Thank you so for tuning in for the for the inaugural episode of the Cash Daddies podcast with Sam Tripoli and Howie Dewey. This podcast is an entertainment purposes only podcast that discusses all the ways internet rich people can invest their money. If you are killing it on Patreon or Youtube or even Only-Fans and you want to learn about how to invest than this is the show to listen. Invest at your own risk. Don’t invest more than you can lose.

Sam Tripoli

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  • Hey Sam,

    Enjoyed the first episode of Ca$h Buddies. Your friend Howie is very likeable and has great stories to share. I believe that this type of information is really necessary for the demographic that you described.
    I would like to provide some unsolicited feedback not cause I know it all but because I would like to see the show succeed and I’m passionate about my own financial future.
    Topics for future shows:
    1. Professional Athletes going broke. There are probably many examples in the NBA and NFL but recently NHL forward Evander Kane declared bankruptcy for being 26 million in the hole.
    2. Joe Average Blue Collar Millionaires. Howie was talking about the plumber who had a 2 million dollar portfolio. If you could get one of these types of guys on to talk about their journey it would be great. Too often people get caught up by the super flashy college dropout turning into a tech titan story. That is very few people and the bulk of your audience probably relate to blue collar path to millions.
    3. The internet movement or FIRE. This is an acronym for (F)inancially (I)ndependant (R)etire (E)arly. The website is about a guy who worked till he was 33 ish had accumulated a portfolio large enough to then retire from 9-5 employment. The big theme for this movement is savings rate. A great podcast on this topic is ChooseFI
    4. Bitcoin/Crypto Millionaires. I think that this could be something that could inspire people. a guy I started following on Twitter @razoreth posted about he went from $800 in Aug 2020 to $1,000,000 trading crypto in Jan 2021. NOt your typical path but would be interesting to hear about. This would be the opposite of the blue collar millionaire podcast.
    5. Comedy Money. Talk to someone like Adam Carolla or Bill Burr about being in comedy making money and what they see as the pitfalls and opportunities that exist in “The comic path to wealth”. I haven’t seen or heard anything like this anywhere else and would be really interesting.
    General Feedback:
    1. Try and weave some of you and/or Howies stories into financial lessons.
    2. Don’t get bogged down in the minor details of financial word. Expose broad concepts and provide inspiration or ideas.
    3. The lighting at Howies is terrible.
    4. I like you as a host, cause the comedian in you makes it entertaining. There are lots of Financial podcasts but if you make them entertaining I know that you will be onto a winning formula.

  • I’ve been a TFH listener for a long time since around episode 37
    Love it
    The money tells the whole story this is a great idea and I can’t wait to see what you learn about on this journey
    Would love to see an episode on network marketing, seems to me like the crazy conspiracy no one talks about is that network marketing is not a pyramid scheme

  • Best books I’ve read on money
    Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins
    the compound effect by darren hardy
    Richest man in babylon
    Rich Dad Poor Dad
    How to get rich by donald trump
    how to get rich by felix dennis