On the latest Broken Simulation we learn that Sam finally has an opportunity to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, that one protestor’s unique approach resembles the sign-off of a classic TV show, and that babies have a special potty-time dance.

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  • i wonder if Sam Tripoli is willing to talk again with Ryan Dawson or Adam Green from know more news or maybe last american vagabond or Jake from Blackstone intelligence maybe even Brian young from high impact flicks we need their opinions for a discussion or would you like Syrian girl she is very good at dissecting foreign policy and recently dissected black lives matter and anti fascist group i think he might like demand the truth hosted by Will and Titus Frost with his opinions on current events i think he would also enjoy Dr Cynthia McKinney to be on his podcast maybe even Ron Paul for some of their opinions. i think there is Dr E Micheal Jones he got banned from amazon for writing books critical of Zionism and other topics he is the host of culture wars Henrik from red ice television also looks very nice maybe going back to Jesse Lee Peterson’s show called fallen state or having him as a guest would be nice or Tommy Robinson from England or i think Sam Tripoli would also enjoy Vincent Eastwood from New Zealand a host on american freedom radio he gives a funny stand up comedian routine making fun of stupidity and scumbags daily or maybe Nick Fuentes would be nice change of pace or Vince James from red elephants for his worldviews.