hank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome the No Mercy’s Tommy G to discuss the brainwashing of America and the dumbing down of America.

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  • HEY SAM TRIPOLLI @ 8:50 you say baby momma? time to put a ring on it dude- hell what do i know- i look at Joey diaz as an uncle, and you as a big brother, since my family sucks, and i have no male role models… but something to think bout! ill have to hit u with this on SM wich i detest but im learning slowly lol #LLTFH

  • This was a killer show, but one thing to look into and maybe do a show about it is how the government lie soooooo much about population numbers, pumping up those numbers like crazy to push for a depopulation agenda

  • My opinion, the virus is being hyped to promote fear. There will be no resistance to the upcoming vaccine being rushed to release. Studies involving the SARS coronavirus vaccine showed that the vaccine was successful in fighting the virus in mice; However, when the mice came back into contact with the virus after receiving the vaccine a cytokine storm was induced. They want you scared so you mindlessly take their vaccine


  • Coronavirus has HIV homology in the S2 protein. There is not HIV injected in the virus it is just engineered to act in a similar way. You mentioned earlier in the show that it was bio-engineered to target old people… The virus itself is very similar to pneumonia or the common flu, however the HIV homology in the S2 protein would inhibit the production of white blood cells to fight the infection. The result, the virus lays dormant in the receptors until the immune system is compromised. Likely why the virus is so much more fatal to older people with weaker immune systems. #notadoctor

  • Stop with the black references! Blacks create their own shit then white people steal it then manipulate it into some bullshit!

  • Liked it up until he talked about student debt. He didn’t make a point, “What do you think will happen? The financial system will collapse!”. How? Where? They’ll just print as much money as they want to cover it like they did last time and like they do every year on the bloated budget. Then you see the truth come out, “B-but i had to pay off mine, its not fair!”. Yeah whatever dude.

  • XG smoked himself retarded and this guest has cte if u think only the old are dying then you are a “special kind of retard” besides most of the CCP in power are older and if you think Chairman XI is going to risk his own life and hold on power then I have a condo for sale on UrAnus to sell U this bioweapon bullshit Russian Propaganda and Tommy G spreading #fakenews with his fake sources Hey Tommy try visiting an Asian or Latin American Wet Market and see how easy a virus can grow and spread U Muppet

  • Really entertaining episode as usual and you all tell the damn truth about college etc. It’s amazing that this kind of conversation is not the regular. Loved every word of this show. Thanks guys.

  • One of the best episodes you’ve ever had, legit entertaining, informative, have that guest on again

  • I must be an enigma. I am a 34 year old mother of a 7 year old little girl, also 4 year old little man…and I am well aware. I can only go deeper, homeboys. Nothing is more important than protecting the kids and their world.

  • Kobe actually had a rule that his wife and him can’t be together in that helicopter. Felt weird for me when I heard that from his wife.

  • I feel nobody else crosses the line like you and the crew do Sam. I so felt what you said at the end about getting those angry and we need to see past the bull shit because we do have much more in come over that!

  • Sam keep doing what you are doing…telling the damn truth. Im a black man, well really a Native American, with Irish and African blood running through my veins. I identify with being black. You are telling the truth about whats going on in our community. They got us thinking right is wrong and wrong is right. You also may want have someone one familiar with the spell casting created through music on your show. The have our children listening to shoot, kill, sell drugs like that foolishness makes you a man. The descriptions of black women in todays music is real hurtful and sad and some of the, I guess you can call them female artist that put that bullsh*t out are straight hookers man. Definitely not examples of womanhood that I want my daughter to immulate. Bottom line its some cats out here that know you are bringing truth to power and appreciate it. Stay up my friend!!

  • You know what’s hilarious?

    Sam brings up his new kids every show but leaves out the fact that he isn’t the biological father.

    Like damn bro way to show the world you are gonna get cucked for the next 18 years.

    Still love you home boi

  • Hey Sammy Boy Dawg I just had an oh shit moment from this podcast. What if the Chinese are lying about everything over there. They are lying about the numbers and everything so we actually don’t know if it’s actually killed people over there. And then it comes here and we think it’s nothing and it wipes everyone out. Hard to say yet but this guys account of his doctor friend freaks me out

  • Ever notice how nice XG is to Sam? How much he likes to come to Sam’s defense and aid? Sam literally treats him like a stupid dog in the beginning of each episode. He doesn’t even bark back at least Jonny the intern throws Sam’s jokes back at him.

    Why is he like this?

    Cause he knows he has literally nothing to add to the show. Everytime he opens his mouth I feel stupider for watching. I can’t even recommend this show to my friends. Like how does a guy like that end up on a podcast? Where people are valued for what they have to SAY?

    • yo this guy! haaaaa …… i would hate to be you…… find a new show to watch bro, this show isnt for people who get so easily offended and im sure you have no idea what your’re talking about seeing as you dissected into such fine detail something that makes this show what it is, go head with your anti bullying campaign somewhere else you douche canoe

    • XG is there bc he takes sams shit. That’s why my theory is that is whyRyan is gone bc he got tired of it

      dont think johny is really an intern tho.hes a host on the sports show

  • I just hope and pray i get banned from fb…. i post every broken simulation update …. plz have freeman back…. and maybe a few of his guest “laird scranton\joe marshalla\ras ben…ect” he has on i love this fucking showwwwwwwwwwww “head exploding” argghhghghhghg

    • SAm and all you other fools…. for real…. this show is one of the best things that has happened to me this year no joke…. inspiration to all!!! me and your mother are so proud of you SAM tripoli

  • i wonder what other kind of guests will be coming on tin foil hat this month in march hopefully the corona virus could vanish maybe in mid July or something.