Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode I welcome on the OGs of the truth community, Russianvids, to the show to discuss how everything is a rich man’s trick and they are just playing emotional games with our minds. Thank you so much for all of your support.

The opinions of the guest is that of the guest and the guest only. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the hosts. This is a conversation and not an endorsement. We are thankful for Russianvids coming on and expressing his views. We are all about hearing what people have to say. If his opinions upset you feel free to not listen to the show. Tin Foil Hat is for the people. We have the dangerous conversations. If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen.

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  • Wooww I was skeptical about some of RVids conclusions, but the fact that this episode was pulled from YouTube is interesting.
    I went back to check the comments bc RV Truth was responding to them
    Sub to RV Truth and keep an open mind