Thank you so much for tuning into another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome’s Lyn Ulbricht to discuss the the trial of her son, Ross Ulbricht, and take down of the Silk Road. Thank you so much for supporting the show. 

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  • Given the entire purpose behind the “Dread Pirate Roberts” pseudonym was an identity of anonymity!

    Unfortunately for Ross, he made the very grave mistake of accessing the internet, logged into the DPR account via a government controlled network access point – which is every Public Library! Him being physically logged on to the laptop and onto the DPR account really moves against him having any real chance of a defensible position to argue successfully.

    U.S. servailence agencies; the whole apparatus’ providing law enforcement agencies with re-constructed evidence for criminal prosecution while denying the acused that same information and/or data – flies directly in the face of constitutional rights every American citizen is inherently born with!

    Perhaps he should petition the government for the redress of his grievances against those agencies who acted in bad faith persueing his prosecution and conviction!

  • I don’t come to the Broken Simulation website because every time I do. The video buffers FOREVER! I can never get through an entire podcast. I never have that problem on YouTube. Tell me how to get past that problem, maybe I’m doing something wrong.
    Sam I agree with Nobody, let the guest speak. I love your take on things, but I’ve heard it already. Much Love. I wish you continued success.

  • Free Ross! Silkroad 1.0 didn’t have huge fentanyl and carfentanil vendors. Later DWM’s(dark web markets) like alphabay and dream market DID and thousands died, including my friend Adam. I’ve offered the FBI this information, a way to capture the fentanyl peddlers who should be punished–and they’ve not contacted me back!

  • Count Dankula just had a Mad Lads video a week ago about this guy, 5 days before this one. i haven’t watched this one yet but i suspect dankula’s talked more about dread pirate roberts than sam does

  • Constructive critism: Sam needs to stop talking so much and let guests talk. No one gives a shit about Aaron, and Johnny is MUCH better. Make it official, fire him. XG adds nothing to the show. Ryan needs to come back to the show, Sam the man BABY needs to set his ego aside. This show can be taken so much more seriously if Ryan was brought back… the quality of this show has been suffering for over a year now.

    • I can’t stand aaron but I must say I enjoy XG and I like the relaxed laid back convo vibe. You make some good points forsure man.

      • If you like XG Being apart of the show it’s because you either have half a brain cell or you’re his friend or family member

  • i tried to sign the petition but it wouldn’t let the page load. I have attempted multiple times! has anyone else had this problem?

  • Hey Sam, I love the show, I watch every episode at least once if not twice. I hope everything is going well for you in your area with all this Coronavirus crap. This was a really good episode, very interesting story and a very important topic, thanks for doing this.

  • It’s a tragedy. This guy is my age, born two weeks after me. I can’t imagine being put in prison at the age of 30 for “double life” without parole.

  • breaking news from the future a mysterious alien spaceship has appeared the alien leader lord Augustine has arrived with the ultimate cure for all diseases known to pathetic humans his blood which will be injected into right hands or wrist areas of all people on earth unfortunately lord Augustine is really Satan or Lucifer from the bible this transfusion causes a worse disease never seen before similar to cancer.

  • it’s scary! Was a good 1, I had no idea how fucked up the whole shits was. I heard of it and remember MSM gaslighting shit up

  • guess what i think this corona virus could lead into a one world government a one world army one world economy one world religion that the Illuminati desires someone or something will appear on the world stage becoming the first emperor of a united global empire a dictator with supernatural abilities something strange and unusual will occur soon or global depopulation check out the Illuminati card games by Steve Jackson and i pet goat for a terrifying future along with Georgia guide stones the Denver airport murals also if you look for pictures of the internal revenue service main offices in Maryland there is some creepy occult symbols throughout that are throughout that building in New Carroll ton Maryland also look at the bank of america building in Charlotte north Carolina for more creepy stuff there is temple square in salt lake city Utah for creepy stuff the supreme court building in Israel is another creepy looking place there is Rockefeller center in new York saint john the divine cathedral in new York the European union main office in Brussels Belgium the united nations building in new York city most of Washington dc the district of criminals or district of Columbus the Vatican the city of London the bank of England in the city of London big Ben Buckingham palace the inns of court which is England’s version of the supreme court building where all the judges meet Westminster abbey where the royal weddings coronation ceremonies and a ton of funerals and other important events take place saint Paul s cathedral in London is also slightly odd also type in the city of Nu r Sultan in Kazakhstan for creepy stuff i think there is way more odd stuff all over the earth even the united states or in the state of California or in what ever city you live in which you mentioned before is Los Angeles.

    • I love how you put a period at the end of this paragraph that has no other punctuation. Comedy at its finest.

  • hey i wonder when Adam green is going to appear on this podcast hopefully soon i also hope we have some great new guests for the rest of this month and next month and some old returning favorite guests to discuss various topics.

  • Omg…get this fuckin guy with his emo attitude outta here.

    No more Wake up Aaron….it’s Get the fuck outta here Aaron!