The world is a strange place filled with mysterious animals of all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Some scientists have devoted their careers to finding unusual animals hidden in corners of the world.

But what if there were still some creatures left undiscovered? Are the rumors true about UFOs interacting with humans throughout recorded history, and if so, how is this being kept secret?

OBDM’s Midnight Mike helps us to make sense of the mysteries surrounding spaceships, aliens, and creatures that might not want to have their presence acknowledged.

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  • I can get on board with more of this show. Good stuff! 100% the truth, 5mins into the show I kept hearing “fairly loud” cracks & bangs on my roof as if something was on it or hitting it then a few mins later they talked about a story just like that where a bigfoot was throwing rocks at a roof. In my rationilization of what happened is that its just ice or snow sliding on the roof but life is weird. Things keep seeming to happen in very weird “coincedences” for me over & over & over. At what point does a normal person wake up & think, how can there be so many coincedences? I was also thinking that a person has to “believe” in things for them to happen & I always thought that but never truely felt that as true fact to be true but that is definitely the case for sure & then 20mins later these guys say that as well. Maybe its quantum mechanics playing into it somehow? Skinwalker Ranch? Who really knows? I dont even know if the govt truly knows even with their unlimited resources? Awesome show