Thank you for tuning for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome back disgusting Alex Jones to discuss the coronavirus and the dark arts vampire that are trying to destroy America! Thank you for your support!

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  • You are all going to have to apologize after Complaining when you see what’s coming. Wake Up! You should both know more by now. Or should you?

  • Jesuit priests are behind the assumptions used in medicine.

    Girolamo Fracastoro, S.J. (1476–1553)
    • contagion theory
    Athanasius Kircher, S.J. (1602–1680)
    • germ theory

  • Much love one love

    Sam, XG , Alex *(Bill) I love you guys so much thank you for being a light in the darkness! Legends!

    Just want to first say Namastè 🙏

    Looks like this is the timeline where the lion finally gets off its knees!

    Love you Sam you are a beautiful soul!

    Bill/Alex … I love you too brother

    P.s I liked the little crumbs that where dropped …

    There is something about, Fall of the Cabal channel on youtube.. The Dutch woman that created that is a Angel .

    Fall of the Cabal on YouTube check it out!

    This time we shall rise!


  • Great podcast man, hyped to see Alex Jones back. Infowars and TFH are my two favorite talkshows, you guys both kill it!

  • i wonder what kind of new and returning guests will come on Sam Tripoli’s tinfoil hat podcast for the rest of this month and into the next month hopefully the guests are good at various topics to be coming soon.

  • hmm Mr Samuel Tripoli what happens when you mix red and blue along with yellow and white i also wonder what happens when you mix dark red and pale red along with light red i also wonder what happens when you mix dark blue and medium blue along with pale blue and light blue another color mix is what happens when you mix dark yellow and medium yellow along with pale yellow and light yellow i also wonder what happens when we mix dark white and white along with pale white and light white i also wonder what happens when we mix dark black and pale black along with medium black and light black.

  • hey Mr Samuel Tripoli sir when are you and Martha your girlfriend going to get married hopefully after this plague is over you get engaged to be married and be married soon and Martha becomes the new Mrs Tripoli.

  • Good episode, anyone who dnt understand the interdimensional vampire kick he goes on

    There was a video on yt by conspiracy box, that pieced it all together with EXACTLY HOW ELON MUSK describes it… it was eye opening to hear the same thing in different verbiage. Making it sound so much more sane and real!… although hes being honest, some poeple take it as crazy..

    Never did get behind his supplements and shit

  • Here we gooooo… better not be a re upload again…

    U gta get this site in order bro
    Categorize the content something


  • also the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo is cancelled but the Olympics flag look like a rainbow just the LGBT community uses and the Olympics symbol are five colored Saturn or Cronus rings that is very interesting 2020 also means perfect vision like what my eye doctor or medical doctor said to me last time i had by eyesight checked.

  • hmm purple and gold represent royalty and nobility in ancient cultures throughout the world a person with a purple stripe is a high court official blue means a philosopher and heaven or water black is symbolic of Saturn and Cronus or a religious leader and green was the medical man or a medical doctor or the environment and mother earth. i think i heard this on Jordan Maxwell’s own show or a interview with someone similar.