Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome back Bishop Larry to discuss the Boule black secret societies, the passing of Kobe Bryant and how it is all connected to the Coronavirus. Thank you so much for your support.

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  • After the “piss break” Sam took at 47:45 (up his nose, no judgement, ya gotta stay awake and i totally get it – this guest is demanding tons of mental energy to keep up.) Anyhow at around 48:00 Brother Larry mentions the inception of the Boule secret society being 5/15/1904, then says 5 + 15 + 1 + 9 + 4 = 33 and that’s 33 degrees of the masonic order… only that math does not equal 33…

  • Nothing against Bishop, but how the hell does he know all these details about this “Secret Society”?? Where did he obtain this info from? If he simply researched it online and was able to find out all of this information, it clearly ain’t no damn secret, now is it? The only other way he would know all of this is if he is associated with them

    • This may just be a copout answer, but karmic law, the worse a lie is the bigger effect is has on your karma, by doing it in a way where the truth is available its possible for someone to stop them and its almost like a form of atonement

      I’ve always been on the side of the effects of the lie are what matter though, but I’ve heard the above mentioned a lot as a way to explain why these secrets and signs are out there

  • Yes! We have the documents! let`s go! we HAVE the documents!!

    well, the Bishop sgot the documents. And what a bishop that is. This Bishop is on the long diagonal! Never play f3. The game of chess is like a swoard-fight: you must think first Ha! before you move.

    If any of this makes sense to you, congratulations. love the show. Bernie for president 2020.

    • just one thing. With all due respect for the brother Larry. I`m sceptical as far as DickGregory is concerned. If you talk about Gregory, you talk about the movement (as in “THE movement”). I don`t think the man would participate in any of this. In fact there`s an interview in which he (Gregory) openly made fun of the “Boule-Mythos” (not in the sense in that he would say it doesn`t exist, but rather like “well, who cares about the crookery”). Anyhow, love the show

  • Every time this wonderful man speaks, the world gets better. Thank you Mr. Larry and Sam and the gang for having him on and .. It’s fun learning together. Right?!

  • Black Friday if you look into the history of thanksgiving they would raid Indian villages and take captives, then sell them on Black Friday at discount to remove them from their land and aslo have Black Friday land sales

  • i wonder what kind of guests will come on tin foil hat this month hopefully some good new and old returning guests to discuss various topics. i think maybe you guys might love looking into Micheal Tsarion

  • XG is great and one of us, I’m very happy with his contributions to the show. SAM, this is just another episode of GREATNESS , this guy is so on point and mind blowing info. FOIL FOR LIFE.

  • Nooooooooooo! I was in LA in December and just missed BOTH Sam and Jimmy.
    Sam, Jimmy and Duncan are literally my three favorite comedians!
    And I’m not going back until late spring.
    I am currently praying fervently to the comedy gods that this gathering (AND Eddie?!) of this specific group of funny people is more than a one time occurrence.

  • Ever notice how nice XG is to Sam? How much he likes to come to Sam’s defense and aid? Sam literally treats him like a stupid dog in the beginning of each episode. He doesn’t even bark back at least Jonny the intern throws Sam’s jokes back at him.

    Why is he like this?

    Cause he knows he has literally nothing to add to the show. Everytime he opens his mouth I feel stupider for watching. I can’t even recommend this show to my friends. Like how does a guy like that end up on a podcast? Where people are valued for what they have to SAY?

  • Brother Larry mentions the term “abracadabra” in this video. Abracadabra was Dave Chappelle’s safe word in the movie, Half Baked. Hmmm…

  • i think the top elite families of the world order are the ban try family, ant rim family, the Bristol family, the S u d e Le y family, push kin family and Tolstoy family these are ancient families dating back millennia look up these ones.

  • My video kept freezing at 1:10:49 lol
    Right when brother bishop Larry started talking about the Epstein, Clinton, kobe connection 🤔 very interesting lol

  • Awsome article and right to the point. I don’t know if this is in fact the best place to ask but do you people have any ideea where to get some professional writers? Thx 🙂

  • 1:10:00…. standard hotel in California linked to Epstein.

    Sam Tripoli worked at standard hotel.

    Sam Tripoli gets comedy spot with Roseanne Barr as his first gig at Comedy Store. Unknown and not that funny gets a spits with Roseanne Barr – that makes sense ?!

    Now he’s a regular in the VIPER ROOM at comedy store !

    Is this why off the grid Ryan left ?

    • Off the grid came back for an episode and sam in a comment said they were going to bring him back and ease into it…thats was a while ago tho…

  • Sam said he uploads videos here immediately, but SoundCloud has it on 2 days before it’s posted here. Plus I have trouble with this site. Always freezing and slow. Am I the only one with this issue? I really want to buy patreon, but$50 is alot to loose if it won’t play correctly

  • i was waiting for the kobe episode… did not disappoint… wow shit is crazy doood. thank brothers keep up the good fight. much love. and xg is dope fuck that guy that says to get u off mic and shit. love is the answer.

  • I wanna hear “X to the G Cholo Theory,” “Johnny Thoughts,” followed by “Trippoli Trips Out” to wrap the show up.
    I’m about to listen to this one again… God damn bros! 🤯

  • OH SHIT. crazygood pod sam. soooooo interesting. love brother larry up in here, loyal to the foil. 100% dude. Masonic lucifian cult running our lives

  • Sam’s guest is a fucking liar. May 15th 1904 with me being the number 5 equals to 34 not 33 right off the bat fucking punk ass rat bastard line motherfuker

  • i wonder what other kind of guests will be making appearances on the tin foil hat podcast show maybe some great new and old guests will be on hopefully covering interesting subjects from around the world in terms of conspiracy icons and truthers or whistle blowers and patriots yeah Sam Tripoli is a patriot in my eyes now.