Show Starts at: 3:58
George Floyd Autopsy: 10:30
Hot Pocket Hoedown: 28:20
Atlanta Protest Call: 43:16
Dallas Protest Call: 52:50
DC Protest Call: 1:07:30


Epstein: Dr. Michael Baden to perform independent autopsy on George Floyd

Donald Trump puts Army on notice to deploy to US streets for first time since 1992 LA riots as 19-year-old Detroit protester shot dead and Minneapolis erupts for fourth night


Thanks Sam!

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  • hey Mr Sam Tripoli sir why is the police forces here in the united states going to Israel to train together with the Israeli defense forces or their own security apparatus that knee thing with George Floyd is done commonly to the Palestinians almost daily or could this be from decades of communist fascist socialist subversion in our schools and in the mainstream media or decades of endless wars in other countries that have nothing to do with the united states in terms of foreign policy seriously get out of the rest of the world and mind our own business here at home bring the troops home for crying out loud.

  • is anyone else thinking that somewhere in a tobacco smoke filled business executive corporate boardroom or a cave there is someone planning the destruction of the united states of america and the world and who wants to take away our freedoms liberties and our basic human rights. someone drinking tons of alcoholic beverages like beer wine scotch whisky drinking tons of coffee or tea cider sake cocktails bitters margaritas rum gin some group who likes to mix this with human blood urine milk and even feces or something else gross and disgusting.

  • is anyone else thinking that the riots today could be a excuse to put in Marshall law or martial law into focus with a police state along with one world fascist social communist government maybe one world economy and then one world religion hmm who is that evil to think of such a thing.