This week on Broken Simulation Sam learns about what he says is “the best story I’ve ever heard in my life,” the guys talk about politicians and their kinks, and Sam shares his thoughts on “The Mandalorian” after finally watching the Disney+ series.

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  • How do you know a podcast will fail? when its over forty minutes of shit talk and scat banter. Come on sam you can do better and discuss something interesting. Stale recycled TFH but worse.

  • thanks again Johny & Sam- really depressed with the whole nwo take over grateful you started a fun show rather then all grind- hope to ttys Sam, the mass shooting in canada i suspect was RCMP house checks gone wrong- i will contact you when ive finished research

  • i wonder what other kind of new and returning guests will be coming on Sam Tripoli tin foil hat podcasts for this month and next month i hope some very good ones come in and talk about various topics i think this podcast needs to bring in Dr Andrew Kaufman on this podcast along with Dr Lorraine Jeanette day she is a cancer survivor and a retired orthopedic trauma surgeon from San Francisco general hospital or Dr Sherry ten penny there is also Dr Judy something to have on these are some legendary real medical doctors who speak truth to power maybe there is Gary Wayne author of genesis six conspiracy he is a historian and a spiritual skeptic a conspiracy theorist truther legend there is Ralph Epperson he is also a knowledge mind on conspiracies and unknown historical facts.

  • yeah Dr Anthony Astor Rockefeller Rothschild senior or junior or Goldsmith is more fitting for that weird doctor that hangs out with Donald Trump right now is that doctor circumcised super Illuminati Ashkenazim brains just like William Henry gates the third from Microsoft he is just like his daddy William Henry gates senior and maybe bill gates’s uncle is Jacob Rothschild or David Rockefeller like a nephew he hangs out with his fraternity not biological brother or cousin George Schwartz or Soros.

  • hey bill gates acts like a dragon person or a draconian reptilian alien hybrid or it that just me so does Dr Anthony Rockefeller.