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  • XG needs to talk slower and more concise. Every other fucking word he says cuts out and one cant understand wtf hes saying.

  • I did PLR around a week before the lockdown was announced in the UK!
    I had a crazy experience, I seen myself in a desert, in a long line of people, all in chains. I’d been walking for ages, and could feel the sun on my back (this details really important to confirm my experience to me, which I’ll get to later).
    I was asked if I’d left any family behind, and I realised I’d left a daughter and wife. My wife was probably dead, and I didn’t know what happened to my daughter. I do remember thinking she was the most beautiful thing in the world.
    The craziest part was that the captors were tall pale people with long heads (like the paracas skulls)- this bit I’m unsure if I made up, I remember thinking in the car on my way to see the PLR lady, it would be cool if I’d lived a life including these beings)
    The regression lady made me skip to the next important memory, which was me and some other guys working on some kind of energy tower. Not too much happened in this part, I just laid bricks.
    The next memory was in a communal cell, it was some guys birthday and we all gave him a little extra food to mark the event.
    The next memory was in the cell again, we were shielding a guy from view who was sharpening stones into shanks. By this point I’d started shaking uncontrollably, I’d never in my life felt this nervous. We didn’t expect to win, we just didn’t know what else to do other than rebel.
    The next memory was me on the tower, and I could sense it was about to go down. I tried to stab one of these guys and they basically threw me off the tower. the chains round my arms stopped me from falling, and my arms broke. I sensed I was about to die, and the woman told me to leave my body so I wouldn’t have to see what happens next.
    I instantly stopped shaking, and felt calm. She told me to look for the light, i seen the light, and my daughter was inside. I was asked if I felt happy to see her, and I began to cry, and said, “no, she’s still a kid” knowing this meant she died a child and I failed to protect her.
    My daughter confirmed she was killed, and I got the indication she’d been sexually abused which broke my heart. I went through the light, and entered a beautiful land with mountains and lakes and stuff, basically how I’ve always imagined heaven. She was an adult, and her advice to me was, “look out for me”.
    I was introduced to my “spirit guide” who I believe was the soul of my grandfather. He told me to never become a slave, and to “appreciate small moments” (I sensed this was in relation to the memory where we gave the guy extra bread).
    Back to the sun on my back thing, I since realised something important which confirmed most of my experience to me. I’d been walking all day, and the sun was on my back. So assuming its late afternoon, we can place the sun in the West, and me heading East. Later on during the experience, the lady asked where my captors were from, I said, “they’re from the East”. Now in that state, at that time, I was in no state to use my logic to place the location of the Sun in the sky and which direction that meant I was headed.
    Was a crazy experience though, she said it was one of her most interesting regressions, but not THE most interesting. Would recommend it to anyone, and plan on doing it again after the lockdown!

  • Sam nails it: If all you take in is negative thoughts then that’s most likely what you will see all the time.
    That seems one of the jobs of the mainstream news: to keep us in a negative state. It take effort to even try to rise above it. That’s why talks like this are important. That’s why comedian and non-mainstream content is important.
    Somewhere in the late 90’s , early 2000’s the anti-mainstream mentality in music stopped and I think that filtered down to the masses.

  • if anyone here is Canadian and wants to hear about some stuff geared to Canadian audiences who are smarter then the average flat earther, check out my chan plz! @

    TFH and broken sim are all i can tolerate since everyone came down with fake flu fervor fever

    no ones taking china or the CIA spreading this shit serious and thats why its gunna happen again…. orwell said all govt works together and uses the illusion of war to keep us in line and against each other

    read 1984 again ppl, sub text read between the lines and TO THE END

  • this was a great episode, although not really conspiracy per-say sam deff sprinkled it in heavy were he could, really needed to hear some of what was said and really hope i can talk to you one day sam. safe to say everyone i respected has reviled themselves to be a know it all sheep… like you said, really…sad

    even jimmy dore, now saying USA should be like china… cant believe it…safe to say ill never have another living hero

    but i look up to you sam, like a “big brother ” lol not in a 1984 way