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  • i wonder if Sam Tripoli is interested in getting Gary Wayne on his podcast he wrote the book called genesis six conspiracy he will enlighten people with his knowledge on a few truth bombs also get in James Perl off on this podcast very intelligent guy who speaks truth to power on all kinds of topics also get in Sally May Weather the libertarian anarchist on this podcast another good one is David Dee s or Ben Garrison they are doing the lords work in my humble opinion on crushing the elite or the deep state.

  • i also think Sam Tripoli should look into the Calvert family this one also goes back before and after the american revolution into the present day let us do deep into the matrix of global control.

  • oh yeah did someone forget to tell people that the CDC is a private corporation that is sold in either the new York or London stock exchanges there is something called Dun and Bradford corporation located right now in Essex county new jersey. also some of the most powerful elite families going back before and after the american revolution are Goddard of new England Mather family in new England the Winthrop family in new England middle colonies most powerful landowners are the Bradford family and Van family the southern colonies most powerful landlords the lord Baltimore family and the Byrd family there is also the lord DE La War family look these up for a quick history lesson.

  • my grandfather also used the term mackerel snappers before he passed and bill gates looks like a mackerel snapper my grandfather also used the term papists or loyalists are the ones running the world.

  • my personal opinion is that shysters run the world that is what my grandfather called the Illuminati or the elites before he died of lung cancer back in 1999 right on thanksgiving holiday break.

  • hmm i wonder if Sam Tripoli is interested in getting on Devon from black pilled on his podcast along with Angelo Johns Gage on his podcast critical thinkers are needed now more than ever and i want to see some good new and old guests on this podcast for this month and into next month and beyond.