The most respected voice in the alternative media and the host of the Corbett Report and New World Next Week, James Corbett breaks down what Covid-19 could mean for the world moving forward.

Part of this interview was used in the Corbett Report documentary “Medical Martial Law 2020” released on March 21, 2020, and it might be the most important interview on the subject of how the Coronavirus could be used as the pretext to usher in an authoritarian government police state.

Get ready to hear how the virus will change the way the world works, how the removal of civil liberties will be implemented, and what we can do to prevent the slide into medical tyranny.


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  • I remember David Icke talking about ‘problem, reaction, solution’ in 2009 on alex jones channel. first time i ever heard the concept. was a much different show back then, that’s the real alex jones. he’s an informed individual. i wish he was still doing that, i can’t watch anymore because of the way he’s become.

  • hmm i wonder if maybe corona virus origins is not china united states or Israel or the globalists maybe mother earth is purify herself of a more deadly infection of homo sapiens that is humanity we are polluted our own home planet and making a few wealthy elitist globalist landlords and landladies only slightly more richer and take away more property and land from us slaves back in the colonial days and pioneers days and the days of the cowboys there was squatters rights i wonder why liberals and neocons are not focusing on squatter rights and owning property and all the land for themselves proper management of the earth and its resources is what never being discussed i think the solution is a landless peasants movement not a communist or socialist vomit diarrhea empty platitudes labor movement of obedient worker bees for the elite in a sort of hive mind bowing down to the queen bee and its royal inbred spawn and offspring.