The United States has never been the same country with the same values and principles since the murder of JFK in 1963. It all changed, and not for the better.

It is tempting to assume that everything there is to uncover about the assassination has already been uncovered, but the intelligence agencies that worked to cover up the crime never counted on the type of investigative technologies available to the general public almost six decades later.

Cory Hughes is a former police officer that set about to find out who really killed John F. Kennedy, and what he has found changes history as we know it. Many have speculated that he was killed by the Cubans, the Mafia, or the CIA for a variety of reasons, but was the real cause of his death about something happening on the other side of the world, and one country’s desire to get their hands on a nuclear bomb?

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  • i wonder what kind of subjects or conspiracies would be discussed by Sam Tripoli reminder this month very soon is the 911 anniversary maybe on Sept 11 we should have a session with Ryan Dawson Jason Berm as Richard Gage and a couple of other truthers about this event that happened i blame the Goldsmiths dynasty they are tied in with pedophilia human trafficking bloodletting rituals in fact this family is mentioned in Wikipedia or in old encyclopedias and dictionaries even google yahoo and other search engines mention this group the Goldsmiths dynasty was around since Babylonia Egypt Atlantis Rome Greece and other civilizations the goldsmiths are the Jesuits the Illuminati the high level Freemasons and other secret societies and other occult organizations have their roots in this one family to rule them all they would take gold which goes back to reptilians amphibious parasitic avian grays and other extraterrestrial civilizations have forced humanity to work under their rules for millennia or for quadrillion or trillion or billion or 100000000 or 10000000 or millions or 100000 or ten thousand years of our pathetic primate slave class has been doing over and over again as history repeats or rhymes or something in cycles or patterns in the universe.