Episode #6: Kev Baker

From the “Smart City” of Glasgow, Scotland, Kev Baker breaks down what the wired cities of the future will look like if the Globalists put their Agenda 2030 plan into action.

It’s not all gloom and doom, Kev explains how the social justice warrior hysteria has been weaponized by morons in an attempt to silence anyone who believes there are only two genders.

Strap in for a hilarious look at the world with the host of the Kev Baker Show on internationally syndicated Truth Frequency Radio.



Twitter: @macroaggressio3


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  • dang it queen Elizabeth was talking about corona virus does she not realize the corona virus in Latin is the crown virus princess Diana is dead because of this bitch along with a ton of Libyans, Syrians, Iraqis, Palestinians and other groups of people throughout history including mass genocide of indigenous people here in the united states and Canada even central and south america she is also a major drug dealer with opium tobacco and alcoholic beverages she has her own brewery private yachts private planes and multiple limos butlers maids and servants she also owns a ton of wineries she is a major contributor to big oil and pharmaceutical industries i think the death of people in September 11 had some connections to her directly or indirectly even maybe the murder of JFK Robert Kennedy and so many other great activists in the truth community or get imprisoned by her minions also in the insect world the queen ant or queen bee gives birth to offspring damn worker bees also it is 2020 we still have royalty like medieval times a great dinner show restaurant in orange county and like in movies television books she could also fit in as a pirate or a cowboy bandit outlaw or robber baron just having her with a eye patch a hook for a hand and a parrot or a cat on her lap like a James bond villain or looking at her magic mirror we call that a smartphone every day the queens Instagram twitter Facebook snap chat and other social media must have a ton of brainwashed sickos watching her or her children and grandchildren all the time. shut the hell up Lizzie descendant of Alistair Crowley and Vlad from Romania.

  • Patrick wood is another smart guy who talks about technocrats there is Dr Francis Boyle another smart guy to interview there is Dr Paul Craig Roberts another smart guy to interview Dr Joseph Mercola is another smart guy i like Christopher Boleyn the guy who solved 911 should also be on this podcast very smart guy he is also a peace activist and anti war activist let us also have on Brian young from high impact blogs or flicks on this podcast for a debate or a polite conservation i think you will also like Dr Stan Deyo on this podcast he is a black belt in critical thinking now we call critical thinkers conspiracy theorists. you might also like Dr Henry Makow he is a Jewish doctor from Canada not a medical doctor but something else maybe P H D level at least he is a conspiracy theorist of sorts as well i think also talking with Kerri Rivera is a good one and Kerri Bur nor a former roman catholic nun she is a whistle blower in hiding i think some other truth seekers include Gerald Clark Brad Olsen Sibel Edmonds Charlotte Isoberyt g Edward Griffin who wrote creature from Jekyll island there is John Perkins from confessions of a economic hit man to have on your podcast there is Catherine Austin Fits a very smart lady to bring on the podcast you love her. i think you will like Eric Ga Jew ski from trad cat knight he talks about the Vatican and the third secret of Fatima along with other subjects similar to your podcast. Dr Kevin Barrett he is a Muslim american alternative news reporter he is very smart he hosts truth jihad radio and false flag weekly news i like him he brings in Helen of DE s Troy on his show a lot along with a couple of other conspiracy theorists. there is Christopher Everard another great researcher and critical thinker to bring on this podcast Dr Joseph p Farrell is another good guest he is a doctor of philosophy very smart guy i like him there is Elan a free land to have on your podcast Robert David Steele a former CIA asset is another great person to have on there is Mike Adams from natural news to have on this podcast Edwin Black is another black belt in researching conspiracies and mysteries William Enghadl is another smart guy you might like him as a friend as well there is Wayne Madsen he is a very good reporter i think Laura Eisenhower is a great guest to talk with there is Mark Passio another good researcher to talk with there is Scott Bennett he is a former CIA or military intelligence asset or government worker please have this guy on for a discussion Fritz Spring Meyer is another smart guy for a talk on he wrote the book 13 bloodlines of Illuminati please talk with him another smart guy is Thomas Lacovara from resurrect the republic truth media have this guy on there is Kris Anne hall she is a very smart lawyer and a expert on american constitutional law Dane is a expert of geoengineering along with Matthew land man another expert on geoengineering i think Leo Zagami would also be good on your podcast together with Rosanne Barr Lowell Joseph a rabbi Reverend David William Parry and John Barn well i think i also have more guests on my mind but cannot remember some big time names for now.

  • some other critical thinkers to bring on this podcast is Robert Gris wold Daniel Holdings Robert from trade genius academy i also like Gerald the economist from trends research he is a critical thinker very smart guy i would also like to have on the podcast Ronnie MC Mullen from get the tea there is Peter Joseph from zeitgeist he is a smart guy as well there is David Dee s he makes art and is a critical thinker there is Sal the allegorist he is a black libertarian you will like him he makes good memes on the internet there is James Perl off he is a black belt in researching all kinds of knowledge and writes several books. i want to have on Dr Sherry ten penny on this podcast she is very smart as well along with Dr Rima Liabow on this podcast another smart lady i trust for valuable information i would also suggest Deborah from stop the crime net.

  • another black belt in critical thinking is Dave Hodges from common sense show and Doug the investigator i think you will also like Dr LA Marzulli on this podcast as well Russ Dizdar is another black belt in critical thinking there is Steve Quayle another critical thinker .

  • another guy who is a spiritual skeptic is Gary Wayne from genesis six conspiracy i think you will also like Anthony patch he is another smart person there is Nicholson 1968 have him on your podcast there is also Fullerton informer Joseph please talk with him there is Dr Thomas Co Wan and Dr Andrew Kaufman or something like that i like crow 777 to be on this podcast as a guest as well.

  • i also think some other good guests are Dr Joy Pugh and Dr Stephen pigeon they are conspiracy black belts that i like i also like Dr Lorraine Jeanette day a former orthopedic trauma surgeon from San Francisco she is also a conspiracy black belt talk to her about health and nutrition another one is Dr Ted Bro er from health masters and Dr Austin Bro er from health masters they are experts on alternative health nutrition and wellness.

  • well that energy medicine episode was weird i did not get it but i prefer to have on zen Garcia or Robert ski Ba on your podcast soon or even Steven and Jana Ben DE noon from Israeli news live on your podcast.