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Sam Tripoli

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  • Remember how it was discovered that every presidential candidate with the most royal genes has won every American election? Was that still the case with Trump, and now Biden? Great mental gymnastics again Sam.

  • It has never been clearer why they turned off the Conspiracy Theorists on YouTube. It’s over though. The powers that be are going to threaten Trump’s life to make sure he walks away and doesn’t follow through with the lawsuits. We need to accept Biden, and whoever takes over after.

  • hello my name is Michael Astor Rockefeller Rothschild junior you probably never heard of me but I am the real president of the united states joe Biden and Donald trump work for me I am their big boss man I run the whole world in fact for at least since Jan 1 2013.

  • my thoughts on Joseph Biden it that he is close to death and the nations top pastors like Kenneth Copeland Patrick Robertson or Franklin Graham and religious leaders may perform a prayer service or occult ritual to give him at least four more months of life then kamala Harris becomes our first female president with Nancy Pelosi or someone like Hillary Clinton or Richard Cheney as vice president or William Henry gates Jeff Bezos warren buffet mark Zuckerberg or some other millionaire or billionaire person or celebrity moron idiot imbecile or fool clown jester with brand recognition. joe Biden needs injections of baby blood meth or anti dementia Parkinson Alzheimer medication or brain disease medication. another drug that works for elites is anti psychotic medication or Thora zine or largo coil or C P Z injection.

  • I wonder if the new president Joseph Biden could last about 108 days in office then dies mysteriously or packs his bags and moves to Israel plus the new vice president kamala Harris along with all the other democrats and republicans including former president Donald trump Jared and the rest of the trump family most of the presidents in my lifetime are Jews and everyone within a thousand miles of the city state district of Washington dc are also Jews or Kazakhstani Turkish Mongolian origins.