The words that come out of our mouths create a version of reality that we are forced to live in, so it pays to choose your words carefully.

Nobody knows the power of words more than Benny Wills, the co-founder of Joy Camp, and a professional actor for almost two decades. His show “Words, Words, Words” is available on YouTube and Ickonic, and explores how words are used by those in positions of power to hide their evil deeds, make their accomplishments sound legendary, or to convince the general public to collectively agree to something that is not in everyone’s best interest.

Benny also describes his current real estate development projects that focus on using crowdsourced funds to renovate and resell homes to those in need. Words, intentions, and actions are the main focus for Benny Wills as he sets out to change the world, one house at a time.

Twitter: @macroaggressio3


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