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Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode I welcome the Zionist Killer, Adam Green, to discuss his research and his beliefs on who runs the world. 
Here’s a clue… it’s the Joos! This is an intense episode but this is what Tin Foil Hat is about. We have the conversations that others are afraid to have. I would like on the record that Jewish Chicks are #2 on my super freak big board right after Mexicans. Shout out to all the kosher ladies! Thank you for all of your support.

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  • Sam you moron the left are trying to get us to talk about jews so we dont discuss race realism capitalism liberty ugly truths about age gender and similar. We had so many talking points in 2016, now all you wanna do is talk about JQ all day? its a leftist tactic dude. Talk less about jews, talk more about SJWs. That’s how we really hurt them. We make them feel better by allowing them to neatly pidgeon hole us into the Nazi category. We make them feel way worse if we discuss SJWs because EVERYBODY hates SJWs, and EVERYBODY disagrees with them. Everybody thinks gender isnt asocial construct, everybody thinks women and men are different everybody thinks gender pay gap is idiotic.

    • We are far more dangerous discussing moderate anti left things, talking about feminism, whether all immigration is good, why trannies feel entitled to tell others that they need to live up to the tranny fantasy of being another gender when its not the responsibility of another adult to do anything like that. We are far more dangerous talking about how evil and dictatorial and broken Communism is. We are far more dangerous poking fun at the gays or lesbos. We are far more dangerous being moderate. Go back to Alex Jones script of 2015 which was almost entirely about the UN, deep state, bureaucracy, and what the bureacurat and banker class were planning in terms of world regulation. Dude you can become the new Alex Jones just by discussing where these bankers like Soros came from, where Bill Gates and Obama come from, whom they associate with, what characters like that discuss, what their real opinions are, where they hang out. Look into things like why the FBI was started by a transvestite, and how FBI has had a giant history of clamping down on any right wing movement while completely ignoring any left wing groups, including antifa, communist terrorists, eco terrorists, and similar. Look into a gay mafia unironically. Gay mafia is a funny term but a scary reality, the idea of a bunch of powerful closeted gays who especially before it was ok to be gay in 20th century would blackmail each other by knowing each others secrets and ran parts of the country, maybe media, maybe FBI and other federal agencies.

      • And if you want to get really deep, go talk about how feminism transgenderism is a form of population control. And how flat earth is a false flag to get conspiracy theorists to look bad. (Similar to how JQ is now used to make the right look worse. Flat earth for conspiracy theorist part of population, JQ for right wing part).

  • People in the comments crying for weeks on end regarding the quality of the playback more than likely forced him to privately upload onto the preferred platform first [fucking YouTube] then upload said finished video here. Who knows what shit sprang up specifically on that end, however avoiding YouTube entirely is that much more justified. I blame the children who, “just can’t deal” with Vimeo pausing the player once an episode, as now there is no episode.

  • well let me see what options do i have for president creepy old white guy or maybe Jewish pedophile with dementia Joe Biden democrat creepy capitalist redneck republican Jewish maybe then i have creepy old white guy or a Jewish democrat communist Bernard Sanders i would pick the corona virus to run for president of the united states yeah corona 2020 sounds better for me i do not like Jews or people who act like Jews like the Rockefeller family and the Rothschild family they are definitely Jews in my opinion my Jews i mean internationalist globalist elitist Jews the synagogue of Satan in my bible i personally love nationalist america or European values or Christianity first Jews and indigenous people of north and south america and other people of color not whites as Adam green maybe believes like in christian identity movements or whatever but i think people of color like brown and black cultures or people in third or second world countries are the real lost tribes of Israel scattered across the world like the black Hebrew Israelite movement have been kind of saying all along.


    “SORRY. This video does not exist”???

    I have been waiting for this collaboration. I’m furious. Isn’t this a private domain? How could it be taken down?

    • If you google the episode name + podcast you can find the audio version online still, not sure what happened to the video, it was up earlier

  • Sammy boiii you done fucked up right about now
    ISRAEL is the leading CLAN in the world
    you might be ass-is-animusated for doing this interview with the great Adam .green

    BUT #realslavs are with you
    for the truth and justice for all –

  • I feel bad for people like him who get stuck on the it’s all the Jews Mindframe and never move on to the bigger picture.

  • Great show long over due. Remember months ago when they found a machine in Washington d.c. that ez drops on cell phones. I think it’s called a stingray and was close to the white house. Another time in Mexico many many years ago…. two masad agents with grenades and guns trying to break in to a government building possibly to blow up a building or kid nap someone. They were never convicted of anything a sent back to israel on the next flight.