The Banned King himself is back with co-host Johnny Woodard to explore the latest bizarre happenings, including a baffling music video out of China, Jared Leto’s cult, and a pair of shoes that remind us of a certain Austro-Hungarian born dictator.

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  • Elon musks “Starlink” is 5g satellites that orbit the entire planet. 5g is everywhere… Not saying corona is or isnt 5g, just saying 5g does surround the planet.

  • Wrong. I know a bad ass mountain unicyclist who bikes to the top of Mulholland on the fire roads. Wtf. Too bad he will get murdered along with the rest of the worlds beautiful people by the Chinese and white traitors, thanks New World Order Agenda 2020-30.

  • Everytime someone says “thats the worst ” i always think of Tim Hawkins bit about his wife saying to the daughter oh honey thats the worst check it out its too funny.