On the latest Broken Simulation we learn that Sam finally has an opportunity to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, that one protestor’s unique approach resembles the sign-off of a classic TV show, and that babies have a special potty-time dance.

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  • also Mr Sam Tripoli let us have in Ben the black guy you had on once on your show he says one of the earliest planned pandemics might have been yellow fever there could be a argument that even the black death or plague back in the middle ages or medieval times was planned by a doctor named Nostradamus otherwise known as the original bill gates or William Henry gates Junior yeah i said junior a little grown ass child a midget a little brat or nerd or geek from high school or middle school who needs a heavy time out or spanking or Dr Anthony leaky Faucet or fascist communist socialist authoritarian these politicians and other elites are just grown ass children and babies in terms of their mental capacity so are there little childish order followers like a cult does brainwashing yeah does baby gates need his diaper changed or be breast feeding from his mammy or mother i feel like these elites are like grown up student council members or class representatives but the real power is like the principal and the vice principal or the superintendent plus the school board or board of education right there could be the real power structure of the world or people who could not get a date to their homecoming dance or prom back in school. yeah the superintendent of a school district or board of education is like this power structure another way to describe the united states of america is a giant Indian reservation look up what Russel means said he was a native american civil rights activist back on the info wars show many years back now the world could be a giant indigenous peoples reservation look what happens to indigenous people or tribal groups or ethnic groups nations and countries throughout known history and you might notice a pattern.

  • hey Mr Sam Tripoli there was a treaty or something with Israel and the united Arab emirates recently please have someone on to talk about this deal maybe Ryan Dawson or Adam green from know more news as your guest or Whitney Webb or like Helen of destroy or a new guest like last american vagabond hmm have you heard that Saudi Arabia and other gulf state leaders expect maybe Yemen are secret free mason or Jews i also think we should talk more about pedophilia and expose child trafficking hmm could the cure for this virus be young babies or child or teenagers that are like virgins being single young adults blood and somehow the elites already got cured using blood or plasma transfusions otherwise known as adrenaline chrome.

  • i wonder what other kind of conspiracies will be covered on tin foil hat for the rest of this month and into next month hopefully some good old and new guests will be talking together with Sam Tripoli Xavier and Johnny where is Ryan the long blond haired one and Aaron you done messed up Aaron you filthy animal was a good catchphrase at as well.