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  • That’s how it’s done. People think you are crazy until they bump into the next crazy one and then one day … they google some shit.

  • hmm i wonder if Samuel Tripoli understands Latin here is a quick one the corona virus the word corona is used for the outer atmosphere of a star another one is cornice which means a ledge corona is corona or crown so crown could be the elites the black nobility queen Elizabeth the current pope Francis the Vatican the city of London a worldwide superpower crown is also derived from Cronus which is Saturn pope Francis currently has flu or common cold like symptoms my opinion prince Charles is next in line for succession of the British throne then the throne powers will be passed onto William the eldest son of prince Charles this would make William the emperor of the entire planet together with Catherine Middleton and his children will be well taken care off my knowledge states William can be spelled out will i am princess Diana also gave baby William the middle name of Arthur in legends king Arthur would return and conquer the world this could line up to those old bible thumping conservative Christians mean by the Antichrist the one in charge of the one world government one world economy and a one world religion under dark arts powers a true tyrant dictator a false messiah or false king or emperor setting the stage for world war 3 this could also make William a new pharaoh like in Egypt a new Alexander the great from Greece a new Caesar of a new roman empire prince William could also claim Jewish or Hebrew descent he is a Khazar jew going all the way back to holy roman empire days and the crusades the inquisition and medieval times known as Merovingian dynasty which means he could rule over Israel or Palestine the land of greater Israel could be granted to William when he is crowned and giving a speech at the temple mount after the third temple which is needed for Jewish Talmudic Babylonian Illuminati masonic prophecies the rebuilding of the ancient temple of Solomon even my knowledge speaks about sol being the sun and the Mon could mean the moon so the rebuilding of a masonic solar lunar pagan shrine or altar this is bigger than Epstein’s tiny island temple or shrine the ultimate bohemian grove a gigantic masonic lodge in Jerusalem Israel Palestine where the one world government one world economy one world religion along with one world army one world police state will be centrally located in the near science fiction future of a brave new world 1984 mixed with matrix childhood’s end hunger games handmaidens tale star wars star trek and other movies like the knowing and so many more a nightmarish totalitarian fascist communist socialist oligarchy theocracy that will never ever ever be challenged or face imprisonment and death even worse than the present times of right now.

  • i think John banks is another good guest to find there is Patrick Henningsen another smart guy i think this one is from the united kingdom or great Britain Peter Dale Scott is another interesting guest there is Peter Levenda John car man is another good guest to bring on there is Hugh Gilbert he is a expert on the knights Templar Anthony Sanchez is another great one to find Thomas Lacovara is another good one from resurrect the republic truth media i think you guys will enjoy trad catholic knight Eric Ga w Jew Ski he comes from a roman catholic background but he believes that pope Benedict or Joseph Rat zinger or was it pope john Paul the second the dead pope as of now has more legal status according to old roman catholic laws as the legitimate pope there is also princess Kaoru Nakamaru from Japan just like Ryan Dawson and James from Japan David Livingstone should also come on your program for a discussion Dennis speed is a another good guest there is Hazel Courtney another good one i think you guys will enjoy Leo Lyon Zagami from Italy he is a conspiracy theorist as well there is Karen Hudes a very smart lady there is Richard Dolan another smart guest i also like to find Timothy Hogan a expert on knights Templar free masonry and elite bloodlines also i would enjoy John Perkins from confessions of a economic hit man to be on this program please and thank you there is also g Edward Griffin the author of creature from Jekyll island he is very smart and knows what he is talking about more new guests will have to be on the tin foil hat podcast show the revolution will be podcast ed people have the power lets us all spread positive emotions and not negative ones.

  • some other decent guests to have on is Patrick Murray Dr Ion Chadian Margot white is another interesting guest Christopher Ever a r d is another good one Corey good e is another good one Dr David m Jacobs is a researcher into alien abductions and half human half alien chimeras i guess Joseph p Farrell is another good guest Bart Sibelius another good one he exposing moon landing hoaxes how about Elena free land Rosemary Guile y is another one Josef wages is another good guest to find please and thank you also love Robert David Steele he is a CIA whistle blower i wonder why he is not dead and buried six feet under i also like John Kirkpatrick or something Japanese sounding the other CIA whistle blower on war crimes Dr Bryce Payne should be also invited to this podcast Steve Richards is another good one how about Dr Steve Pinkie or something European american sounding or Jewish sounding oops Edwin black is another good researcher Sean David Morton is another good guest to bring on this podcast William Henry is another good one William Enghadl is another good conspiracy theorist of sorts Laura Eisenhower is another good guest Alfred Web re is another good guest to talk with as well Mark Pass i o is a good libertarian conspiracy theorist he is also a defector of a Illuminati family of sorts surprised this guy is not dead or in prison like Julian the founder of wiki leaks Jesse Vent Ur a from world according to Jesse on RT would also be good Tammi Stefan o is a child abuse whistle blower John Anthony west is another good one Scott Bennett is another CIA or military guy who is now a whistle blower very smart guy Paul Craig Roberts is also a truther there is Robert Sullivan another truther Deborah Sigmund is also a whistle blower on human trafficking i wonder where this lady is now PE PE Es co bar is another good guest Fritz spring Meyer is another good original conspiracy theorist his book called 13 bloodlines of Illuminati was found in Bin Laden’s personal library oops ha ha so Bin Laden is a crazy hippie socialist leftist anti american pro gun slinging sand red neck right winger second amendment loving scripture thumping Charles mason Jim Jones Hitler Mussolini filthy gentile house or field slave whatever dumb thing come on even Bin Laden’s name deserves respect and honor just like Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi also even Solomon the Iranian general we killed days ago or weeks or months ago maybe one mans terrorist is a another persons patriot and freedom fighter or rebel those international banker scumbags and war hawks in Washington district of criminals oops sorry i mean or Columbia i guess what your going tell me next is war is peace freedom is slavery obey consume reproduce but not too much etc and you are going to tell me that Micheal Obama is a woman oops i mean tomboyish butch lesbian Michelle Obama is not a man in drag or that the statue of liberty is also a woman and not a guy in drag as well looks up similarities of statues of Apollo Helios the sun god in ancient Greece and in Rome and all over the world and the statue of so called liberty the federal reserve has no reserves and is just about as federal as federal express the patriot act is patriotic and not a violation of the constitution oh are you idiots imbeciles morons lunatics think Santa Claus and the Easter bunny and cupid are real huh ha ha what are you going to tell me we should all pay our taxes and taxation is not legalized theft are you going to tell me we landed on the moon killing people in wars over seas and land is good killing people here at home with junk food radiation chemicals and vaccinations including fluoride is good for your teeth are stupid immoral people going to tell me that sodomy or adultery is not a sin that killing innocent babies via euthanasia and abortion in planned parenthood is alright are stupid immoral violent cruel people going to tell me to ban the bible in public and we cannot pray or not pray to what ever god or gods we may believe in i know going to church on Sunday is not in the bible i have my personal preferences are Saturday oops that is the day of Saturn oops those tithes and the collection plates get full on pagan holidays and not the most high lord Yahweh’s holy days or feasts and festivals are you going to tell me eating shellfish or octopus squid snails and other disgusting things not meant for original humanity’s consumption and pork is good for you or eating any kind of disgusting meats in factory farming and slaughterhouses is alright drinking soda and other drinks filled with white sugar and aspartame is good for you ha ha you are going to tell me Jesus is a white European man even if the bible really says otherwise that name Jesus is a creation of the Vatican by the way his real name could be Joshua Emmanuel Ben David the messiah the Christ anointed one according to original texts hidden by the Vatican and other secret societies his mother is not Mary it is Miriam from Nazareth in ancient Israel or Judah or Palestine or Canaan in my bible sources i got in my memories. some other facts about the historical Jesus could be the missing son of Cleopatra the queen from the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt guess what Jesus true origins could be from anthropology and archaeology Jesus Christ is Ptolemy xv or Ptolemy son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar via a extramarital affair adopted after Cleopatra and Julius Caesar’s deaths in the archaeological and anthropological another guy we can call the real Jesus Christ in the bible is prince Alexander Helios another guy could be Ptolemy xvi Philadelphia there is also Ptolemy king or emperor of Mauritania a empire stretching from parts of present day Algeria Morocco and Spain also look up hmm interesting theories from alternative history i guess i kind of well that is the expertise of Joseph at will and Ralph Ellis or Micheal Tsarion or Jordan Maxwell or Santos Bonacci to find these names out. in the real historical records Ptolemy xv or the fifteenth was orphaned at a young age when Julius Caesar was murdered by Brutus and Ptolemy’s birth mother Cleopatra of Egypt committed suicide allegedly some traveling nomadic tribe

    we call these the Hebrews i guess decide to adopt Ptolemy changing his name to Joshua young Ptolemy now raised by foster parents call them Mary and Joseph years later young adult Ptolemy decides to quit his job of working together with foster father Joseph and hang out with his friends and travel the known world of the Roman empire and other parts of the world he would learn from various teachers as a foreign exchange student program kind of i guess he would learn new things and he also begins to remember his youth in Egypt.

    and maybe traveling throughout the roman world as a young child before adoption but he want a non violent philosophy he learned from traveling all over the world maybe on a boat or horse or by foot no planes or trains or cars at these times he would learn love kindness happiness and truth coming from within affection gratitude compassion forgiveness friendship from his friends charity courage honor dignity self control i think Ptolemy would see that the violence cruelty and greed of the empire and the world around him had made people desperate and hopeless he went into the holy temple or a marketplace he saw the greed in peoples eyes and how it was terrible injustice everywhere he snapped and got angry the Jewish or Hebrew leaders and the Romans found out he was the rightful heir to Caesars throne they also would Ptolemy renamed Josh learned healing from his teachers and how to do miracles or something like that.

    but the leadership of the empire hated all the positive actions deeds and sayings of Josh so again the now angry world leaders and priesthood of organized religion the lizard people came up with a plot to have Ptolemy put to death via capital punishment of crucifixion being whipped at a whipping post mocked and spat upon this Ptolemy could also have met ancient extraterrestrials to upgrade his genetics and survived a ancient abduction at a young age this way he could survive brutal gory execution the ancient aliens decide this kind wise man Ptolemy could join them the aliens as one of their own as a reward for assisting humanity. Ptolemy the fifteen was also granted a gift of immortality and other superhuman abilities making him a hybrid or he was a hybrid from the beginning of his life from birth.

  • i wonder if Samuel Tripoli is interested in doing a discussion together with Dr Ron Paul or what is rand Paul his son i think both would be interesting along with Dr Cynthia McKinney lets hear these legends in the truth community for once i would like peter Joseph from the zeitgeist movement i like that guy James Perl off a libertarian historian and conspiracy theorist would also be very good check out Dr Henry Krakow from Canada he is cool he is a big time old school truther and Sal the allegorist his memes are good i would also check out David Dee s he is a artist making art with powerful enlightening messages speaking truth to power i think Mr Samuel Tripoli sir would enjoy Johnny Cirrus as well Ronnie Mullen from get the tea is a good libertarian guest Brian young from high impact flicks or video blogs should be on this podcast as well Robert the trade genius is very good with economics i think the podcast will also benefit from Gerald Celente a old school libertarian guy from Kingston new York founder of trends research he is allergic to bullshit from a mile away another decent guest is Dr Ted or Austin Bro er from Florida they host a radio program and own a alternative medicine company or clinic called health masters very good there is also Micheal Adams from natural news to check out i like destiny lab ark he is a conspiracy theorist dude he writes and sings alternative music i would also like for you to bring Gerald Clark i think his name is he was on enter the buzz saw years ago with Sean stone now a host of i think watching the hawks you guys will also like Lionel a libertarian lawyer and political social analyst Sibyl Edmond s from news bud i also a good option Casey Ga n e MC calla talks about a secret war operated by the CIA in Jamaica damn international banker cabal or lizard people scumbags psychos does not like reggae music or Rastafarians since they smoke cannabis as a religious sacrament maybe listening to Caribbean music makes people feel less violent or cruel ha ha ha i should do stand up comedy like lee camp Jimmy or James door Ronald Play cation oops ha ha Graham Elwood Joseph R o Ga n Tim Dillon and other decent comedians and of course Samuel Tripoli hmm a Korean american stand up comic who dropped out of community college hmm who is 26 or 27 years old. another great guest is Jason Christ off i think another one is mads Palsvig from Europe i think Sethikus Boza is another good one Dan winter check this guy out John Schewel is another one there is Jeanine Marcelo she is a whistle blower on the medical system or maybe Dr Loraine Day she is a medical system whistle blower a retired orthopedic trauma surgeon she is a cancer survivor a vegan vegetarian advocate and a conspiracy theorist she has been on art bells old show many times and on other truther podcasts shows and other forms of alternative media Jim Rogers or Jim Willie is a good libertarian economist he is called the golden jackass and wrote a blog or something called the hat trick letter i think you guys will love this one he lives in Cost a R i c a right now Brad Olsen is another interesting guy to chat together with for a discussion another one is Justin Fall from omega frequency Lauren More t is another good one i like Webster Talley for his intellect he is a very good conspiracy theorist.

  • hey Sam Tripoli here is a great question what is truth? the ultimate question in life maybe someone could answer this one very soon here are some other quotes from my favorite philosophers his name is Socrates he says no one desires evil no one errs or does wrong willingly or knowingly virtue all virtue is knowledge virtue is sufficient for happiness i know that i know nothing these are my favorite ones i can find online.

  • i wonder if Samuel Tripoli ever want to do a podcast with Adam green from know more news or maybe Christopher Boleyn he dissects and solved 911 very well he is a anti war activist as well dude gets this guys on your podcast Samuel Tripoli would also enjoy Dr Kevin Barrett he is a Muslim american he also specializes in investigating false flags and is a conspiracy theorist he hosts false flag weekly news on YouTube and truth jihad radio show online somewhere.

  • curses how did David Rothschild the Kazakh Turkish Egyptian Greek roman Germanic Nazi British whatever bloodline this guy has jew lizard person get into Samuel Tripoli’s twitter page getting health advice from a psycho scumbag war monger or war profiteer and arch super villain is not going to be a good outcome for you and the rest of us normal humans.

  • Sammy Trips doing the good work! Keep popping minds like champagne bottles dude! With your somewhat newfound love of guns and the 2A please feel free to hit me up if you’re ever in the Denver area let’s shoot the shit while we shoot some shit, hell, bring Mexican Drake too!! loyal to the Foil brother! We must eradicate the lizard people!!

  • This was hilarious. I wonder if you’re leaving something with these people. Like a seed, that will eventually bloom into awakening. I hope so. So many people are unaware of the corruption in the world. It’s like the movie The Matrix, “You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.” I’ve been “Woke” so to speak for around 10 years thanks to Mary-Jane and DMT. Once you have an ego death you see things more clearly. Sometimes the happenstance is so strong, it’s like it’s being fed to me by a higher power. Lots of Synchronicity. Magical moments even. I’m aware of their symbolism, their keys, code words, etc. So their indoctrination/Hollywood Magick doesn’t work on me.

  • You are amazing sam. You are doing the good work . The real good work bot the pagan beast shit . Loved the last 4803027584020 uploads keep em coming and stay safe and why does this damn comment need so much info you better have our info protected you fuck . Anyways love you. Deuces bitch