Join us as we go after Jim Henson, Jimmy Buffett, Bill Gates, and all the homeless people in Portland. And be on the look out for not one, but two major announcements.


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  • hmm why do I have the feeling that the current real president of the united states should be someone like Sam Tripoli or Johnny Woodward or maybe Xavier Guerra or someone like a true populist like Charlie Robinson yeah one of these guys need to do a mental assessment on the current fake ass president and deem them uncapable of performing the functions of the executive branch of the united states like how we did john Guido or other puppet leaders but in by the deep state neocons and globalists. I would also feel safer if Alex Jones and have Owen or Harrison smith as the vice president declared himself the real president of the united states by default since joe Biden is both mentally and physically unable to do the job.

  • i wonder if Sam Tripoli is willing to have on doctor Paul Cottrell on his podcast or on the union of the unwanted with Ricky there is also Mike Adams from natural news or the health ranger report also bringing in Adam green back on to talk the latest in Zionism or global events for some spiritual insight I also recommend Steve or Jana Ben de noon from Israeli news live or doctor June knight from we are the bride ministries she was a former white house correspondent Bradley dean from sons of liberty is another great guest to talk with also Steve Quale is another great guy to talk with for economics and global events Gerald Celente is a good pick he is the founder of trends research and occupy peace a anti war populist movement there is also professor James Fetzer great at finding out false flags and conspiracies I also suggest Ron Paul comes on your podcast there is also Mrs. or doctor Cynthia McKinney for a discussion another guy who is kind of spiritual and a conspiracy researcher is Gary Wayne author of genesis six conspiracy another one is Fritz spring Meyer author of the 13 bloodlines of the elite there is also Oliver stone and Sean stone to talk with about what we in the truth movement have in common and what we do not.