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  • This shit is fire. Best of the broken sim/tin foil hat productions in my opinion, love it, I’m gonna donate. Keep it up!


    Bryan- Be 10% more playful.
    Sam- Be 10% less aggressive.

  • Im not sure if you are familiar with Dr.Judy Wood or the book she wrote “Where did the towers go?”Most dismiss her as crazy or disinformation but her work is remarkable, if evidence is what you seek she provides it, is open to interviews and questions, she explains herself and is consistent with her answers cause evidence doesnt change. Her work is being lost to time, please even if you dont agree with what she is saying all I ask is hear what she has to say, im sure she would do an interview with you. Ive researched her book extensively, its controversial yes but is the first step to understanding a larger picture. Please give Dr. Judy Wood a voice!

  • Rejuvinate the soil, and we can reverse C02 emissions. Carbon is in everything.
    Netflix: Kiss the Ground
    Narrated by: Woody Harrleson.

  • This virus is just to convenient for the world’s governments.

    Before this virus governments would have black budgets, using our tax money in secret to do whatever they want with it. Now before this virus that black budgets would be alot of money just not enough to be noticed missing when it came to the financing of a country. Black budgets are are always hidden from the public and that money that would go missing would be used for malicious things the government wants to do. Now there’s this convienant virus supposedly wiping out populations and every country in the world are restructuring our tax money to suit a pandemic. Our tax money being used to create a vaccine. Now I’m not fixed to one belief. There are people who believe the virus isn’t real, could be but if it is real and there definitely is something making the world population sick and people are dying. All I’m saying is this virus has allowed governments who before this would use our tax money which should have been used to help us were used for very malicious things. Whose to say this virus gave every government on earth the freedom to use the publics tax money as they see fit for anything they after all we in a state of disaster right?
    Our tax money, the money we use to fix our streets, give people better Healthcare, living situations, access to clean environmental services. All that money could be used right now during this time for a mass black budget so the government can use it for those said malicious things. It just makes me feel like we will hear in the future more countries suddenly have nuclear/bio weapons or there’s mass drug addictions happening in every country. These are the type of things government’s use the black budget for. Now that every country in the world has freedom to use our money as a guise for a dangerous virus means that the “black budget” has potentially increased 10 fold. I find what is happening in the world right now could lead us to what happened to civilizations that were here before us. Something needs to happen now or else that will be our fate

    What people don’t understand is that the magic they talk about in ancient texts was actually what we know today as science, all forms of science was once considered magic in civilizations that died out before the civilization we in today, the reason why it’s called science today is because of these elite people that changed the way we understand the world we live in, they made us believe in a society that’s driven off greed and the pain of others. There is all forms of “magic” but the way we were taught history is totally different to what really happened, you need to understand the true past before you can understand what is happening really in the world today. The ancient texts every religion has been preaching down to their people came from one God, it’s just that during that civilization and time people never understood the same languages, so there were different people in different countries trying to tell people about God in their own language and that’s why today there are different religions because the understanding of God was inexistent back then to the people of the civilization who were born in different parts of the world during that time. The language barrier is the reason why the first teachings of God is different in most religions but the the main values of what religions teach is to be closer to God, be kind towards others and to overcome the bad thats in your mind body and spirit, that’s why it doesn’t matter which religion people belong to in this civilization, all that matters is that the people of today try to understand that every religion is talking about one God and that God is the same in every religion, we need to understand that to know that there are people in the world that can make religious people fight one another and kill each other because they make you believe you fighting for a different God and belief. They want us to kill each other while they kill us in the shadows. These people are the reason why what was considered magic (science) in religions are now being used to kill and harm us. If you believe in God and you can understand that your God is actually the God of every religion regardless of those said religions principles, that were different because of the way the understanding of God was handed down to the people in different parts of the world. Once you understand who God really is, you will begin to receive messages. Messages that will guide you on the path to righteousness, righteousness that will help correct the wrong in the world.

  • Both you guys really complete each other really well. It’s like you guys are a catalyst of each other. Really funny.

  • the people in the ‘zero gravity machine’ are clearly on an airplane, just sayin’, looks like every other airplane weightlessness bullshtt i ever seen.

    • hahahahahah “zero gravity machine” was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Flat Earth makes infinite more sense than ‘zero gravity machine.’ God damn I was so pissed he wasn’t called out on that. Jesus. Just shows how fucked Bryan’s brain is, because he’s not dumb, he’s just retarded and unwilling to even consider anything that might maybe not be allowed in LA. Fucking Christ it was dumb. Everyone fucking knows that’s a plane falling, yet NO ONE ON THIS SHOW KNEW?!!?? Anti-fucking-gravity. You think Rogan wouldn’t own an anti-gravity machine if they existed?

  • here some info on the Nashville Tennessee bombing a recreational vehicle was involved the building is a 33 story building the address is of this attack was 333 commerce street also the building is known as the At &T building or the batman building hmm dark arts occult masonic holiday of Hanukah Christmas saturnalia Kwanzaa Yule Sol Invictus Mithras Osiris nimrod connections the super elite that run the planet hmm.

  • it is a plane doing parabolic flight and has NOTHING to do with gravity that is only a theory,your friend needs to wake up.


  • Callens greatest mistake was going on jre and saying with just one look or nod he can get joe to cut off Delia i bet his sister is hot

  • Tell me why Brian’s zero gravity machine looks like the inside of a hollowed out airplane.
    They did this on the History channel. They descended an airplane that they hollowed out, that looked just like that video, they descended at the speed you would fall in the air. So in the airplane people are floating. In all actuality they are falling at the same speed as the airplane. And when the airplane turns back horizontal, aka they turn Brian’s gravity machine back on lol, then they are standing again.