Filmmaker Francis Richard Conolly stopped by to discuss his documentary that chronicles the shift in power that happened the day John F. Kennedy was killed and continues to this day.

With over 50 million views worldwide, Conolly’s film, Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick, changed the way people looked at the wealthy industrialists that took over the United States government and used it to advance their agendas and put vast sums of money in their already overflowing pockets.

Buckle up for a story that will leave you weary of the current batch of oligarchs like Gates and Bezos that are following the same pattern as Rockefeller and Carnegie.

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  • i suggest Mr Tripoli try to find Gary Wayne he is a very intelligent historian and conspiracy theorist or truther/ critical thinker he wrote a book called genesis six conspiracy he will tell you the truth of the elites better than anyone also check out Dr Joy Pugh she is very smart she writes several books on conspiracies also bring in Dr Eric Karl storm he is a very smart guy to talk about conspiracy and truth there is also Dr William D Eagle i think you like this guy as well.