Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome the Chemical Free Body’s Tim James to discuss the effects of our food industry on our bodies. Thank you so much for your support.

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  • another book to read is none dare call it conspiracy by Gary Allen with Larry Abraham this book is full of things you might agree with on your podcast also check out David ray Griffin new pearl harbor disturbing questions about the bush administration and 911 another cool book to check out is military intelligence blunders by John Hughes Wilson along with killing hope united states and CIA interventions since world war two by William Blu m i also wonder if we can have on Charlotte Isoberty she is a whistle blower on the american education system there is also Catherine Austin Fit ts i want to see this person on your podcast i really want to also have on the legendary Cynthia McKinney on the podcast along with Ron Paul another hero a true patriot if there is really such a thing there is also g Edward Griffin to have on your podcast soon. another person i like is Gerald from trends research along with Dr Paul Craig Roberts a very smart person i trust. i also have some other people to see on your podcast like Dr Sherry Ten Penny along with Dr Judy or Dr Loraine Jeanette day on your podcast. another doctor i trust for some truth is Dr Andrew Kaufman he kind of resemble James a bit i also like to listen to Dr Rashid Buttar or something like that.

  • Sam Tripoli would also enjoy the book rise and fall of the great powers from the 1500’s to the 2000’s by Paul Kennedy another book is Oxford history of modern war by Charles Townsend Obama’s wars by Bob Woodward is also a great book to study during this pandemic or corona virus lock down or planned event by the billionaires and millionaires that run the world i think Sam Tripoli would also find new political religions or an analysis of modern terrorism by Barry Copper along with William coppers behold a pale horse book.

  • i think Sam Tripoli would enjoy talking together with Micheal Scheuer he is a former CIA asset and a whistle blower this guy spoke truth to power many times on television and in radio interviews maybe Sam Tripoli is also interested in Richard Sprague taking of america 123 and unfinished business united states overseas military presence in the 21st century by Micheal o Han Lon that is a book to read there is also the united states and Vietnam 1787 to 1941 by Robert Hopkins miller another great book to buy another great book to read is rogue state a guide to the worlds only superpower by William Blu m i thank you for listening to my suggestions.

  • i think Sam Tripoli should also listen to old lectures featuring professor Anthony c Sutton he is dead right now but this guy was one of the greatest thinkers and historians a old school conspiracy theorist and a godfather of sorts to the truth movement. Sam should also look into Dr john Coleman and his lecture tapes along with John Todd they both told the truth to power.

  • i wonder what kind of guests will be on tin foil hat for the rest of this month and next month hope we have some new ones and some old returning favorite ones for more episodes or chapters in the stories we want to record for the future and remember the past or learn new stuff.

  • I’ve got an education in Nutrition, and this guy clearly does not have an education in the field, 50% of everything he said is comically wrong. He’s the epitome of a snake oil salesperson. If people benefit from his protocol, that’s all that matters… but he’s undeniably misinformed, not educated, and selling placebo.

  • if people want to go deep into interesting conspiracy or unknown history and real science look up shaking my head productions this YouTube channel is full of eye opening documentaries and montages can you guys should read books or watch stuff on YouTube or bit chute featuring Eustace Mullins he is a old school historian and spiral skeptic he is dead now just like Jeffrey Epstein and Kobe Bryant, Micheal Jackson, john f Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, martin Luther king junior, prince, Bob Marley and so many others.

  • i wonder what other kinds of new and old guests will be on tin foil hat this month and next month i bet some of them will be quite epic and legendary i guess so much topics not talked about but are needed for this kind of swarm or posse also found out corona virus was predicted in a Disney movie called tangled featuring a young princess quarantined sort of at home and her mother or the government says to stay inside since the outside world is full of very scary things there is also a kingdom or country named corona in that movie also corona virus was also featured in the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony and also in the closing ceremony there is a phoenix bird on fire the phoenix bird is symbolic of Lucifer Satan Cronus Saturn or the rising out the new world order out of the old world order ashes hmm must be wearing those they live glasses from Rodney rowdy piper or looking deep into the matrix movies.