Show Starts at: 5:05

Alex Jones Clips of the Week: 18:27

The Pigman of Vermont: 28:23

Biden Gas Attack: 1:04:05

Hot Pocket Bank Story: 1:50:25

Run Down:

Joe, Mike and Cretched join the show / CV Over? / Union of the Unwanted / Alex Jones Clips of the Week / Monster May / Pigman / Lymes Talk / Pigman Talk / Deep State Fauci / Joe dates Bill Gates / Minneapolis Riot / Hitlers Alligator / Poland Bear Hug / Hotpock Talk / End

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  • here is my little song to fight off the elite alas alas for you liars and pharisees hypocrites that you be sons of the dogs who murder the prophets finishing off what your fathers began you do not have the time to scorn or to scoff justice does not wait you snakes you vipers broods you cannot escape being devils food god almighty has sent rages and ages of teachers and prophets plus sages our nation our generation shall bear the guilt of it all. blind guides blind fools the blood you have spilled on you shall fall.