Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome back Off The Grid Ryan back to the show along with Compound Media’s Chrissie Mayr to discuss the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles. Thank you so much for your support.

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  • So great to see Ryan again. If you read this Ryan, i was happy to see you. So jealous of that hair. Great insights and knowledge. Thank you. Great show guys, and Chrissie.

  • China probably saw what happened to Europe with the islamic invasion and wanted to stop it from happening to their country. According to a study in Sweden over 18 000 rapes could have been avoided in SWE if we had strict immigration.

  • hmm here is a political party to set up a third party that can truly win this is called the american beggars and peasants party the beggars and peasants party will be more republican than a republican more green than a green more libertarian than a libertarian more democratic than the democratic party more constitutional than the constitution party more independent than a independent the beggars and peasants party will abolish income taxes give everyone a free chunk of real estate anywhere in the united states we will free Ross from prison legalize all drugs pardon or free Julian from Wikileaks we will pardon or free all non violent criminals but we will have to put all the democrats and all of the republicans or arrest all of the democrats and republicans yes all of them in trial for crimes against humanity we will immediately put all democrats and republicans to death by hanging from a tree with a rope and a ladder no one and later cremated and have the ashes tossed into a giant toilet filled with water and flushed down into the Potomac river will be safe the new leaders of the united states will consist of libertarian party members , green party members constitution party members american party members american freedom party members american solidarity party members citizen party members communist party members freedom socialist party members humane party members justice party members legal marijuana now marijuana party pirate party prohibition party reform party socialism and liberation party socialist party socialist action party socialist alternative party socialist equality party socialist workers party working families workers world american independent party national socialist movement american Nazi party members peace and freedom party members and all other third party members into positions of authority if all third party members fail the american people in anyone shape of form they will be arrested put on trial imprisoned for a short period of time and the worse punishment will be death by hanging on a giant tree with a rope tied on the neck the same execution tree used to murder all democrats and republicans plus their families members not even sparring their children and be burned up having the ashes put in the giant toilet and flushed down to Potomac river or have the giant toilet be connected all the way to the ocean probably the Atlantic ocean via pipelines the only pipelines needed or have the other failed political party members work as our slaves yeah democrats and republicans and their family members would make good slaves they deserve it and run on giant wheels to supply endless amounts of energy.

  • hmm Bernard Sanders looks like he is going lose to trump what kind of faulty leadership do these stupid Americans have i personally trust ISIS or the Iranian president or the king of Saudi Arabia or xi or Putin or any other world leader right now or Kim song UN for some reason never mind humans deserve to go extinct good luck. ha ha ha dark humor jokes so long farewell adios goodbye the fat lady is about to sing good night forever.

  • Mr Samuel Tripoli sir have you not heard you shall not murder whoever murders will face justice but what if someone tells you whoever is angry with a brother or sister in the truth movement is also in danger of justice.

  • hey Mr Sam Tripoli when you see birds and small animals you can plainly see they do not sow seed they do not reap harvests they do not gather grain in barns yet our creator god the great spirit feeds them so why worry are we not much better than they consider when we look at flowers and beautiful trees outside in our country or our state or the world how they grow they do not toil neither do they spin and not even Solomon a ancient powerful wise king or our favorite celebrities are dressed really as fancy as nature is do we not think that god who clothes the grasses in the field shall not more clothe us oh us of little faith so we should not go around saying what are we to eat what shall we drink who will clothe us our heavenly creator or creators the benevolent extraterrestrials know we need all these things trust god or the gods who made us all they love us just imagine if your kids ask you for a piece of bread would you give your child a stone you should answer no if your kids us for a fish would you give them a snake a good parent should say no if you should know how to give good gifts to your kids how much more will god or the gods the extraterrestrial parents and grandparents aunts uncles cousins our extraterrestrial family members give good things to those who ask them ask it shall be given to us seek and we shall find knock and doors shall be opened for us.

  • how about this bible verse blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs will be the kingdom of heaven blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth blessed are the merciful for they all be shown mercy blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see god blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of god almighty the most high blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven blessed are you when people revile you and persecute you and all of us truthers and shall all manner of evil against us falsely for the living truth god the great spirit the lord most high the almighty sake rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your and all truthers in heaven above for they persecuted the prophets wise people from long ago in the past which were before us truthers in the 21st century. i pastor Eric from olive tree ministry likes bitcoin and other cryptic currency credit cards cash or whatever you guys in the truth movement has.

  • here is a real bible verse in the final days of human history false prophets and false messiahs dark arts cults will rise up saying they claim to know god or the universe do not listen or even greet them well or even attend these meetings in the final days of human history there will be wars and rumors of wars there will be diseases earthquakes natural and man made disasters no one has ever seen since the start of human history until now evil people will attempt to persecute or cause trouble for truthers crush dissent but do not worry god the great spirit will see that his divine will shall be done whether we humans like it or not something like that i am paraphrasing.

  • hey did you see that con artist Kenneth Copeland try to scam morons imbeciles idiots with some kind of weird prayer for his audience for corona virus last time i checked pastor Copeland was hanging out with pope Francis and maybe even a Muslim guy a Hindu person a Buddhist person and some other people desiring to start a one world religion conference maybe Mr pastor Copeland is a Jesuit or a free mason ding dang damn it my spider sense was tingling pastor Copeland would not know the bible or Jesus if it hit hit him on his ugly senile head ha ha ha the tithe collection plate at his megachurch kind of reminds me of John Hague Robert Jeffery and freaking Joel Olsen or Rick Warren and other megachurch leaders.

  • i personally think people should look into the E g i bi family for the link of Babylonian style banking no one is talking of the E g i bi that how secret this group is this family has direct ties to i guess Pindar the giant albino reptilian or something similar to Satan Saturn Cronus and the family with a quadrillion or a trillion or a billion or hundred million or ten million or million or hundred thousand or ten thousand or a thousand or a hundred or more descendant families ruling the earth until present day the house of E G I B I look into as Eddie bravos say these are worse than the globalist the Zionists and the Jesuits beware of E G I B I.

  • hey does any want to start singing the song the final countdown or do not fear the reaper or radioactive by imagine dragons or dark horse or anything like that right now or mad max or terminator the knowing and other science fiction movies right now and old science fiction movies or other great movies and books from a long time ago ha ha god or the universe must have a wicked sense of dark Gothic humor ha ha ha emo humor or satire is good looks like Thomas hanks and pope Jorge Mario Francis Imbroglios is sick from corona virus or flu or common cold like symptoms this kind of dark satire is found in Edgar Allan Poe’s style of dark poetic speeches.

  • i would also like to see that Adam green from know more news episode soon thank you kind sir my instincts tell me i should only use curse words at millionaires and billionaires the Illuminati the Vatican the CIA the FBI the military industrial complex the house of Windsor or sax cot h the Zionists the Jesuits Freemasons and other dark arts cult groups Goteborg war criminals psychopaths morons fools idiots imbeciles lunatics and freaks that run the government and the world right now. fuck free masonry the William DE berg group the club of Rome the council on foreign relations the trilateral commission and other elite secret societies fuck big pharma the human resistance should be rising it is time for love and compassion not violence greed and cruelty that is what i believe is going on or should be going on right now and into the future.

  • hey i loved the recent podcast you did for freeing Ross a libertarian activist who is in prison thank you for this one hopefully we can get a episode about Mr cox he is from Alaska he is a libertarian he is also in Alaska prison he founded his own militia called the Alaska peacemakers militia other people in prison including a husband and a wife named Edward and Elaine brown they are in prison for refusing to pay taxes of any kind Elaine was going to become a dentist at Tufts university in Boston she was a dentist in west Lebanon new Hampshire Edward brown is in the pest control business but now there butts are sitting in prison for tax resistance also please talk with Stewart Rhodes from oath keepers and sheriff Richard Mack from graham county Arizona they are both libertarian constitutional activists another one is Ammo n bun d y Ryan c Bun d y and c live n bun d y from Nevada i think you might some of these guests.

  • What a nice Reunion with Aaron and Ryan. What a lovely Woman. A Bomb Show. Very enjoyable. Free China.

  • Awesome to see Ryan on the show. I always liked the bit of structure he brings to the show. I prefer the open ended conversations Sam and XG have with the guests now though, used to it now it was weird at first after no Ryan. Also XG’s great and suits the show a lot more than Ryan, XG seems way more interested to learn new and think about new things that sound crazy maybe.

  • I know it has nothin to do with the video but how is joe Biden ahead in the race? Are people really voting for him it seems crazy. He doesn’t know where he is or what he’s doing but people think he is fit for office? I guess this is where Hillary shows up smh

  • 18:08. ryan said… “nothing just told me some secrets” as sam he talks about israel wanting hammass to still be funded… interesting

  • Great episode Sam! You should have Ryan back on as your co-host. Dude drops knowledge like a mofo. Keep rocking

  • Idk who that Chrissie is and she wasn’t interesting, but I did find her unbelievably funny for some reason.

  • We all miss Ryan. Xg only marks the spot once in a blue moon. Off the grid was constantly dropping knowledge on us on the show back in the day. Glad to see him back this episode

  • Sam man Lazar is real and they haven’t killed him because dude stole from them that’s why they keep raiding him he can’t be suicidal if he had a dead man’s trigger that would blow open everything they have been doing with aliens they have to dind and take back whatever it is he has 1st give some feed back tell me what you think

  • XG seems like a nice guy.. but he just doesn’t contribute to the podcast, i’ve noticed this episode (and probably others too) that he just plays with the mouse on the laptop randomly and opens random websites to avoid conversation and being put on the spot ???

    • Get outta here man, XG is the greatest thing that happened to this show. He doesnt avoid conversation, this is sams show. He talks when he needs to.

  • Sam has a really bad problem with interrupting his guests… really disrupts the flow. I might stop watching tbh, its hard to listen to. I’ve tried…

    • Yeah, while I do realise he’s a little slow and should be tolerated a bit more than the average person, he sure is shooting himself in the foot podcast-wise

  • Guys you got the best guest on these shows. I never know what to expect which is what I love about the magic of TFH.

  • Is this a conspiracy show or a comedy show?
    The guy’s trying to tell you a story and the dumb bitch interrupts constantly.
    Sam, you keep this format up and you will loose your core listeners.
    And get rid of Jonny. He’s an asshole.
    Make the show about the topic and not about you and your friends.

    • agree 100%, this woman is clueless on the topics, and just jumps in starts talking sexual stuff… nobody gives a fuck about your nympho bitch ass

    • You for real?? Johny is so much better than A-Aron for this conspiracy stuff. missed him this episode. johny puts up w lots of junk and gives it back in funny ways

  • Going back to this old POS studio was a bad idea Sam.. horrible audio/video techs (they would get lynched anywhere else in this industry lol) and of course, no organization or support whatsoever from Aaron’s boring bitch azz lol

    • Negative, we just wish he wasn’t on the show because he hasn’t proven himself and doesn’t deserve to be Sams co-host on this amazing podcast. Johnny sucks too, he’s just a normal dude that’s unoriginal, and no one cares to hear what he has to say.

  • XG the TSA person infected wasn’t a regular tea person. It was the person checking Chinese people for Coronavirus. so that point wasn’t on point

  • You know what’s hilarious?

    Sam brings up his new kids every show but leaves out the fact that he isn’t the biological father.

    Like damn bro way to show the world you are gonna get cucked for the next 18 years.

    Still love you home boi

  • Sam, Ryan, and Aaron were the best. Please bring back Ryan, XG doesn’t deserve this platform, it’s so hard to keep listening when he starts flapping his lips.

    • The only reason XG is there is cause he doesn’t talk back to Sam. Ryan and Aaron had conflict with Sam (man child).

      I wish Sam would put a muzzle on his dog so we don’t have to hear him open his mouth and say some straight up dumb shit. It’s clear he has insight into NOTHING and can barely work a laptop.

      Still love you home bois

  • Man, big time crushin on Chrissie. Not only is she cute, but she’s wicked funny too. Love her on the Real Ass Podcast when she’s a guest.

  • SAM:: Puhhhhleaaaazzze don’t go back to this studio. it would be cool to get ryan back in for Xg for the more serious episode tho. Xg is okay on the silly ones but he doesnt keep up on the thinking shows. where is Jonny? he only in the other studio?

    luv ya sam

  • Glad to see Ryan back after the disappearance. Happy there wasnt any bad blood with his departure. Great episode!

  • hey guys conspiracy theory time i wonder what happened to the lost civilization of Lemuria i know you guys did a podcast about Atlantis but what about Lemuria there is also E l Dora do the seven cities of gold and some many other mysteries maybe the Bermuda triangle lo ch NE SS monster living dinosaurs big foot or yeti episode sea serpents k r a ken or giant squid or giant octopus the mystery of Mary Celeste a missing ship the mystery of the Nazca lines in Peru stone monuments from around the world aliens unidentified flying objects cave paintings who really discovered america neanderthal extinction or disappearance the mysterious extinction or disappearance of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago or are dinosaurs still around today who is the real king Arthur the lost colony of Roanoke mummies who built the pyramids and obelisks or the sphinxes all over the earth and similar structures extra sensory perception episode please and thank you a clairvoyance episode hypnosis episode or mind control programs episode or mind reading magic numerology alchemy astrology telepathy episode and a episode on ghosts and haunted places around the world a episode on witchcraft divination fortunetelling amulets birthstones evil eye genies and other mythological creatures or cryptids necromancy Ouija boards vampires zombies palm reading maybe do one on the dark history of certain holidays and the origins of our modern calendar our languages around the earth and other pagan or satanic or masonic or Illuminati symbols throughout the earth.

  • i wonder what kind of guests will be on tin foil hat this month and next month let us spring into a new cycle of time with some new guests and old returning favorite guests from the past.

  • Sam the so-called Chinese concentration camps are not what the West claims they are re-education camps trying to keep the radical Wahhabism from taking over as China used to let the people travel to Saudi Arabia but people started getting radicalized over there as well as some were also going to iraq and Syria fighting with ISIS , not to mention China started having terrorist attacks until they started to crackdown and prohibiting Chinese Muslims from traveling abroad Kim Iverson recently even did a livestream talking about this issue #lookinto it and NO Chairman XI didn’t release a bioweapon U need to quit falling for the Russian Propaganda

    • So 1 miljoen moslims gonna take over a country with a few biljoen?
      And Russian propaganda?
      It’s about America and China but it’s again Russia.
      You work for the Clinton foundation?

  • So can we get Ryan back and have Eddie on full time and keep XG and Johnny? I think this would be podcast gold!!

  • hey guys glad to see Ryan back. FYI the Japs thought they were superior to everyone. Look at their treatment of every nation or tribe they conquered, not to mention their own rhetoric. Also their had been a few Jap-American military operations against US Personnel before internment. It was their betrayal that led to the collective punishment of all Japanese-Americans.

    • So every country that’s attacked by the Americans can start concentrationcamps for Americans.
      It’s gonna be a big holiday in the middle east.

  • I use to jerk off to ancient aliens,, I loved it.
    10 years later I cant believe I was dumb enough to fall for that crap. Chech out ancient aliens debunked on you tube. 3 hour documentary goes through all your favorite theories and proves that humans with a lifetime can do any of the ancient wonders. I do believe in ufos however I think they are made by governments. Not re engineered! The government is 50 to 100 years ahead of what we can think up. And we give them so much money they can make electromagnetic technology and other energy forms. Ohh btw the best way to cover up “shroom” taste is to grind them up in a powder. Then get a huge spoon on peanut butter, wipe up shroom dust. All you taste is pb.

  • Why is this chick on the show. She doesn’t know shit about shit. Ya need to bring Ryan back and get rid of XG. Ryan is WAY smarter and has more knowledge about these types of things.

  • I use to jerk off to ancient aliens,, I loved it.
    10 years later I cant believe I was dumb enough to fall for that crap. Chech out ancient aliens debunked on you tube. 3 hour documentary goes through all your favorite theories and proves that humans with a lifetime can do any of the ancient wonders. I do believe in ufos however I think they are made by governments. Not re engineered! The government is 50 to 100 years ahead of what we can think up. And we give them so much money they can make electromagnetic technology and other energy forms

    • So overlapping dimensions, alternate timelines, paranormal occurrences, shaman experiences, premonitions, precognitive dreams and mass synchronicities must all be bullshit too? Billions of people on this Earth at the same time as “The Government people”, and none of us can figure this shit out and expose it? We’re still killing each other and slaving our lives away for fossil fuels?
      Maybe they’re right about us then?

  • Oye much love from El RANCHO SAN JOSE DE BUENO VISTA Jalisco Mexico to the Wicked Wicked Mid Best that Great City by the Lakes Milwaukee Wisconsin!!!! Our I’m loyal to the Foil with all these talks about Consipercy Facts no one can say they are theroies no more with so many of them that have became so true!!!! Oye I’m just saying if you coming to Chicago maybe you and El Padrino Eddie Bravo should Slide up I94 for about 70 mins maybe 55 mins if Eddie is driving…. Jajajaja…. But come do a show in Milwaukee carnal I know a few Comedy Spots up here that would love to host you and Eddie Bravo Spitting hard core truths to la gente carnal….. Just something to think about carnal!!!!! Str8 loyal to tha Foil El Gringo Friolero Loco ” The Crazy Whiteboy Beaner” jajajaja