouTrollSoWeak

  • Classic mall ninja bullshit. If you think the first response should be getting into a firefight with law enforcement your retarded. Tell me how that helps the 2A movement? By how fucking ignorant your post is i can trust you play call of duty, are not a member of a lot of pro 2A organizations or go to rallies and own only a handful of firearms at most while you sit on your hands not doing shit for the 2nd amendment.

  • this guys opinion on corona is bad… they are playing it down in the mainstream and the WHO has not even said it is a padmic yet… sooo yeah. its spreading like wild fire and wuhan had the only level 4 bio weapons lab in china…

  • If Bernie or any one of the Dems for that matter wins the 2020 election please have him back on to tell us how a president doesn’t effect our lives while im paying out the ass in taxes and trying to explain to law enforcement how i lost all my guns in a boating accident. That statement was the dumbest shit ive heard this year.

    • If they come for your guns, why don’t you just plan on not being a pussy? Gonna hide them in case they come for them again?

      • Classic mall ninja bullshit. If you think the first response should be getting into a firefight with law enforcement your retarded. Tell me how that helps the 2A movement? By how fucking ignorant your post is i can trust you play call of duty, are not a member of a lot of pro 2A organizations or go to rallies and own only a handful of firearms at most while you sit on your hands not doing shit for the 2nd amendment.

        join GOA and please start representing the 2nd in a better light…We are in a culture war and right know you are not helping.

    • BTW episode #280 was that actually you Sam that commented F all of us, you are a Bernie supporter? You’re only “appeasing us” It’s cool if so, just wanted to know if it’s fake post, this episode you say you are not on any team, I agree it is issue to issue, both sides screw us! which is why I’m asking this, still love the show and you, still gonna watch faithfully!

  • That last episode w/ the Canadian was FIRE. Wow, you actually are doing this. Fuck Yeah Sam and XG. Thank you guys.

    • Broken Simulation Gang! 💯
      I love y’all but I’m not feeling this guest. You guys could’ve gotten someone more suited on the situation at hand to talk about this. Keep grinding though. #Loyal2ThaFoil

  • i wonder what kind of guests will be on tin foil hat for march is coming hoping some good new and old returning guests come on the podcast to discuss various conspiracies or other topics.

  • I’m a contractor and in my industry I know a lot of guys that were being penalized at tax time for not having Obamacare. It was insult to literal injury if you got hurt. Eliminating that penalty helped me first hand. This guy is a lunatic.

  • Sam if you wear that I <3 Haters hat with your F the Hecklers shirt that you have on here, then that would be a funny outfit. Need to get Come @Me Bitch juicy pants.

  • Idk why Sam and da bois, but I have 0 trust in this guy. I’ll check out his show but I trust my gut and some of the first things this guy said were very offputting

  • Sam Why did U get this Hack? You are trusting someone without any training and experience in pathogens, diseases and viruses? Based on using this guy as an “Expert” then I should have at least 5 PHD’s to my name for all the article,books, videos and documentaries I have watched without and real World hands on experience. This Muppet asking why people in a lab are wearing masks shows he has lack of science knowledge and experience, just walk into any college and take some science classes and you will be guaranteed in at least one of those classes you will be wearing tyvek suits and masks, it’s called trying to keep what you are working on from getting contaminated, just like someone working in a kitchen in a restaurant with long hair has to wear a hair net. Sam you have been to Asia and the Middle East have you not ever visited a “Wet market? Anyone who has ever been to a Wet Market in Meso/South America, Asia, Africa, and or Middle East you will see how easy a pathogen could be brought in or grow and mutate and spread to humans. Just look at how often food in USA is recalled because of contamination from E Coli etc, and we have protection standards much stronger than these other Countries despite criticism of not being strict enough. But yeah I get it you are just looking for clicks from the radicals and freaks who want to believe everything is a conspiracy and that some things in life naturally occur without a conspiracy to you X,G, and Johnny and viewers/readers go to youtube and check out recent re-post of video made by Laowhy86 wife of a wet market while he was up in North with a friend filming a Documentary.