Thank you for tuning in to yet another episode of Cash Daddies. This episode, we discuss the #GameStop hearings, what’s next for the #stock, how to start an #IRA, our picks of the week and a fantastic interview with popular #OnlyFans model, Bean. All of this and more on the latest episode of Cash Daddies! Invest at your own risk!

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  • I also suggest a guest named Gary Wayne he researches the new world order and its connections to the occult and how the occult secret societies run the world. another person I like is dean Henderson he also exposes the new world order and central banking he is from south Dakota there is Rick Wiles and his news show true news he is a pastor and a great independent journalist there is also Steven Ben De noon from Israeli news live and fact news network another great guest to have on your podcast he is like melody k a very intelligent Jewish anti new world order kind of guy.

  • another smart guest is doctor Lorraine Jeanette day she is a former orthopedic trauma surgeon and a cancer survivor she is also a whistle blower on big pharma and the new world order. let her promote her newest book called the deliberate destruction of the united states and the world who is doing and why? this grandma knows a ton of information that would take a hour or so to digest.

  • I hope Mr. Sam Tripoli has more content on tin foil hat cash daddies and other podcasts I also hope he makes appearances on union of the unwanted and other conspiracy related content maybe try seeing him on SGT report hosted by Sean or sometime on Tim pools podcast or war room with Owen and Alex Jones maybe also try talking again with Ryan Dawson and even Adam greens podcast or radio show of know more news which does a lot exposing the new world order and other topics one guest is try getting in Jake from black stone intelligence a very smart insightful reporter I would also get in Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney sometime on this podcast for a epic conversation starter.