Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we pray at the alter of the Midnight Gospel with our brother Duncan Trussell. We discuss some of the philosophies that helped to shape beautiful bizarre trip the Duncan’s hit new animation show and I cry at the end! Thank you so much for all of your love and support.

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  • Beautiful show, I love both Sam and Duncan so both the guys together is just magic. Wish it was in studio but, you know, it is what it is. hopefully you guys can get together again in studio when this is all over. I’m always jarred by Duncan since I listen to him more than see him so I expect a chubby redhead kid, or something, from the voice but he looks like a satanic cult leader. Midnight gospel was awesome, too. I hope it gets another season. 🙂

  • hmm looks like bill gates and other billionaires and millionaires need to be put on trial for crimes against humanity i suggest the punishment for these war crimes is 9.9 quadrillion years in a space rocket heading far far away from planet earth or 8.8 quadrillion years in the northern or southern pole working in ice mines another punishment is 7.7 quadrillions jolts of electricity or 6.6 quadrillion rounds of ammo into their vital organs or paying a fine of 5.5 quadrillion us dollars another punishment is 4.4 quadrillion kicks and punches by Eddie bravo and his judo jujitsu warriors another punishment is 3.3 quadrillion spankings with a belt or a cane or walking stick another punishment is 2.2 quadrillion doses of poison used in their own vaccinations and medical malpractices or losing 1.1 quadrillions quarts of blood and donate their blood to the ninety nine percent of all of us.

  • hell if Dr Anthony the Fascists and Dr Deborah on the corona virus task force are really doctors in medicine my brother is training to become a medical doctor he is attending western university in Pomona California he is going to be a podiatrist a foot doctor or foot surgeon i bet he is more inclined to be a more honest medical doctor then these posers and losers today so i guess my brother is Dr Allen You i bet when he graduates and is done with residency or something like that and other things he could become the new director of CDC and whatever Anthony’s organization is called by maybe 2030 or something like that also my brother hates injustice and lies and he is not friends with elite pedophiles and corrupt politicians or new world order weirdos.

  • in fact in history and in the holy bible for the Jews and Christians there is something called the tribe of Dan which is where the origins of the Rothschild family the Rockefeller dynasty and the 13 bloodlines of Illuminati get there start from there is also Phoenician Canaanite origins to these bloodlines along with bloodlines of the Caesars of Rome from Julius to Constantine and the sultans and caliphs of the ottoman empire in Turkey these bloodlines also go back the pharaohs of ancient Egypt another guy to look up is emperor Charlemagne of the holy roman empire he lived in the ninth century and ruled the known world. there is also Attila the Hun who also tried to conquer the world.

  • if anyone has seen Rosemary’s baby or the omen movie back in 1970’s that could be a scenario that could happen in real time or american horror story apocalypse that season has a satanic dark arts element to it along with american horror story murder house and other seasons also the purge movie franchise just look around the purge movies has all crime legalized for twelve hours and their are some elements of martial law along with a new form of government which is a fascist communist socialist world order of sorts. yeah princess Catherine was literally wearing that Rosemary’s baby actress’s dress or something similar to that the queen Elizabeth she is more like a emperor palatine from star wars is quite a dragon person or a draconian feudalistic society looks like a ton of new world order like stuff occurs in the city of London of course also the royal symbols has a eagle along with a unicorn a white horse a lion also on the flag of Wales a part of the united kingdom like a territory or state or province look likes a scary red dragon thing.

  • by the way bill gates real name is William Henry Gates the third his dad is William Henry Gates senior the second i still wonder where grandpa bill gates the first one the first came from most likely jersey England or York England or Hampshire England like Alder shot Southampton or maybe Portsmouth England he is just like his grandpa a redcoat not a confused with a redneck hillbilly Cockney maybe Jewish or Israeli or Ashkenazim which is Turkish origins to his background.

  • hmm to me bill gates is a living mad scientist like Dr Victor Frankenstein or Dr Jekyll or Dr Hyde those weirdo freaks in fiction he is going to say the virus is alive or i bet you somewhere is a real life Igor like hunchbacked ugly dude to assist him that will say yes master in a creepy monotone voice.

  • hey does anyone realize that Dr Shiva used to work together and is still working with bill gates back in 1992 Dr Shiva the Indian american doctor was friends with William Clinton and Hillary Clinton also Dr Shiva seems to be a admirer of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro no thank i prefer my kind of truthers to be one hundred percent Christians no Hindus no Jews sorry no to Muslims no to Buddhists no to any other religion no to Roman Catholics no to Mormons i despise cults and q anon sounds like a cult or psychological false flag thing my the way William Henry Gates and Dr Anthony are both free masons Jesuits or Lubavitcher Jews satanist Lucifer Cronus Satan Moloch Baal Beelzebub Saturn worshipers like Jared and Benjamin Shapiro and others in my mind i also think Donald trump is related to George w Bush George H W Bush Barry Barrack Obama William Clinton Hillary Clinton he is part of that synagogue of Satan he is not draining the swamp or the crushing the deep state ha ha ha he is part of the Astor Rockefeller Rothschild plan to take over the world for truthful information how about Richie from Boston or Russian videos or high impact flicks or blog by Brian Young or someone like Adam green or resurrect the republic truth media with Rachel To bias and Thomas Lacorva or look up Dr Loraine Jeanette day she has been in the alternative media for a number of years even on art bell and other ones another good one here in California is the Fullerton informer his real name is Joseph look up this guy.

  • curse you William Henry Gates the third you are a disgusting elitist idiot moron imbecile hey Mr Gates can you give me a refund for all your Microsoft products your stuff gets viruses very easily someone should suggest a boycott of all Microsoft products like their damn stupid computers and other tech.

  • can Sam Tripoli check out Dr Andrew Kaufman he is a very trust worthy doctor another medical doctor is Dr Sherry Ten Penny along with Dr Judy this lady was fired by the CDC or Dr Antony Fauci or call be Dr sickles or Dr scythe which is the grim reaper which is Saturn Cronus Satan Beelzebub Lucifer Baal Moloch yet again that is what his last name translates into in Italian which is Latin ha ha ha clown world honk honk honk.

  • You can stare at the sun when it`s rising or when it is setting. If it is high in the sky, which is always around noon, then you can`t look at it because its too powerfull. You just wait untill it is low on the horizon (east or west) and then stare all the way.
    The only time when you shouldn`t look into the sun is when it is transitting from a water sign into a fire sign. In our time, that is around the 21st of June, plus/minus a day or two, the 21st of November and around the 21st of March. In about 400 years these dates will no longer be accurate, which doesn`t matter anyway- unless there is a tin foil hat religion in the future which considers Sam Tripoli as one of their prophets. And then they will read this on the internet etc
    Yes, i have time to write these things on the internet. What`s your excuse? 😉
    The reason why they do it, so i heard, is that you can sleep much better and, eventually you get that in between period between the sleeping state and the wake state in which you can remember your dreams, which is really the universe talking to you. Thank u very much.

    • Scratch that. This IS Duncan Trussell! Sam, do you read these? If so, PLEASE show us. Comment in here, and please have Duncan comment as well. Would make our day!

  • can i say fuck bill gates and his vaccines also fuck our fuhrer here in soviet nationalist socialist communist fascist California dumb ass retard governor Gavin News om and fuck his children if he has any along with his future grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  • i wonder what kind of guests will be on tin foil hat for this month and next month hopefully some good new guests and old returning fan favorite guests will be on tin foil hat podcast or one of other Sam’s shows on bit chute face book Instagram twitter or pat r eon or maybe doing shows on d live will also be good or gab another good alternative anyone got Myspace or AOL or yahoo something like that could work still.