On the second episode of Broken Simulation Sam Tripoli and Johnny Woodard talk “Tiger King,” gay archetypes, and peruse another week of bizarre news.

Sam Tripoli

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  • ha ha there is going to be a one world new world order corona crown virus benefit concert this weekend there is going to be john legend Paul McCartney Billie Ellis lady gaga Elton john and a few other Illuminati dark arts motherfuckers in Hollywood doing satanic things in public ha ha ha.

  • let me see i got the Thor virus the Odin virus the Hermes virus the Freya virus the Apollo virus the Helios virus the Luna virus the Diana virus the Artemis virus the Micheal virus the Gabriel virus the Laura virus the Rachel virus the Astor Rothschild Rockefeller virus the royal and nobility virus the billionaires virus the millionaires virus how about these names.

  • you know what i am start calling corona virus the crown virus like in says in Latin or i will call this the Messiahs or Maitreya or Mahdi or Vishnu/ Shiva virus or the new black death or plague or the Zeus virus or Jupiter or mars virus or Uranus or Venus or Cronus Saturn virus or the mercury virus or Krishna virus or the Li Hong Virus how about the Jesus Christ virus or Muhammad virus pope Francis Virus Dalai lama virus Buddha virus the Yahweh virus the Baal virus the Gaia virus the Ares virus the Neptune virus the Poseidon virus the Hades virus the Pluto virus.

  • i wonder what kind of guests will be on tin foil hat for the rest of this month i hope some new guests and returning guests discuss various topics not covered by the mainstream media or even in the so called alternative media or the controlled opposition media like co Intel pro or gatekeepers in the alternative media.