Thank you so much for tuning in for another tuning in for another episode of Ca$h Daddie$ with Sam Tripoli and Howie Dewey!

This episode we discuss: 1) How do elections and or Republican or Democratic presidents effect markets?

2) Newsome vs Cuomo- Who’s worse????? How far back did they set us?

3) What are Sectors? Oil, Tech, Pharma, Biotech, Utilities, Financial, Transportation

4) Bitcoin, Tesla and how they’re similar and different.

5) We answer your questions!

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Twitter: *****The show is a work in progress so bare with us as we figure out our pace and format!********

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  • This was interesting. I love TFH & anything Tripoli is in, I’m in. That Howie dude is good as well. Of course Sam is always interrupting & butting in but I’ve been used to that & bad name pronunciations for about 3yrs now so I’m used to it lol but I will be tuning back in for Ep 3 for sure. Good Work!

  • I wonder what kind of topics will be talked about on union of the unwanted and on tin foil hat hopefully some good new and old guests come on this year we should have a great time I bet at least a hundred dollars in bitcoins that joe Biden the current president will develop a disease or disorder and have him step down around July and kamala would have to step in to replace him.