I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that nobody died in the Boston Bombing. The bad news is that you aren’t supposed to know this.

The drill simulating an actual bombing during the Boston Marathon was passed off to the public as being a real event, even though there is a mountain of evidence proving that it was nothing more than a LARP carried out by a private security firm with the intention of deceiving the public.

Monica Perez from the Propaganda Report stops by to help lay out the case against the bombing being an organic event carried out by two radicalized brothers and explains why she was taken off the radio for her controversial views on some of these important events.



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  • Kyle said “Scarface” or something in his book was Ventura. Ventura sued in MN, and won. It was against, not the widow, but the Kyle estate’s insurance. The jury decision was overturned in favour of Kyle, but then there was a settlement that Ventura said he’s VERY happy w/.

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