Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode is a free preview of my new podcast “Zero with Sam Tripoli” exclusively available on This episode I welcome author Danny Nemu to discuss with me what it is like to have twins, being a dad, his near death experience in the jungle and proof of psychedelics in the Bible. If you enjoy this episode you can find more episodes like at! Thank you so much for your support.

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  • also Mr Samuel Tripoli sir when are we going to have on David Ike back on your podcast i think he has written a new book you could also enjoy Joel Skousen there is also Dr Eric Karl Storm you might also like this guy a lot he is a conspiracy theorist as well also bring in Charlotte Isoberty there is also the legendary g Edward Griffin he needs to be on your podcast thank you another person i like is Catherine Austin Fitts you might also like Ronnie MC Mullen from get the tea on your podcast i also suggest Dave Hodges host of the common sense show he is also a alternative media journalist and a investigator of sorts how about Del big tree he is another very good source on the anti vaccination movement you guys in the swarm might also enjoy red ice hosted by Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren also let us have in Dr Kent Hovind another person who is one of the godfathers of the truth movement.

  • hey Mr Sam Tripoli if you want some powerful truth about health politics and spirituality and conspiracies maybe get in Deborah Tavares from stop the crime net this lady will blow your mind there is also Celeste Solum she used to work with F E M A or a similar government agency another person is Dr Andrew Kaufman the ex o some guy maybe another one is Dr Lorraine Jeanette day she exposes the new world order for a long time she is a cancer survivor and a very smart grandma she used to be on art bell show and several other television and radio shows warning people of the future for a alternative historian lets us have in Mr or Dr la mar z u l l i another person you guys in the swarm will enjoy is Gary Wayne author of a book called the genesis six conspiracy there is also Steve Quayle another smart man or i think it is Dr Steve Quayle his specialty is archaeology and anthropology from a conspiracy theorist point of view if you guys are not busy let us have in Titus frost in the epic podcast there is also Mr James Perl off he is a historian and very well educated on conspiracies including Zionism he is a author of several books that you might like another person that exposes Zionism and the new world order very well is Mr Steven Ben DE Noon and Jana Ben DE Noon from Israeli news live located in Orlando Florida maybe if you are interested in flat earth lets us have in a real flat earth original godfather he is also a expert in the new world order and the Illuminati his name is Robert Ski Ba there is also Dr Joy Jeffries Pugh she is a author of several books about the new world order she also is a singer and dancer with some creative music i would also suggest Nicholson 1968 this guy is very hip to the new world order and their sinister agendas for someone were intelligent maybe have in the Fullerton informer his name is Joseph this guy is on it when it comes to 5 g and agenda 2030 and other sinister plots of the new world order. another guy is Dean Henderson another person i deeply admire he lives in South Dakota he exposes the black nobility and its connections to the new world order or the elites and the deep state i think you might also enjoy Gerald Celente from trends research he talks about economics very well from Kingston new York another person i like is Anthony patch he is a very smart person you might also enjoy Brian young from high impact flicks or blogs there is also enter the stars another informative person or whatever on YouTube he decodes propaganda in movies and television shows quit well you might also enjoy Dahboo777 or 77 or underground world news there is also on point preparedness he exposes a lot of the new world order another original godfather in the conspiracy theorist or truther movement is Ralph E p person you will definitely like this guy another person i enjoy is Fritz Spring Meyer another truth teller is Dr Rita Liable along with Dr Sherry Ten Penny you might also be interested in Russ Dinar let us also bring in Dr Ted Bro er he is a doctor that exposes the new world order and health very insightful he runs WWW health masters com located in Florida there is also Doug hag Mann he is a private investigator and alternative news journalist for many years hey maybe also get in Dr Judy Mishits on your podcast for details on 911 maybe we could have in Christopher Boleyn on your show or bring back in Ryan Dawson another original in the conspiracy movement or truth movement is Dr Cynthia McKinney and of course Dr Ron Paul from Ron Paul liberty report you could also enjoy Dr Stan DE yo let us also bring in Constance Cum bey she is a another original conspiracy theorist of sorts maybe also have in Dr Henry Makow he comes from Canada he also exposes a ton of information about the new world order.